You adore your cat but what if one day you find out that it has brutally scratched your new sofa set or the newly bought side table. It should not come as a surprise because very often cats do not scratch out of habit. Go through this detailed article to find out all you need to do to know how to keep cats from scratching furniture and how to keep cats from clawing furniture.

keep cats from scratching

Why Do Cats Scratch? Cat Behavioral Issues

There can be many reasons why cats are always drawn to this naughty yet equally annoying habit of destructing the furniture. To know how to prevent cats from scratching you first need to read these few reasons:

  • To provide strength to their claws and keep them in shape.
  • To communicate with other cats in or out of the house by marking their territories.
  • To feel good in general.

What to Do: 5 Ways to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture

Now you have found out surprising reasons behind this behavior of your cat, its time to do something practical about changing this routine. Find out these 5 ways for training your kitty as an obedient one, by reading this you will get to know how to get a cat to stop scratching furniture.

  1. Bring Artificial Posts

It is never the best option to yell at your cat and imagining that would be enough for stopping this activity. You will have to be practical and invest in a good quality scratching post instead. These scratching posts provide cats a way to continue this activity while saving your furniture.

stop cats from scratching furniture

Watch your cat closely and figure out what surface it likes to scratch more. One way of finding out is this that if it likes scratching a carpet, bring a vertical post. Similarly, in the case of clawing the chair or table legs, its time to get a horizontal post. In this way, you will get to know how to train your cat to stop scratching furniture.

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You can decide the fabric such as a cardboard or rope post, depending on your cat’s activity. These posts can be made more attractive to them by spraying some catnip oil or giving them a treat when they scratch the designated posts.

  1. Replace with Artificial Claws

Purchase some artificial rubber or plastic made caps and put them on their paws to save the furniture from getting scratched. These paws can be easily glued by you to their nails or you can ask a veterinarian to perform this.

treating cat behavior rightly

There is nothing to be worried about as these artificial claws will not be sticking for long. After 3-6 weeks, these caps lose their grip and will fall off. Besides, this is both economical and completely safe for pets too. By reading this hack, now you know how to stop cats from scratching the couch.

  1. Always Trim Claws on Time

 Cats do not like long or pointy nails and thus scratch furniture to keep them short. This lets them move freely so it is about time to trim their nails. Doing so will not provide them with any reason to scratch the furniture as this is a best way to stop cat scratching furniture.

keep cats from scratching

Be prepared for an equal fight because they do not appreciate their Hooman, trimming their nails. Keep the surroundings calm and pet your cat in the meantime. Take extra measures and do not injure them by avoiding cutting their nails up to the roots.

  1. Water Spray for Redirecting

For redirecting them from destroying the furniture, use water spray. You can do this beforehand at the place where they are aiming to scratch or are already doing it. This will create an unpleasant feeling and they will learn this as an activity to avoid. By letting them avoiding this, now you know how to keep cats from scratching furniture.

water spray for taming cats

A mild spray will be enough and avoid showering them with a spray bottle altogether. Water and orange oil mixture can also be used to drive them away from the furniture.

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Spraying this solution on carpets, furniture or even walls will keep these feline creatures away while leaving a pleasant smell in the surroundings.

  1. Learn Behavior Therapy

When caught in the act, a sharp yet gentle “No” will redirect the kitty. It will perceive this behavior as a non-appreciative one. After verbally cautioning them, redirect their attention to the posts.

artificial posts as cat therapy

The scratching posts will keep them occupied and they will take cues about going around carefully and stop clawing the furniture.

What Not to Do: Things to Avoid While Training Cats

It is equally necessary to treat the problem in the right way and abstain from using any way that can risk the pet’s health or wellbeing. Avoid these ways at any cost to stop your pet’s problematic behavior:

  1. Do Not Declaw the Paws

It is strictly advised by the veterinarians and experts to never declaw your cats. This method is both painful and cruel for feline health. Paws are the most sensitive part of the kitten’s body and removing nails altogether will be painful.

avoid clipping cat nails

Besides, the claws also provide a firm grip so they do not fall from the slippery surfaces. Always trim their nails or use soft paws as best suited alternate options.

  1. Force Training is a Big No-No

As a pet owner, remember all the vows you took at the pet shop or at the shelter before adopting them. Force training never works well with both the humans and the animals. Sometimes, it takes longer than usual for the pets to get comfortable in their surroundings.

keep cats from scratching furniture

When out of aggression, you start force training your pets, they start relating this punishment or strictness as a usual or normal activity to carry around in your presence. Instead, try giving them treats and pat them for their good behavior.

  1. Say No to Quick Fixes

Using harsh sprays or metal traps are hazardous for the feline life as they do not live up to their product descriptions. Cats show a strong dislike towards harsh sprays and metal traps will injure them.

bonding with feline creatures

Try using natural and vet-approved remedies so you learn how to train and do behavior therapy of your pets effectively. It is also important to not lose your temper while training them as it will hamper the progress and you will be back to square one.

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I hope your question about how to keep cats from scratching furniture is clear now. Having a kitty is indeed blissful but like every other living creature, they have a right to develop a habit and get accustomed to new surroundings. Follow the above tips and tricks to keep cats away from scratching the furniture and grow this pawleasent (pleasant) bond.