Inferiority Complex: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

How to deal with an inferiority complex husband or wife is problem of concern, but do we exactly know how to help or deal with someone who has an inferiority complex? Here in article, “Inferiority Complex: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment” is discussed the signs, symptoms, root causes, effects & treatment of an inferiority complex in a relationship to answer why do i have an inferiority complex?  Inferiority complex can be  reduced by modifying thoughts &  neglecting self-criticism.

Inferiority complex is the feeling of inadequacy of self-worth and uncertainty about oneself. In this complex, the person constantly compares him to the others and feels that he is not measuring up to the standards. He feels less valuable, has a poor self-concept and thinks that he is unable to do the things as good as others can. In psychology, the term inferiority complex is referred to the personality.

Inferiority complex

This complex can lead a person towards the destruction of personality. The person suffering from this complex becomes a pessimist and thinks that it is impossible to be successful. If you are also a victim of this complex and want to know more about this then in this article, we will describe briefly the symptoms of inferiority complex, causes of inferiority complex and the inferiority complex treatment, so the complete article.

  • Symptoms Of Inferiority Complex

There are a series of typical characteristics of a person suffering from an inferiority complex. Some of them are the following:

Inferiority complex symptoms

  • Extreme shyness in different social contexts.
  • Difficulty in making decisions.
  • Do not feel alright about themselves and have a problem feeling good about others.
  • Feeling of not living up to others.
  • Feeling Of Persecution.
  • Need to want to please others.
  • Sensitivity To Criticism.
  • Excessive showing off.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Excessive anxiety.
  • Negative Feeling About Competition.
  • Recognize the achievements of other people but not their own.
  • Be influenced by others and lack their own criteria.
  • Tendency Towards Blaming.
  • Causes Of The Inferiority Complex

Causes Of The Inferiority Complex

Before moving towards the treatment, one should know the causes of inferiority complex. Given below are some of the possible reasons:

  • This complex can be originated from the childhood. Since the parents’ attitude and the environment where a child is brought up, have great effects on his personality. For instance, a child who hasn’t received the support and acceptance of his parents despite his moments of success will have a greater chance of developing an inferiority complex.
  • Being mocked for some physical characteristic.
  • Feeling ugly compared to your peers.
  • Being physically weaker than your peers
  • Having different skin color than your peers in classroom or office and being mocked for that.
  • Being called names like lazy or stupid by teachers and peers.
  • Being handicapped.
  • Being an unskilled player in your school’s popular sport.
  • Coming from a lower social class than that of your peers.
  • Being called names like lazy or stupid by teachers and peers
  • Always being called names by parents; like stupid, idiot or fool.
  • Due to the lack of social skills, techniques, among others.
  • Focus more on weaknesses than on strengths.
  • Being too self-demanding with yourself.
  • Treatment Of Inferiority Complex

After diagnosing the inferiority complex given below are a series of tips in which you can support yourself to learn to overcome the inferiority complex.

  • Stop Comparing Yourself

Stop Comparing Yourself

In this complex, people constantly make a mistake by comparing themselves with other. In order to overcome the complex first, stop comparing yourself and determine who you feel inferior to? Once you have figured it out, next ask yourself, how those people or that particular person isn’t superior to you? Does he possess the qualities similar to yours?

The purpose of these questions is not to compare, but simply of seeing things from another perspective, recognizing that each person is unique in spite of their defects and virtues.

  • Modify Your Thoughts

Modify Your Thoughts

People suffering from inferiority complex usually have negative and irrational thoughts about themselves. They always look upon others that how they are superior to them. In addition to this, they try to copy their behaviors, attitude, way of talking, way of thinking etc.

It is recommended to immediately stop wanting to be like others. Of course, you get inspired by people but that means, you look up to them and take some of their aspects and put them into yourself. But never forget that in reality, you have a unique personality. You are looking up to them for the positive guide while being true to yourself.

  • Stop Criticizing Yourself

Stop Criticizing Yourself

Don’t take it personally if you are being mocked by your peer. While suffering from inferiority complex, you put more emphasis on what you don’t have instead of what you do have. Stop criticizing yourself continuously because it will only increase the feelings of discomfort.

In order to stop the feelings or thoughts of criticism about yourself one thing, you can do immediately. Put yourself in the place of your best friend or loved one and think that you are not criticizing yourself instead you are mocking your loved one.

  • Do Not Pretend To Please Everyone

Do Not Pretend To Please Everyone

Have faith in yourself and you must realize your virtues. Realize that by pretending to please everyone, you are disgracing yourself. What you are doing now, does not agree with your way of being.  You lose respect for yourself, you stop accepting yourself as you are and you stop being authentic.

With your own unique qualities, you can attract others, instead of pretending. Focus on what you have and how you can improve it.

  • Do Not Think In Absolutes

Do Not Think In Absolutes

Inferiority complex makes us think of absolute. For instance, we think that if one thing could change, our lives would be perfect such as if only I was 15 pounds smaller, my life would be great. Thinking in this way can lead you towards more disappointment when it doesn’t make you happy. Instead, you should learn to accept these things which can help you move towards a happier life.

Note: This article is merely informative. In case, you feel that your inferiority complex is leading you towards serious psychological problems such as intense depression and you can’t overcome it alone, then it recommended to seek the advice of professionals. You can go to the Psychiatrist if you found that these tips are not working for you anymore. 

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