How To Identify Asbestos In Your Home?

Asbestos is natural mineral, which is known for its heat resistance. Due to this unique characteristic, asbestos was frequently used in the buildings such as water supply pipes and rooftops. But during the recent past, scientists have pointed out that Asbestos is very toxic material that may cause Cancer. Asbestos causes a rare type of cancer known as Mesothelioma Cancer.

identify asbestos

This new development has made it a point of concern for everyone, especially those living in houses or buildings where there is the possibility of the existence of asbestos as a building construction material. Newly constructed houses or buildings may not have this toxic material but the older ones are very much likely to have it. So, it is very important to be sure about the existence of this toxic material in your houses.

Here we are explaining How to Identify Asbestos In Your Home?

When Is Asbestos Injurious To Health?

In the compact state, used in the houses for various purposes, asbestos may not be a health hazard. But when it is torn due to any reason, its particles or fibers mix in the air and may be carried to different parts of your home. Due to being airborne, these fibers may get inside the human system through breathing. When inhaled by a person, these fibers prove to be highly toxic and may result in the above-mentioned type of cancer, the mesothelioma.

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The situation may get worsened during the renovation of any house, where there is every likelihood that different tiles or pipes or any other part of the house are required to be broken, that may have asbestos. When torn apart or broken, asbestos starts releasing fiber into the air, which ultimately may be inhaled by anyone breathing in this atmosphere.

How Can Asbestos Be Identified?

Identification of asbestos is not a simple task that you may do on your own. In fact, it cannot be observed visually. If you want to know whether there is any source dangerous asbestos, that may emit fibers or particles of torn off asbestos, you will have to take the assistance of professional experts or any registered/authorized company.

The technique, these experts use to identify the hazardous asbestos is known as Polarized Light Microscopy, abbreviated as PLM. Another similar technology is the Transmission Electron Microscopy or TEM. The company will send its representative to take samples from your house and then examine it in their Laboratory to ascertain the level of toxic asbestos fiber in the sample.

How Can Asbestos Be Identified

In most of the advanced Countries such as the United States, there are various organizations and agencies that are responsible for Environment Protection. These agencies may provide you the list of contractors that are authorized to take samples and test it in the laboratory for any possible existence of toxic material.

What To Do If Asbestos Exists In Your Home?

If the asbestos testing report shows that the airborne toxic fiber level is higher in your home, it means that the construction material used in your contained asbestos that has now started tearing off and is releasing fibers in the air. If so, you and your family are at high risk and an immediate remedy is required.

The best option is to remove all asbestos from your home. But practically it may not be possible and it may also increase the emission of more and more fibers in the air while breaking and replacing it. The repairing and isolation of such damaged portions of the house, from where toxic fibers are emitting is the wise option.

Try to repair the damaged parts and cover it with the fair amount of plaster or any other possible material so that the asbestos may be hidden and release of fiber may be stopped. As said earlier, removal of entire asbestos from your home may not be a practical solution and it may enhance the problem instead of reducing it. Moreover, trying to remove entire asbestos from your home, may damage the structural strength of your house.

Asbestos In Your Home

However, in case, the level of asbestos fiber is much higher, you may need the assistance of some professional health and construction engineers. They will examine the root cause of the issue and will identify the most dangerous parts of your home, where you may adopt isolation and sealing method (explained above) to get rid of this core issue.

By regular inspections, the health care experts and construction engineers may suggest some other possible measures that will help you reduce the emission of toxic asbestos fibers in your home.


  • If asbestos test report suggests that your house has the dangerous level of toxic fibers in the air, don’t let it go unattended. Immediately take steps to get rid of this toxic emission so that you and your family may not be affected by it.
  • Never use asbestos for any purpose, in the construction of your new house. There may be several other materials that can be used instead of Asbestos.

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