There are a few unusual issues out there in this modern world and one of them is pica. This is the want to eat things that are not by any stretch of the imagination is food. This disorder influences individuals and kids and warns them that something is happening wrong in their body.

Among Pica, Pagophagia is the desire to eat ice constantly. The individuals who do this don’t think it as a serious problem. All in all, now the question arises that is eating ice terrible for you? It could be, and you ought to counsel your doctor to know whether this has turned into an issue or not. At Try Articles, we will discover that why are you eating a lot of ice and is it bad for you?Ice cube eating disorder

Dirt and chalk are the most common items for which people usually develop cravings. According to Dr. Glenn Tisman, 25 to 33 percent of all pica cases include small children, 20 percent comprises pregnant women and 10 to 15 percent are those with learning disabilities.

What Does It Mean When You Eat A Lot Of Ice?

If you have cravings for ice than the iron deficiency in your body might be the reason for your ice cravings.

You Have Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency Anemia

If you are eating ice cubes in summer or just eat it sometimes in a week then that is okay but if you are eating it continuously between meals and just thinking about it day and night then there is a possibility that you have a deficiency of iron in your blood and suffering from iron deficiency anemia.

It isn’t sure that why the low iron influences a man to carve for ice. But numerous examinations have recommended that the ice may decrease tongue swelling and burning which are frequently connected with low iron levels.

How Does Eating Ice Affect The Body?How Does Ice Eating Effect The Body

Ice eating and other harmful  effects and complexities caused by pica are as follows;

Pica is an extremely risky condition. While ice won’t do interior harm, other non-food things can. In the event that somebody has pagophagia dangers, they may be constrained to eat different kinds of stuff, as well.

Depending on what you eat, pica can lead you to:

  • Poisoning.
  • Infections.
  • Punctured (perforated) intestines.
  • Bowel problems.
  • Intestinal obstruction.

 Dental Issues Caused By Craving Ice

Now the question arises that is an ice eating disorder or chewing ice bad for teeth.Your teeth are just not worked for the wear and tear caused by eating trays of ice each day. Throughout time, you can destroy your teeth enamel.Dental Issues Caused By Craving Ice

Enamel is the most grounded piece of the teeth. It makes up the uppermost layer of every tooth and shields the inward layers from deterioration and harm. At the point when enamel dissolves, the teeth can turn out to be greatly touchy to hot and chilly food items and the risk of cavities increases.

How To Stop Eating Ice Or How Can Ice Cravings Treat?

On the off chance that you have serious ice desires, you have to discover why. In the event that you have an iron deficiency, iron supplements ought to dispose of your desires very quickly.

Take Natural Source Of Iron

If you have an iron deficiency it means that you have lower red blood cells. To improve your iron the nutritional sources of iron include oysters, clams, fortified cereals, liver, soybeans, white beans, lentils, spinach, red meat and many other foods.

If you have a craving for baby powder then you are also suffering from iron deficiency.
Food sources of iron
Guys! eating ice continuously can be a serious issue. Just take an appointment with the doctor to diagnose your issue and a simple blood test can solve your problem.

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