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ILY Meaning: What Does ILY Mean In Text

ILY is a slang word, which is used on social media sites. Social media network is filled with many acronyms these days. Few of them are quite popular which is mostly used in conversation. If you face ILY term and you didn’t know what does it mean? Don’t worry, in this article, you will find ILY meaning and What does ILY stand for?

ily meaning

Did someone text you “ILY” or you have seen it in post or comment on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You didn’t what it stands for? And reply what to such messages?

ILY Meaning

ILY is an internet slang, which stands for “I Love You“. It is used to express your feeling or genuine love for someone. It has the same meaning as used in face-to-face conversation.

what does ily mean

ILY is used in texting when you want to show feeling, love, and affection to your partner, relatives or close friends. It is a kind representation of feeling in your heart for someone special.

What Does ILY Mean In Text

There are thousands of slang words which are daily used in post, comments, and hashtags on social media sites and applications. These slangs are used by the youngster. ILY means “I Love You” in text. It has the same meaning as it has in real life face-to-face conversation.

what does ily mean in text

Every day we face new acronym on social media, such phrases are invented by the young generation. They are getting used to typing such short terms in their conversation instead of typing full word or sentence. They want to give a quick response to a message, even they didn’t care about the grammar.

How ILY Is Used

ILY is used online or in text messages in the same way as used in real life conversation but written in short form, with three letters. As explained earlier that the aim of its usage is to express love for someone.

what does i love you mean

People use this short term in a different context, such people use it to accentuate their affection for someone who did or said something funny or interesting.

People use it to be warmhearted and give support to someone they care about, during any time in their life. It is also used before ending the conversation on a loving and caring note.

i love you

There is no specific time or place where you have to use this short term, you can use it any time or place whenever you want to show care or love for someone and want them to know, you can use it.

Alternative Of ILY

There is another way to say “I Love You” in a text message to someone. You can use ILU instead of using ILY. Both have the same meaning, there is no difference between them, so never confuse with it.

ily definition

In alternative jargon, the letter Y is replaced with the letter U. You may also face or receive a text from friend or someone that says “IMY”, which stands for “I Miss You”.

The Opposite Of ILY

There are tons of acronym which are circulating on social media. The opposite of ILY is IHY, which stands for “I Hate You”.
ily meaning in text
People try to use this short term sarcastically more often for a hilarious effect as opposed to using it actually.

Quick Wrap-Up

ILY is a famous internet slang which is commonly used on social media sites. It stands for “I Love You”. People use this term to express love or feeling in your heart about someone. There are also many other scenarios, where it can be used.

There is no specific way of using it, you can use it anywhere or at any time. You can also use ILU instead of “I Love You”, both have the same meaning. The opposite of ILY is IHY, which stands for “I Hate You”. Here is the list of modern slang words that 2018 teens say.

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