Hand in the Human body is a great blessing; no one can imagine his life without hands. Our everyday tasks are done mostly by the hands as the hands are meant for carrying out diverse activities. Numerous muscles tendons, blood vessels and nerves are artistically placed and protected in this region.

27 bones are there in each hand and these are classified into categories explaining the bones. Movable joints are essential for the motion of the hand with conviction. In this article, we will explore the categories in which the bones are divided, of the hand, and also their names.

The Bones In A Human Hand

The human hand bones

As we have mentioned above, the human hand consists of 27 bones and these are classified into 3 categories given below:

  • Carpals or wrist bones.
  • Metacarpals or palm bones.
  • Phalanges or Finger bones.

Besides these bones, there are other parts like, muscles and joints etc, which are essential for the movement of a hand. But here we will discuss only the name of the bones.

Wrist Bones

The wrist bones

In a human hand, 8 bones are present in the carpal bones and these are divided into 2 sub-categories described below:

  • Distal Row

This is the upper row of the bones as we can see in the figure the first four numbers are showing the distal row. And their names are

  • Trapezium
  • Trapezoid
  • Capitate
  • Hamate
  • Proximal Row

This is the lower row of the bones as we can see in the figure the last four numbers are showing the proximal row. And they are named as listed below.

  •  Pisifor
  • Pyramidal
  • Scaphoid
  • Lunate

Palm Bones

the palm bones

The palm bones or metacarpal bones are shown in the figure above. These bones are 5 in numbers so these are divided according to their position. We start naming them from the thumb side.

  • 1st  metacarpal
  • 2nd  metacarpal
  • 3rd  metacarpal
  • 4th  metacarpal
  • 5th  metacarpal

Finger Bones

The finger bones

The interesting fact about the phalanges or finger bones is that there are 3 bones on each finger but the thumbs have only 2 bones.

  • Proximal Phalanges

These are shown as colored, positioned at the root of the finger, in the knuckles.

  • Middle Phalanges

These bones are located between the proximal bones and distal bones.

  • Distal Phalanges

These bones are positioned at the tip of the fingers.

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