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What Are The Indoor Cactus Types?

There are many indoor cactus types. Cactus is a plant which can grow and survive in every weather, it prefers to grow in warm areas but it also survives in cold weather. Cactus is a plant which needs very less care and maintenance.

You can grow cactus in a small pot, you can use it for the decoration of your garden. There are so many types of cactus so you should select the one which can be best suitable for the decoration of your garden.

indoor cactus types

You can easily grow them indoor; they are very useful for the décor of your home. Plants which you can grow indoor, allows you to bring the nature inside your home.

There can so many plants in cactus family that do not need any frequent weeding or any extra care. For planting cactus indoor you just need to know about their types. So, here on, we are providing you with some very easy and effective information on What are the indoor cactus types.

Steps to follow for selecting indoor cactus types

  • Majority of the cactus plants comes from the USA; they add different and unique touch to your garden if you are planting them outside. They look very nice and elegant if you plant them inside the home.
  • If you have small children at home then we will never suggest you plant them inside as it can be dangerous for children if they deliberately touch them they could harm themselves. In this case, you can plant them outdoors in your garden to give a unique touch to it.
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Trichocereus Spachianus

  • Trichocereus Spachianus is the most common type of cactus which you can grow inside your house. It grows dark green in color and when it grows old it turns into yellowish color. Mature Trichocereus Spachianus looks completely yellow in color which adds beauty to your home.

Trichocereus Spachianus

  • You can grow them in a suitable pot; new branches may also grow from the base of this cactus plant. If you are searching for cactus which you can grow inside easily then Trichocereus Spachianus is the best option for you.
  • It does not need extra care and protection, just water it occasionally. All cactus plants do not need much water for growing.

Christmas cactus

  • This is another type of indoor cactus, this is very beautiful. It is a flowering plant; it grows very beautiful flowers which are pinkish in color. You do not need to water Christmas cactus most often. They look very beautiful if you decorate your drawing room or living room with attractive Christmas cactus.
  • If you want best results then you must keep the soil dry 2-3 inches below the surface of the cactus plant. Another thing you should do is to fertilize the plant with good and suitable fertilizer once in the summer season.

Bunny cactus

  • This cactus is called bunny cactus because of its shape, it totally looks like bunny when they grow up. Keep these plants in full sun, except for in winter season. You can put them in a living room or drawing room in front of the window where sunlight hits the wall directly. You can put this plant directly in sunlight.

bunny cactus

  • This cactus plant is green and white in color, having polka dots on it. It turns into a yellowish color when getting mature, and then this yellow part become few inches long fruit and turns into a purplish red color which looks very beautiful for decoration.


  • This is other very famous types of cactus; you can grow them indoor as well as outdoor. This cactus plant is filled with spikes, if you plant them in a small pot and put in some corner of your home, they will look so beautiful and it will enhance the uniqueness of your home.
  • Always make sure that it gets enough light, put this plant in front of the light and you can water it weekly or after two weeks.

thorns cactus

  • If you have much space in your home or in your garden then you can also grow a large cactus plant in the pot or in the garden. They are the famous plant in a desert, so you can create your own desert look. They do not need much water and care so you can easily grow them indoor and as well as in your garden.

Globular cactus

  • There are many other types of cactus plants; globular cactus is one of them. Globular cactus comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They come in compact shaped, they come in small size also but all they are covered with spikes.
  • Their flowers grow in different colors like red, magenta, Red and pink. Noto cactus have yellow spines as well as yellow flowers, they look very beautiful in homes.
  • Golden ball cacti is also yellow in color that why its name is a Golden ball, it has a mesmerizing shape and color which looks beautiful in homes and in gardens.
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Pincushion cactus

  • Pincushion cactus is also called snowball because it looks like a ball of snow, it has the white base on the plant. They look like a white ball, they are very famous indoor cactus plants. They look so beautiful inside the house, they can enhance the beauty of your home from its uniqueness.
  • Cactus plant should be grown in dry soil. Once you water the soil and then leave it for drying completely then you can easily plant any cactus plant in it.

Cactus plants are easy to maintain

  • Pincushion cactus is entirely covered with white spikes, so before handling it we will recommend you to wear rubber gloves so they will not harm you. Keep your children away from all the cactus plants, as they can harm them. Pincushion cactus can only grow five to six inches long because they are in a ball shape.

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