When it comes to interior designing, lightning plays a massive role. We should give proper attention to lightning whether it is natural or artificial. When you put a right light at the right location, it will totally transform the look and the feel of the entire area. Fairy lights are becoming common in home décor nowadays. Dim yellow color fairy lights are more in use to give warm, cozy and magical effects.

decorating with fairy lights

The intensity of light has various effects on our moods. Fairy lights are no longer reserved for outside decoration like barbeque areas, Christmas trees and for wedding purposes. We can now use them inside our homes to make our interior looks completely magical. Natural light automatically make a room look brighter and bigger if you don’t have windows you can make use of fairy lights.

These lights can have a similar effect and will not take additional space in your room, but will make it feel brighter and spacious. So, here on vequill.com, we are providing you all the ideas for decorating with fairy lights.

Here are plenty of ways to utilize fairy lights that will make your home look beautifully designed:

  • Creating lanterns with a twist
  • Letters in light
  • Event decoration
  • Interior designing
  • Use of recyclable materials

Creating lanterns with a twist

you can create lanterns from fairy lights

  • We can make a lantern using a mason jar and fairy lights. This bright lantern is a perfect addition to enhance the delicacy of the room. Place the fairy lights in a large glass jar, attaching the batteries to the lid of the jar with tape. It looks purely magical; the resulting effect makes us feel like you have trapped billions of lightning bugs in a room.

Letters in light

You can write letters from fairy lights

  • You can have a variety of ideas by using fairy lights. Write different types of words using fairy lights. Get creative and spell out magical letters with lights. Trace a word with pencil on your wall and attach fairy lights with tape or pins. This will make your simple boring wall look more attractive and unique.

Event decoration

  • Fairy lights can easily be used for event decoration; all needed for this is, you should be creative enough to utilize them at the right place. They are perfect for wedding, baby or bridal showers, birthdays, New Year eve and of course Christmas. We can also use them for designing an event invitation card or for wrapping a festive gift. If you have no ribbons and fancy bows for a gift wrap no issues, you can use fairy lights for creating a bow.

you can use fairy lights for events

  • A gift in a simple wrapping paper with a delicate fairy bow on its top feels extra special. We can also decorate an invitation card with these lights. Making a beautiful border around all sides of the card makes the guest feel more particular.

Interior designing

  • Because of their ease of use, fairy lights have plentiful uses. These fairy lights give a magical touch to home décor. Use of fairy lights makes your home look warm, glamorous and thoughtfully designed. You can convert your boring room divider into a unique piece using fairy lights. Fix them like panels in the center of your divider, from top to bottom. It will give a fanciful addition to your area.
  • You can use strings of these lights to hang our photos in a room. This will give much warmer feeling to our beautiful memories and is also a good replacement for old photo frames.

you can use fairy lights for interior designing

  • One can decorate children’s room and nurseries using them. As these lights have a very warm cozy effect. They are not very bright and glittery like other bulbs or lights. One can put these lights under curtains which creates a filmy effect.  You can put these lights on your furniture like you can wrap these lights around your bed head and around your dressing table.
  • One can also use these lights to make a frame on your wall, to make the things and your frames more prominent. You can also use these lights as drapes on your bed to have a lovelier feeling.

 Use of recyclable materials

  • Cactus and other dried plants should also get some light love. Uses of fairy lights are not strict to Christmas trees decoration. One can wrap a cactus with fairy lights and some décor ornaments for a festival tree. You can use empty jars and bottles for making an extraordinary masterpiece. Put these fairy lights in the glass bottles; fill the whole bottle with lights attaching its plug to the bottom of the bottle.

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