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Is It Possible To Predict Boy Or Girl By Heartbeat?

One theory of predicting a baby’s gender is by heartbeat. But do they work with any better than average rate of progress? When I asked my doctor that if baby’s gender can be predicted by heartbeat, the answer was NO, it’s old wives tales.

But for expectant parents, sitting tight for nine months before they can discover the gender of their child can be frustrating. Meanwhile, there is no scientific evidence to support whether it is possible to predict boy or girl by heartbeat, let’s find out some detail about this theory in this TryArticles article.Is It Possible To Predict Boy Or Girl By Heartbeat

Heartbeat Theory Of Predicting Gender

As indicated by an old wives tales, the baby’s heart rate can also be a basis to identify the baby’s gender. Boys and girls have different heart rate patterns in the womb.

This theory states that if the heartbeat is lower than 140 beats per minute, the baby is going to be a boy. Alternatively, if the heartbeat is higher than 140 BPM, then it’s a girl. Heartbeats can be detected during the eight-week checkup of pregnancy.

There are numerous items available that you can use to attempt to hear your infant’s pulse in pregnancy. Here is a speedy look at different gadgets that are generally more common.

ProductEase of UseWhen It WorksCost
StethoscopeAverage18 to 22 Weeks$10 to $80
FetoscopeAverage18 to 22 Weeks$25 to $90
Pinard HornComplicated18 to 22 Weeks$25 to $300
AmplifiersComplicatedDepends$20 to $30
DopplerDepends8+ Weeks$150+
Fetal MonitorProfessional Use Only20+ WeeksProfessional Use Only
The most straightforward and minimum costly course is the stethoscope or fetoscope. The stethoscope is all the more broadly accessible, however, the fetoscope is exceptionally intended for tuning in to babies, improving it a bit,  to hear the pulse of babies in the womb.

Simply Make Sure It’s The Heartbeat You’re Counting

All the time, the umbilical cord can be heard throbbing instead of the real heart pulsating. The cord is making all the time a “whooshing” sound, however, if you listen to the heartbeats they are used to be clearer with a characteristic sound of “thump, thump”.

It can get extremely confusing sometimes, in case you’re tuning in to both the umbilical cord and the beat in the meantime. If you are listening both the voices it’s a chance that you probably believe you’re having a baby girl since you’re counting more beats.

Chromosomal investigations and amniocentesis are more exact methods but expensive too for deciding sex. But they have not prescribed unless there parents and doctors have worries about the child acquiring sex-connected chromosomal abnormalities.

First Medical Study In 1980s Disprove Fetal Heart Rate for Gender Prediction

Baby in womb

In the 1980s, a senior sonographer examined thousands of births to decide if fetal heart rate could predict an infant’s sex. After estimating 10,000 fetal heart rates, and following up to discover the child’s sexual orientation during childbirth, plainly there was no relationship between the infant’s heart rate anytime all through pregnancy with the infant’s sex.

A Study Published in 2006

Contrary to beliefs commonly held by many pregnant women and their families, there are no significant differences between male and female fetal heart rate during the first trimester.

— Study in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy

In 2006, another investigation published in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy discloses to us that examination of more than 500 births again demonstrates that fetal heart rate can’t predict whether an infant is a boy or a girl.

Gender Prediction By Baby WeightGender Prediction By Baby Weight

Whatever I can offer is that a male infant is roughly 70 to 100 grams heavier. This theory which I am going to illustrate depends on amazing work by specialists utilizing calculations or algorithms to figure an expected term weight. Fetal sexual orientation has been found to impact weight.

It’s additionally realized that the fetal heart rate becomes slower as soon as the baby gets bigger. Just thought about that why little creatures have heart rates over 200 beats per minute, our own is around 70, and a blue whale around 6!

Thus, if young men are somewhat heavier, they may have a marginally bring down heart rate than young ladies.

But these types of things are not yet easy to confirm as the edge or similarity between boys and girls is such that you can’t tell. Therefore, at last, we are only left with the option of the ultrasound.

Other Theories To Predict Baby’s Gender

Here are five strategies that might have the capacity to reveal to you the gender of your child in a month and a half of your pregnancy (six weeks)! But, you might not go painting the infant’s room blue or pink at this time.


Draino Test For Gender

Despite the fact that this test has been around for so long, it isn’t suggested that pregnant ladies do it due to the harmful vapors that come out as a result of the reaction (and the earth doesn’t love it either). The test includes joining the Draino crystals with a little measure of the mother’s urine in a container.

There will be a reaction quickly. If the blend turns darker, you are expecting a boy but if the blend doesn’t change shading, you are expecting a girl But wait this test has no scientific basis. So, you should not suppose to trust the results.

Genital Tubercle Angle Theory

In the meantime, when I was searching for the methods to predict the gender of the babies. I come up with the Genital Tubercle Angle theory.

There has been inquired about to propose that the gender of your infant can be 98.7% precisely decided by means of ultrasound around 12 weeks using the genital tubercle theory.

The genital tubercle is the common term in medical for the “nub”. Now, what is “nub”, actually it refers to the structure formed around week 4 of gestation and in the end turns out to be either a penis or clitoris.

Genital Tubercle Angle Theory

While it is still too soon to plainly make out boy or girl parts at 12 weeks gestation, obviously the sex can be resolved in light of the edge of the nub (the genital tubercle).

To decide gender in view of a 12-14 week ultrasound, a view of the genital region is required. A flat horizontal line would then be able to be drawn along the lower segment of the spine and afterward another through the genital tubercle (see below in the image). In light of the edge of the crossing point between those lines.

If the angle is greater than 30 degrees then its a boy and if the lines seem to be parallel or the angle is under 10 degrees than it’s a girl.

But the most difficult part of this is getting an ultrasound professional who is either familiar with this technique or otherwise willing to give you a decent shot of the genital regions so you can attempt it yourself!

Ramzi’s Method

Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismaal conducted a research involving 5,000 ultrasounds determine that gender of the baby can be determined by the position of the placenta from six weeks gestation.Ramzi gender prediction theory

Dr. Ramzi has discovered that 97.2% of the male fetus had a placenta connected to the right side of the uterus while 97.5% of female embryos were attached to the left side.

In this way, when you go in for your first ultrasound ask the expert that what side of your uterus the placenta is attached.

You can find the awesome and easy basics of the Ramzi Theory in detail here, with the method of reading your ultrasound to know the position of the placenta.
Besides the theories stated above, there are many other theories and methods but there is no detailed research regarding those techniques.
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