“I Have No Friends” Do You Feel The Same Way? Some Best Tips to help your loneliness

I Have No Friends: For the majority of people, friendship seems to come easy; for some of us, making one friend can feel like an entire attempt.

I Have No Friends

Moreover, social media can be your serious enemy if you find it tough to make friends-parties, friends get-togethers, Parties for just having a good time is all around.

Finally, you end up thinking that the problem is only with you, and that may just be the case. Or might be you are just not putting yourself out there enough.

I have no Friends

So, if you have no one whom you can call a real good friend, the loneliness can be tough to deal with, but there are other things which you can try to remedy the Conditions.

i've got no friends

In case you feel that you have zero friends or just no friends at all at college, in school or at work then you should not let yourself trust that you are not likable.

You just have to analyze the possible reasons why you have not yet befriended any person.

So the 1st step is to look inwards at your own life and examine all the reasons.

“I have No Friends” Helpful Tips to Overcome your Loneliness

Mentioned below are some helpful tips if you have No Friends:

You are Not Alone in this

We would like to think that everybody has a good friend, whom they can call on whenever they are in need but that is not true.

Moreover, the bitter truth is that the majority of people are alone and feeling the effects of that loneliness on a regular basis.

i don't have friends

Adults, especially find them at a phase in their life when all their companions and friends have passed on and maybe they have been moved from their long-time home to a home care facility or program.

People in the early twenties have just moved from a small city to a big city to start their life may also suffer from this same situation of loneliness.

Interestingly, as lonely as they feel, they’re not alone in that situation. So don’t forget that you are not spooky for having no friends. It is a normal problem that a lot of people suffer at some stage in their lives. But you should try to get rid of loneliness as many people face paranoid personality disorder problem.

Do You Have enough Social Skills?

Making friends might come unexpectedly to some, but if you strive to make new friends at work or in college, then the issue may be a lack of social skills.

For instance-do, you often participate in small talk or are you that type of person who responds with blunt and short answers that lead to no conversations?

No friends

Do you accept any pointless invitations of outings and have an after-work coffee, or do you reject every single time?

All these may be small and simple things, but few relations start with a bang. Many friendships start with a simple “Hello”.

Don’t Force Something That Isn’t Working

You may find a group of friends of someone that you think fits your criteria for a perfect friendship.

The main thing we all need to understand is that friendship is a two-way street; if both parties are not feeling it or not putting equal efforts to keep it then it is not going to happen.

Furthermore, if you have been battling to be friends with someone over the last few days, it may not be your mistake, it can be just because they are not interested, or they are not social. So it may be the time to let go.

Do you Give Off a Bad Vibe?

Many people actually love making new friends, but there needs to be a certain condition: they need to know that you need to be their friends as well. Positive Psychology could help you as it studies the personal growth and development of the people.

If you come off too distant, even uninterested or cold, you may be making everybody thinks that you do not want to be their friends, therefore discouraging them from building a relationship with you.

Bad vibes

And you could be giving this vibe off without even knowing it. Moreover, everything can be judged from your way of interacting to others, your body language or your level of interest all these things can make people feel that you don’t want to or want to be their friend.

So, just look at yourself and ask that “Would I need to be friends with me?”

Turn To Your Interests

What is a good way to make friends than to make sure that you have some personal common ground with them?

You must think about the things in which you have an interest such as any sports, movies or books. The more niche, the best. People love to make friendship with happy people so try to be happy and stop the things that disturb your personality.

Friends with common interests

And if you have no friends at work, university or college then it may be because of the individuals that you are forced to spend time with on regular basis are not interested in the same things that you like.

This is so common at these type of places because you are not brought together based on some common interests.

So what can you do?

Find the next activity related to your interest, you can also join an online forum that discusses it.

There are some great ways to interact and meet with new people who have some common interest. Everyone wants friends but you should know the method to differentiate between Right and False friends.

Introduce your Friends to Each Other

After you have made a few friends, it may be a very good idea to start making your own social circle but How to do that?

Introduce new friends

For this, you must introduce your different friends to each other. Or you must find a common ground where all they can develop a bond with each other. That can be anything as complicated as a niche interest or as simple as a joke, and then let the magic happen itself.

But don’t forget that do not ever force it. If that does not work out, then you may again with some other person.

Quality Matters, Not the Quantity of Friends

Never obsess over the number of friends. Who even cares if you only have 1 or 2 friends?

Quality of Friends

Many people have tons of friends, but no friend who would stand by them through difficult times. So that’s why it is not about making many friends, it is all about making really good friends.

Always Smile

With everybody looking at their phones and not the people in front of them, this may be harder than you realize but look for the people who are also seeking for people to smile at and to smile at them.

There are many other adults out there who are looking for someone to be friends with, too. So, you have to do all the work, you just have to meet them midway.

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