Cinnamon is an ancient herb and carries lots of health benefits for mankind. This is widely popular in the whole wide world because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Let’s find out if this is equally good or is cinnamon bad for dogs.

is cinnamon bad for dogs

This herb is safe for dogs if given to them in a calculated proportion. Since it is an organic product, obtained and directly handpicked, there are no side effects of cinnamon.

What is Cinnamon: Is cinnamon bad for dogs?

Cinnamon is an ingredient, responsible for making your cuisines and lattes delicious. We know how much you love, freshly baked cinnamon rolls but there is more to it.

When it comes to animal health, specifically the physical wellbeing of the domesticated pets, cinnamon carries multiple benefits. When it comes to dogs, the common perception is that this herb may not suit them altogether.

Moreover, his herb doesn’t undergo any further chemical process, retaining is freshness and natural properties in check.

Benefits of Cinnamon for Pets: Can Cats Eat Cinnamon?

We cannot stress enough on the importance of cinnamon and how good it can be for both you and your dog. Here is how it helps dogs and their health:

Improved Canine Brain Functionality

If you want to improve the brain functionality of your dog so that he can pick more quickly, make him sniff cinnamon. In a study, its benefits are proven and those canines who sniffed cinnamon showed increased attention and were found more alert.

Cinnamon can aid in improving and further boosting this learning process for your dog, it is safe to answer the query,  can dogs eat cinnamon? through this experiment.

Guard Against Yeast Infections

Dogs are always at a risk of developing diseases from either the pests or fro any outdoor fungus source. Cinnamon contains antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Including cinnamon in daily meals of your pet can protect him against bacteria and keep at any from developing any fungal infection. These infections take much time if you’re treating them through medication.

side effects of cinnamon

But in case of using cinnamon, you can get results in real-time and those dogs who are prone to get infections, regular use builds a strong immune system in them.

Help in Maintaining the Blood Sugar Levels

Reducing the risk of diabetes in dogs, even by giving them one teaspoon full of ground cinnamon can decrease the blood sugar levels. This remedy works best for both the senior dogs and obese dogs. This answers the query can dogs have cinnamon well.

This natural solution is tried and tested on both humans and canines. If you want to develop healthy eating habits in your puppy, make him eat cinnamon from the very beginning in addition to foods already low in the glycemic index.

Antibacterial Properties of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known for its antibacterial properties and it can also be used to keep the food fresh for a long time. If you want to store dog food overnight, just sprinkle half teaspoon cinnamon on it prior to keeping it in the refrigerator.

suitable herbs for canines

This remedy will keep the freshness and taste of the food in place and won’t let inflammation of the food. It is found in a study, that bacteria specifically the E.Coli bacteria can easily exist in food or in unpasteurized juices.

Cinnamon protects the food from bacteria. Just make sure that you are using an airtight container with a glass lid instead of a food can. Cinnamon tea can be made and mixed with dog food.

Aid Against Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a common ailment, present in many dog breeds of senior dogs. By mixing cinnamon and honey in equal proportions and feeding it to the dog can does wonder.

This natural remedy has shown equally good results on people suffering from arthritis as well. Cinnamon controls the cholesterol level, high insulin level, and slowdowns leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells growth in the body.

Make Flavoured Meals

Cinnamon brings the great flavour in the meals and just the aroma itself is so pleasing. To introduce your dog to various flavours, add this spice in his daily meals.

It will introduce a good flavour in the meals and about its health benefits, need I say more? Oh, and in case you’re wondering are bananas good for dogs, its a forever yes too.

Stimulating Canine Appetite

If your dog has stopped taking his regular meals because of any signs of an illness or is already recovering from an infection, give him cinnamon. It will increase his appetite and he will look forward to the meals and treats. All thanks to our holy grail herb, Cinnamon here!

how useful cinnamon is for cats

With these many health benefits and natural goodness, cinnamon is completely safe and is recommended to use for canine health.

In case you are wondering that can cats eat cinnamon, the straight and sweet answer is NO. Cinnamon is toxic for cats, unlike pups and adult dogs because it can cause ingestion and skin infection in cats.

What are the Side Effects of Cinnamon: Is Cinnamon Bad for Dogs?

So far we have raved about the multiple benefits and qualities of Cinnamon, it is time to discuss that is cinnamon bad for dogs or not. No matter how good any product is, it sure comes with some words of caution.

In the case of cinnamon, there is an element, Courmain present in it. This can prove fatal to the lungs and can damage them. In this case, switch to the Cassia and Ceylon variety of cinnamon.

is cinnamon bad for dogs

Cinnamon in a small and calculated amount such as half teaspoon in or with every meal is completely safe for dogs and men. Nonetheless, It has more health benefits than the side-effects.

Final Verdict

Cinnamon is an ancient herb and because of its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, it is highly recommended to treat illnesses, fatigue, control the blood rate, and regulate the appetite.

These benefits cannot be denied as there are tried and tested experiments and extensive studies available on how cinnamon has always proved its natural goodness. Suffice to answer is cinnamon bad for dogs is in negative.

It is highly beneficial for them and there are no side effects of cinnamon if given in a calculated amount. Can cats eat cinnamon? no, they cannot and for treating cat problems, browse the articles to get workable advice.

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