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ie vs eg | What Does i.e. and e.g. mean | How To Use Them Correctly

IE vs EG– People assume that both these abbreviations are same and interchangeable, but that’s not true, they actually stand for two different expressions. Do you know the difference between i.e and e.g? In this article, you will know about i.e. meaning and e.g. meaning and How to Use I.e. and E.g. in a Sentence?

ie vs eg

I.e and e.g are two different abbreviations that may confuse you, but there are many ways through which you can remember the difference among them. Once you understand what these abbreviations mean, they are not difficult to manage at all.

Ie Vs Eg

I.e and E.g are abbreviations for the Latin terms, maybe they are similar but they can never be interchangeable. I.e stands for “id est” or “That is“, it is used to clarify a sentence that came before it. While E.g. stands for “exempli gratia or “For example“, it is used to start examples which describe the statements.

ie vs eg

I.e. came from the Latin id est, which means “That is” or “in other Words”. It is used to describe or elaborates on the subject that comes before it. You can remember it, how and when to use it by thinking I for “in the words.”

E.g originates from the Latin exempli gratia, which means “For example”. It is used in the sentence when you feel that there is a need for an example which will explain the sentence better. You can remember it by thinking that e for “for example”.

I.e. Meaning

Let’s discuss I.e. in detail with examples. This is an acronym for the Latin term, Which stands for “id est” and means “That is” or “in other words”. You will understand it with an example more perfectly.

what does i.e. mean

I really enjoy doing certain crafts, (i.e., pottery and scrapbooking).

In this example, it is used to elaborates exactly which crafts the person or speaker enjoys. It specifies the choices more, Does he like all crafts? No. He only likes pottery and scrapbooking. So the person shows the specific crafts through this abbreviation.

Jeff is such a micro-manager, (i.e., He likes to control everything we do).

 In this example, the terms after the acronym are describing what the speaker means by the term “micro-manager”. In simple words, he can do anything, the speaker justifies the post “micro-manager”.

With i.e. you just become more specific and narrow down the options stated previously, you are describing what exactly you mean. While in case of e.g. it is the opposite.

E.g. Meaning

Let’s discuss E.g. in detail with examples. This is an abbreviation for Latin term, Which stands for “exempli gratia” and means “for example.”  Maybe with the example, you get it more clearly.

what does e.g. mean

Harry Likes woodworking, making beautiful furniture, (e.g., rocking chairs, cabinets, dressers, etc.).

In this example, the terms used before the abbreviation, do not make a complete list, Rocking chairs, cabinets, and dressers, they are kind of furniture that Harry loves to make. This abbreviation is used to just give the examples related to the statement for better understanding.

The Piggly Wiggly sells Cheryl all the foods he loves, (e.g., eggs, steak, cheese, and bagels).

In the above example, Cheryl eats more than the food mention in the example, they are just used as a sample.

You can add “etc.” at the end of the list, which will clarify more reader that the list which is given as a sample are partial, but grammatically it is not necessary.

What’s The Difference Between I.e. & E.g.?

There may be a small difference but there is, so you should know about when to use which abbreviations in a sentence. These abbreviations power to bewilder writers or speakers of the English language is mighty.

i.e. vs e.g.

E.g. can be used when you think that you can deliver the concept much better with the example. While I.e. can be used to provide the clarification or definition of your statement or subject you have given.

How To Use I.e. & E.g. In A Sentence

Now you know the meaning of these both abbreviation and also what do they stand for? Let’s discuss how they can be used the sentence.

what does i.e. mean

I.e. is used to elaborate something in depth that you have mentioned in the sentence, such as “This jacket is made up of synthetic materials (i.e., not leather or suede).” In this sentence, the speaker clarifies more about the jacket material used in its manufacturing.

E.g. is used when you feel that through some examples you can clarify the reader more perfectly, so you mention some examples related to the previous sentence, such as “Carley like citrus fruits (e.g., oranges, Apple, grapefruits).” In this example, the speaker is providing some specific samples of fruit which Carley like.

Putting Them In Sentences

There are some basic rule or style which you should know while using any abbreviation either i.e. or e.g.

what does e.g. mean

They are listed below:

  • You should have to add periods or dots after each letter, so both abbreviations need to have dots after each letter to show this fact.
  • There is no need to make the abbreviations italic in a sentence,  they have become so intrinsic into English that they are understandable.
  • Some style guides suggest putting a comma after these abbreviations while some disagree. AP style requires a comma after the usage of abbreviations in a sentence, So it is best to include it in your sentence.

How to Remember the Difference Between I.e. & E.g.

For some people maybe it is difficult to remember the difference between them, there are some tricks through which you can easily remember them.

id est

Forget about what i.e. and e.g. stands for, as i.e. starts with the letter i, means in other words” while in case of e.g. as it starts letter e means “for example”, consider  E for Example.

Some people share their trick, how they remember them. Consider that i.e. means “in essence” while e.g. sounds like “egg sample“. I think it is also a good trick to memorize the difference.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using “i.e.” & “e.g.”

There is no specific standard defined of using these abbreviations in the sentence but there are some basic rules, which you should know. Maybe they help you in a better writing style.

how to use ie

They are given below in the table:

Chicago Manual of StyleA comma is usually used after i.e. and e.g.
Blue Book of Grammar and PunctuationCommas are preferable/optional after the abbreviations.
The Columbia Guide to Standard American English[Editors] require a comma after the second period [in these abbreviations].
The Guide to Grammar and WritingThe comma [following i.e. and e.g.] makes good sense.
Lynch Guide to GrammarBoth abbreviations should be followed by a comma.
Fowler’s Modern English UsageCommas do not usually follow i.e. (No comment on e.g.)

Quick Wrap-Up

IE vs EG – Some people consider these both abbreviations the same, but they are different meaning, both can’t be interchangeable. I.e and E.g are abbreviations for the Latin terms, I.e stands for “id est” or “That is”, it is used to clarify a sentence that came before it. While E.g. stands for “exempli gratia” or “For example”, it is used to start examples which describe the statements.

Most people get confused about them and unable to memorize the difference between them. There are some tricks through which you can remember the difference among them. As i.e. starts with the letter i means in other words” while e.g. as it starts letter e means “for example”.

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