Weight lifting is very common these days. Everyone going to gym lifts weight for making himself strong and healthier. Some people adopt weight lifting as their favorite sports and do it on professional basis but there are several people, you may come across in gym, who only do it as an exercise, aiming at improving their muscle development and for gaining strength or toning up the body.


Whatever may be your aim, but the most important question, which you face is, when and how should I increase weights? Here we are giving you, the solution to this question.

Increase Weight When You Are Accustomed To Current Weight

No matter how strong are you, never increase weights abruptly. Always follow a plan. Start with lesser weights. Carry on practicing with this weight till such time you feel at ease with the particular weight. Now it is time to increase the weight but remember, increase the weight to small proportions.

Increasing weight without a plan or increasing weight in quick successions may cause muscle fatigue and your body will be vulnerable to various types of injuries. Key to your success is, only increase weight, once you have done sufficiently with the current weight.

If, for whatever reason may be, there is a break of one week or longer, in your daily routine, never resume with the last weight, you had lifted before the break. Start afresh with small weights and follow the above pattern to reach your top weights.

Monitor The Fatigue You Feel While Lifting The Weight

Although it is good to have a scheduled plan of increasing weight, as explained above, before implementing this plan, there is one very important factor that you must keep in mind before increasing the weight. That important thing is, muscle fatigue, you feel while lifting weights.

As a matter of routine, you do various workouts in 3 – 5 sets of 10 – 15 repetitions with proper breaks of 30 – 60 seconds. This schedule might have been advised to you by your trainer or you may have adopted yourself to it with your personal experience. You may have experienced that when you do your routine workouts, there is a constant stress on your muscles, that is muscle fatigue.

fatigue while weightlifting

Same goes with the weightlifting, either on the professional basis or as a fitness exercise. But here, you come across a tricky situation, when and how much weight to increase. Here, you must follow the fatigue level of your muscles. Go into your routine of increasing weights step by step. You will feel it easier to go through this series of weight increase in your daily routine but you will feel fatigue with the last lifted weight. If so, it is time to change the weight.

But if you feel difficulty in completing your daily routine and feel it harder to lift any weight in between your routine, this is not the time to change the weight. Here you should stick with the weight you are feeling harder to lift. Keep on practicing with the same weight till you feel it easier to lift then move into next weight.

Appropriate Weight For You At A Certain Point Of Time

The weight appropriate for you, when you are going through your daily routine, is the weight, with which you can do at least 10 repetitions in one session, without any difficulty. However, muscle exhaustion may be felt in the last round.

When you have done enough exercise with your appropriate weight, now you can increase the weight. By doing so, you will gain the ultimate goal of your endeavor, the slimmer and smart, yet a stronger body.

Keep Your figure – Without A Muscular Body

If you are aiming at keeping your body slim without gaining mass on your muscles, it is very important for you to strictly adhere to the plan of weightlifting. Here, you are not required to increase the weight; rather you need to stick on to your daily or weekly routine, without changing the weights.

If you carry on with the same weights throughout your weekly routine, your figure will remain in the current shape and size. Remember, increasing weight is only required when you are doing it for more mass on your muscles to look bigger.

perfect figure
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The Mistake

People going to Gym for weightlifting, do a common mistake. They lift the excessive weight on gym machines. This is not correct practice and may lead to injury. Most people do it in eagerness but remember it is not good; rather dangerous for you.

Always follow the instructions of your trainer. Increase weights gradually, never start with the highest weight. Always go through the process to reach your optimum level of weightlifting. As with all exercises, consistency and completion of your daily routine is a must for your success. Never forget to give reasonable break, preferably, do the workouts five days a week or on alternate days.

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