How To Keep A Beard Tidy?

Growing a beard is as easy as ABC, it’s keeping it well maintained where the hard part is! Often times men avoid keeping a bear altogether since the service it needs demands a lot of time and effort.

But, we’ve made the maintenance steps quite easy to go through and they’ll only require a fraction of the time you think it would. And with time, you’ll probably take 5 minutes to do your little beard service session.

How To Keep Your Beard Tidy

This Try Articles article is a great quick run through of how your beard can be kept tidy. Read through!

The Beard Trend

The beard trend has been in fashion since forever, but recently runway models are wearing them and highlighting the beard fashion even more. Many think it’s a fashion phase and will die out soon. But, keeping a beard is that genre of fashion that is here to stay in different forms if not one type.

Beard Trend

With the advancement of beard, it’s not your regular pirate kind of a beard now, that just keeps growing and you randomly cut it because you don’t want it going all the way down to your knees! Or like how all the baddies wear their beard on a Harley Davidson!

This beard trend is more towards making men appear like gentlemen, more polished and put-together. They say Englishmen from the early times kept beard to signify status. But, this is not the case anymore. The beard and the reasons behind keeping one have evolved. It makes men look manly, anyway! Facial hair looks great on your outlook scorecard!

The Variations In Beards

The Stubble


This beard look is the easiest to manage with. It’s so fresh and takes the least time to achieve. While longer beards demand more care, a stubble is less demanding in that department as it just sits on your skin. It’s like adding another thin layer to your skin but just with facial hairs on it. You can feel the skin beneath the hairs. It’s got this grey carpet over the area where hair grows on your face.

The Scruff

Scruff Beard

Scruffs have that tidy-untidy look. It almost looks like it’s been doodled on your face. You’ll notice some men still being keen on having their jawlines articulately aligned. That’s just personal preference. Sometimes for a scruff, the hair that grow on the neck need to be taken care of, hence that part is completely shaved and the face area is left untouched.

Every-time the length grows, you head for a slight trim and achieve the scruff look back! Scruffs are a little more demanding in the maintenance department than a stubble. They give that perfect straight out of bed look, whether it’s day-time or not. It does not require styling, hence you tend to get ready easier with a scruff.

The Beardstache


A mustache and a beard lead to the making of beard-stache. Wasn’t that hard to figure out! Haha! This kind of style is not for many, although plenty of celebrities have worn this look to the red carpet and social events. But, this one takes a lot of patience, care, and proper maintenance.

Also, thanks to the awareness of Mustache November – also known as, “Movember.” A lot of people have felt comfortable keeping a mustache. Just a mustache is not a very common style amongst men, but a beard-stache for surely has been noticed as a trend.

Beard Maintenance

Now, you know about a few variations in beard styles. It’s time to take care of the facial farm!

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Starting off with the key of a great beard. Applying oil to your beard helps with potent hair growth. It’s great for those who do not have enough hair growing on their chin naturally. There are plenty of variations on the market that allow you to choose according to your beard’s need. Some examples to look out for are, beard growth oil, beard hair taming oil and the likes of it.

Beard Softner

Beard Softener

Often times, men tend to have very sturdy facial hair. That might feel too hard or rough or very dry to touch. For such facial hair,  beard softners exist. Almost works like how we condition our hair. The key is to condition the beard that is away from the skin. The hydration and softness need to stay on the hair and not the cheeks and chin.

Weekly Trims

Weekly Beard Trims

This is where consistency is needed in folds! Whatever style you choose for your beard, you will have to keep up with styling it.

Beard Trimming Tools

  • A brush or a comb: for detangling.
  • Some high-grade clippers: for trimming.
  • Good quality beard oil or moisturizer: for softness and well-keeping.

How To Trim?

  • Make sure to start off with a clean beard. Wash it with bear soap and comb it out in a downward direction.
  • To get an even cut, use clippers. Try the settings on the clippers to achieve the look you’re aiming for. The user manual has very easy directions to follow.
  •  To introduce some detailing in your beard, use scissors. The scissors fixes the stay facial hair and give a really nice naturally polished look.
  • Finish off by massaging in a beard oil or beard moisturizer. These will keep your hairs in place. It will also prevent further drying of hair and remove itching if any.


Be Patient While Growing A Beard

Everything aside, patience is the most important factor in growing and grooming a beard. At times some men, due to lack of patience, stop growing out their bead. They simply just shave it off. So, if you’re in for a beard style, you need to give it time and stay committed.

Hopefully, this article was a great insight for you and you’re willing to style your beard and give it the love it deserves.

Always awaiting your feedback in the comments!

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