How To Convert Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers?

When we apply division operation on an object into equal parts, then each part is called a fraction. The fraction represents the ratio and division. It describes us the size of a certain part of an object.

A fraction consists of two parts numerator which is the upper part and denominator which is the lower part. Numerator tells us about the number in which the object is divided and denominator tells us about the total parts which make up a whole number or represents the total size of an object.

In 4/7 the numerator 4 tells us that in the fraction there are 4 parts and the denominator 7 tells us that the total parts which make a whole number are 7.

A mixed number is an amalgamation of the proper fraction and the integer. In this article, we will describe the method to convert them step-by-step, so read the article until the end.

Mixed Number And Types Of Fraction

Fraction has two types

  • Proper fraction.
  • Improper fraction.

types of fraction

At first, it is necessary to know the difference between them, so we could easily recognize them whenever a fraction is given.

A proper fraction is that in which the value of denominator is larger than the numerator.

An improper fraction is that in which the value of denominator is smaller than the numerator.

A mixed number is that in which we see a number along with the company of proper function.

Conversion Of Improper Fraction Into Mixed Number

For this conversion we have to apply the division operation on the improper fraction, in our example 11/8, we will divide 11 by 8.

Improper function to mixed number conversion

As shown in the figure the divisor is that by which we divide and here the divisor is 8. The dividend is that on which the division operation is performed. Here the dividend is 11.

A quotient is an answer to the operation of the division and the remainder is the value which is left after dividing.

At the end, to convert it into the mixed number we will write the quotient along with the proper fraction having remainder as a numerator and the divisor value as the denominator.

Conversion Of Mixed Number Into Improper Fraction

For this inverse process, we will keep the denominator as it is and then multiply the integer with the denominator value. After that, we will add the result in the numerator.

Here the integer is 1, the numerator is 3 the denominator is 8. Now go through the process as given below.

Mixed number to improper fraction conversion

At the end, we got the result in the form of an improper function as 11/8.

With the little effort you can easily convert them without the calculator so keep practicing. I hope you liked my post and if you have any query you can write it down in the comments section.

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