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How Many Puppies Can a Husky have?

If you have a Husky pet in your house and you are planning to have puppies of this breed or you do not know your Husky pet is pregnant or not then do not worry we are here to help you, The average number of puppies this breed can give is 4 to 7. There are many factors which affect the number of Puppis this breed can give.

Husky Puppies

Signs of Huky pregnancy

If you are not sure your dog is pregnant or not then you should look out for these signs and remember it is very important for you to be there during pregnancy of your pooch, in Husky, the gestation period will last 63 days on average. This breed undergoes similar changes like a human female goes during her pregnancy. The major signs of pregnancy in Husky are.

Sign of pregnancy

  • Fatigue
  • Enlargement of Nipples
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced appetite
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Antisocial behavior
  • The loss of appetite in dogs is the major sign of pregnancy, Dogs usually lose their appetite at first during pregnancy but gain it back very soon.
  • Once your dog gets pregnant they show no interest in the exercise which can shock you because this breed is considered to be very active and energetic.

Lazy Dog

  • One other interesting sign of pregnant husky is that they become antisocial, you will notice that your pet gains weight after few weeks of its pregnancy due to puppies are growing inside the dog. if you find these signs in your pet then be sure that your pet is pregnant.
  • In the last months of pregnancy, your husky dog’s nipples start growing large and you can see the leakage of milk in the last few days. At this time be prepared for the arrival of new puppies at your home.
  • In the pregnancy, your dog will begin to go into the vaginal discharge and this usually occurs in 1 or 2 months after pregnancy. In case your pet’s discharge is in bloody or pink color immediately take your pet to vet.

Factors which influence the size of husky litter

There is a number of factors which influence the size of dogs puppies. In case you have a Siberian husky then it has large litters but you must remember that litters size is not inherited the trait.

Factors influence

  • Age is one of the important factors in determining the size of the litter, like when the dog is older they give fewer puppies and when they are younger 3 to 5 years old they usually give a large number of puppies.
  • The physical condition of your pet also influences the number of puppies your dog can give like a healthy dog can usually give more puppies as compared to ill pet.
  • Size of your pet influence the size your its litters, for example, large dogs give birth to large litters and small dogs give birth to small litters.
  • Diet of a pet is also an important factor which influences the litter size in dogs, if you feed good, healthy, nutritious feed to your pet then you will have a large number of litters size.’

You must remember that the litter size in dogs also determined by the time at which you breed your dog and also the male breeding dog you choose to mate with a female dog.

Number of Husky puppies

Number of puppies

The average litter size of healthy husk is range from 5 to 7 but it is possible that your dog has less than 5 or more than 7 puppies. The best thing you can do to know the exact number of husky puppies is to ask your pet.

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