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IIRC Meaning: What does IIRC Mean on Internet

IIRC: Slang words are used religiously on the internet. These words are considered informal language. Slang words are used in written conversations with short forms. They are also known as internet terms and social media is full of slangs.

Some groups of people have their own slang words. Whereas some are very popular on the internet like AFAIK an Internet slang which is used in online chatting on many social media sites.

what does iirc mean

OMG, LMAO, WTF, last but not the least LOL are well-known and commonly used. Like all the mentioned slangs, this word is also gaining popularity on the internet.


Some of you’re not familiar with slang words. Then you might wonder what IIRC stands for, it means “If I really correctly” or “If I remember correctly”.  The exact origin of IIRC is unknown like any other internet slang.

At the start, the abbreviation was “If I remember correctly”.  Nonetheless, after gaining popularity it is also explained to mean “If I recall correctly”.


From where IIRC slang is derived, unlike others in 2002, it was first posted on Urban Dictionary. Although, it has been used since the late ’90s.

Due to usefulness, people use it more often. It takes time to type a sentence slang words are been really useful for making conversations short and to the point. Like OMG (Oh My God), ASAP (As Soon As Possible), LOL (Lots Of Laughs or Lots Of Love), and WTF (What The *uck) are stuck around.

BFF is also a Slang word which is used by people on social media and is an abbreviation of “Best Friend Forever“. Due to the capability to express or a long-phrase quickly without wastage of time, these slang words are used.

what is iirc: iirc acronym

Though, its usefulness is also one of the reasons for its popularity.


It is to be used when we are not sure about our guess or we are confused about it. IIRC is also used to recall a fact or event of some sort.

This word is used by many people while communication via emails or text messages. It makes appearances in many forms of digital communication. Like video game chatbox, Instagram, Facebook, forums, text messages, WhatsApp, and comments. If you want to leave for a moment but will be back after a short time then you can use BRB (Be Right Back) slang.


Some examples of IIRC are mentioned below:

Using IIRC in Written Conversation

People lacking knowledge in slangs might wonder how to use it in a sentence.

  • IIRC some of the authors wrote the very toxic language in an article.
  • IIRC I wasn’t permitted to join a sleepover party because the plan was to watch a movie.
  • “Don’t call me ever again” – said Sarah, IIRC, right before she left the room.

Using IIRC in a Live Conversation

Person 1: Do you know when did he last attended the class?

Person 2: IIRC he came last week in, now he is on medical leave.

Person 1: Ok.

Another Informal Conversation

Sarah: can you help me in writing the quadratic equation.

Collin: I’m also not sure but IIRC it is  y = ax2 + bx + c.

Sarah: Thank you, I’ll cross-check.

Some Incompetent Abbreviations

On the rank of popularity mostly IIRC is used as “If I recall correctly”. Other abbreviations are listed below:

  • If I Read Correctly
  • If I Really Cared
  • If I Recollect Correctly
  • If It Really Counts
  • In Internet Relay Chat
  • Isn’t It Really Cool

iirc slang language: iirc meaning

This blog is dedicated to the slangs making our life easier and saving time while expressing are expressions correctly. There are other 9127 slang words approximately. There are many websites from where you could find acronyms like visit Acronym Finder.

I hope you like my post about “IIRC”. If you want to read more related articles then you can also visit:


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