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iphone SE vs iphone 5S

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S: Apple has taken over the market of technology by launching the deadly beast iPhone SE. It has taken the latest generation technology from the iPhone 6S and emerged it in the iPhone SE. iPhone 5S has also been in the race for quite some time.

In this article, you will find out the answers to the frequently asked questions like what is the difference between iPhone SE and iPhone 5S? Which is better iPhone SE or iPhone 5S? iPhone 5S and SE battery the same?

iphone-se-vs-5sSo if you have iPhone 5S in your pocket and you are planning to upgrade it to iPhone SE then first you must know the difference between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE. You might like iPhone SE more than iPhone 5S or as Apple calls it “the most powerful 4-inch smartphone.”

To help you make a decision about upgrading your iPhone, we have pitted the now unavailable iPhone 5S in comparison with the new iPhone SE. Here you will find a detailed comparison of the specs for both devices along with the decision of which is better in terms of size, display, and design, battery and performance, etc.

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Apple is marking the iPhone SE as the replacement for the iPhone 5S. The Apple company is looking to take over the ones who prefer the smaller form factor of both phones and the design of 5S.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S: Design And Display

There is not much difference in the design and display of the iPhone 5S and SE. They both are 4.87 inches tall, 0.30 inches thick and 2.31 inches wide. The iPhone SE is just .04 ounces heavier but no one can actually find out this minor increase in weight while using the SE.

They also look identical, with chamfered metal edges, chubby aluminum body and two glass sections on the back for the reception. The 4-inch screen size is very ideal. This is exactly the same, with identical 1,136 x 640-pixel resolutions.

The layout of the button, the design of the body, mic and speaker location, on both the iPhones are similar. So, this means there is not any clear difference in the design and display of both iPhone SE and iPhone 5S.

design & displayThe outside of the iPhone SE looks very similar to the iPhone 5S. It has a few differences, but if you are the kind of person who uses the word chamfered in casual talks then you may be excited by the design of the phone.

The chamfered edges, the angled edges that border the device are now matte instead of shiny. Like the 5S, the SE comes in gold, silver and gray, but it is also available in rose gold (that’s Apple-speak for Pink).

On the backside of the phone, the Apple logo is situated made of stainless steel. The specialness of the phone can be seen by the letter “SE” written on the bottom of the backside of the phone. The upside of it is that you can hide the SE of the iPhone into any existing iPhone 5 or 5S case.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S: Power

Apple’s declaration that the iPhone SE is the most powerful 4-inch phone looks to be right, based on the specifications of iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S. This means that it outpaces the iPhone 5S by a mile.

First of all, let us have a look at their chipsets. The iPhone 5S has the Apple A7 chipset with 64-bit architecture. It also includes an embedded M7 motion coprocessor. These chips are not one but two generations behind the iPhone SE’s A9 chipset and M9 coprocessor.

Not only that, but the iPhone SE runs 2GB RAM which is double as that of iPhone 5S. It’s obvious that iPhone SE has faster speed than that of iPhone 5S. It is also more powerful than the iPhone 5S.

PowerUsers will definitely notice the remarkable difference in the response time, installation and loading of the app and stability between the two. While the iPhone 5S is upgradable to iOS 9.3 – the device originally comes up with iOS 7.1.

It will not run as well on the outdated version of the device. On the other hand, the iPhone SE is assembled with the same chipset as the iPhone 6S and comes with iOS 9.3. As time goes by, the 5S will have a harder time running the latest version of iOS.

This is because Apple no longer offers the device online or through any of its retail outlets. The iPhone SE has also got an advantage in battery life. Especially when you focus on the comparison between the batteries of both.

Compare the 1,642mAh battery of iPhone SE with that of 1,560mAh battery of the iPhone 5S. It is not a big difference between the iPhone SE and iPhone 5S but it is still worth noting. On all power-related fronts, it’s very clear that iPhone SE defeats iPhone 5S.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S: Camera

Just like the remarkable difference in power of the two iPhones, there is a clear difference in the quality of the camera of the both iPhone SE and iPhone 5S. The iPhone SE’s 12-megapixel back camera is a remarkable upgrade from the 8-megapixel camera of the iPhone 5S.

Although both of them has a 1.2-megapixel front camera. The pixel size on the SE is smaller than that of the 5S’s. That remarkable increase in the megapixel count and a drastic decrease in pixel size tells that iPhone SE has a higher picture quality.

The video capabilities of the iPhone SE are also stronger than that of iPhone 5S given that the device is capable of taking videos at numerous resolutions and speeds. The SE provides a broad range of resolutions and speeds to work with.

CameraBut the iPhone 5S only records 1080 pixels at 30 fps and 720 pixels at 120 fps for the slow-motion capture. The iPhone SE has got a very healthy change in its camera results as it offers wide video and camera capabilities that completely overcomes that of iPhone 5S’s camera.

The iPhone 5S is more than three years old at this point, so it makes great sense that the iPhone SE features better camera features. The iPhone SE takes better photos and videos than the iPhone 5S. It can take live photos and cute video-picture hybrids that are like fancy GIFs.

You can also use the phone to buy things like candy bars, coffee, and gas using Apple Pay. In iPhone SE you can load the websites and apps faster than ever. It also has the fun feature “Siri”, which enables Siri with just recognizing your voice.

The iPhone SE has a back camera that is better in every way than the previous versions of the camera.

Why Would Someone Want A Smaller Phone?

People who have smaller hands find it difficult to navigate larger screens with just one thumb. The 4-inch phone fits properly into small pockets and there’s less danger of dropping it.

Why would someone want a smaller phoneThis could be appealing to someone who is working in a risky environment, for example, offshore oil rig. Smaller also means cheaper. The iPhone SE price starts from $399, making it a more affordable iPhone ever.

Should I Upgrade?

If your iPhone is 4-inch or smaller than that and you are perfectly happy with its performance, do not give it in the corporate peer pressure. Like all the other hardware companies, Apple wants people to regularly upgrade their iPhones.

Apple wants people to discard their older phones and pay for the new version on the block each year or so. The iPhone 5S was also a fine invention. The people who are still sticking to their old 4-inch phones may not just focus on the size of the phone but many other features as well.

Upgrade Your IphoneWhat if they just do not want to pay some extra hundred dollars for a new device that they do not find worth buying? Power users may jump at the chance of more speed or exciting new features, but most people probably won’t notice the absence of live photos.

However, the iPhone SE is remarkably faster and zippier to use than the 5S. For people having small hands and little pockets among us, it is enough reason to upgrade your iPhone.

What Is The Difference Between The iPhone 5S And SE?

The following are the few more differences in the manufacturing of the iPhone 5S and SE:

Identification Differences

For now, it is possible to see the differences between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE when they are placed side by side, but not as simple as they are similar in the context of design. The iPhone 5S has the Touch ID home button and a chamfered cut with a shiny chromed edge.

The iPhone SE has the same Touch ID but the edges have a matte finishing. However, it is very hard to identify these devices visually especially when they are placed next to each other.

What Is The Difference Between The iPhone 5S And SEFurthermore, many of the devices can be identified by the model number written on the backside of every phone in tiny typing. But then also, not all can be identified in this way.

Wireless Connectivity & Data Differences

  • Both support GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • iPhone SE supports better 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2
  • iPhone SE also supports NFC for Apply Pay
  • iPhone 5S supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Connectivity varies for both of the models


For a reasonable amount of $400, the iPhone SE comes with a surprising level of processing power keeping in view its size and the price. The iPhone 5S has been taken over the past several years by Apple’s various iPhone iterations.

Apple wanted the iPhone SE to be the extraordinary 4-inch iPhone with a reasonable price range. This could be an attractive offer for users who prefer phones with smaller size and fewer prices.

There is no doubt that iPhone SE is a remarkable upgrade from the iPhone 5S. You can explore the latest from Apple. Shop Mac notebooks and desktops, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

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