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How To Keep Your House Tidy?

Keeping a house tidy is somewhat tricky affair. No matter your house is of small size or it is a big house, if not kept organized, may not be an ideal place to live in. At the same time, organizing a house is not so easy; it is quite a demanding task. Keeping a house tidy does not relate only to its cleanliness. It is rather a comprehensive affair, which includes many things including the cleanliness and arranging different items appropriately.


Though somewhat difficult it is very much possible to keep your house neat and clean and well organized. It, however, needs a little bit of extra effort. In fact, it is an ongoing effort that needs regularity. If you make it a habit to maintain a certain level of upkeep of your house on daily basis, things will go smoothly very shortly. But if you don’t do it regularly on daily basis, things will go out of your control thus converting this routine affair into a nightmare.

Here we are suggesting some useful tips on “How To Keep Your House Tidy?”

Don’t Be Lazy

Make it your daily routine to spend some time on the upkeep of your house. If you just start relaxing, you will never be able to maintain the house. So, first thing is to throw laziness out of your system. Spare at least 40 – 45 minutes, preferably in the early hours of the day for maintaining and organizing your house. It involves little things that will become your daily habit with the passage of time. These may include:

  • Immediately after waking up, the first thing to do is set your bed right, tidy the sheets, place the pillows properly and pack up the duvet. Don’t leave your bedroom without doing it.
  • After taking morning showers, tidy the washroom, keep everything in its appropriate place.
  • Have a look at your wardrobe, before leaving your room. Tidy the clothes and hang them properly.
  • Dirty clothes should immediately be shifted to the laundry area. Don’t leave it for some other time; don’t be lazy.
  • Keep the shoes in order at their respective racks.
  • Clean the room with a vacuum cleaner.
Looks somewhat hectic? Believe, it is not. It is just a matter of routine. Once you get into this routine, you will feel almost nothing doing these tasks. It’s just a matter of being habitual.

Before Leaving For Your Workplace

Just as mentioned above, another habit you need to develop into your system is not to leave your house for your workplace before doing these things:

  • Have a look at your as well as your kids’ rooms. Don’t let anything out of its proper place. Toys, clothes, books, magazines, mobile chargers, laptops, sheets, pillows, and shoes etc. must be placed appropriately in all rooms of your house.
  • Arrange the cupboards and clean them by removing unnecessary and dirty items.
  • Clean the rooms and carpets.
  • Have a look at your drawing and dining room. Remove used and unnecessary items.
  • Again, once you make it your habit, you will feel it easiest of the tasks in your daily routines.

Organize Your Kitchen

A kitchen may be most difficult place in your house to maintain, if not done on daily basis. The best time to organize and maintain your kitchen is the night time. Once you have done with the day’s cooking, clean entire utensils involved in the cooking. Clean the counters and other devices such as ovens etc. Place each thing at its respective place. Arrange all crockery properly. Don’t let any unwashed dishes  remain at sink  over night in your kitchen.


Leftover food, it can be utilized later on, must be kept properly in freezer or fridge. Uncooked foodstuff must be removed from the kitchen and placed appropriately in freezer and fridge. Floor and counters of your kitchen are highly susceptible to grease and dirt. These need to be washed, cleaned thoroughly. Leaving it for the other day may result in more dirt and grease, so, never leave it pending; wash and clean right now.

Other Daily Routines

  • Don’t leave anything pending for next day. Do it right at that moment!
  • Remove dust from each and everything in your house.
  • Collect the garbage at one place and dispose of it properly.
Daily Routines
  • Do not let the garbage accumulate in your house; it is not good for your health as well.
  • Collect all dirty clothes at one appropriate place for washing.
  • Schedule different things to be done at different times. Some tasks need to be done early in the morning while others may be appropriate to be done at night before going to bed. You will be accustomed to this schedule with the passage of time.

Things To Do Periodically

In addition to the daily routines, some tasks should be done periodically, say once or twice in a month. These may include:

  • Washing your clothes.
  • Comprehensive cleaning of entire house.
  • Removing spider web from entire house.
  • Cleaning and washing the main entrance door and passage.
  • Maintain and organize your garden.

Keeping your house tidy is something that has a pleasant feeling both physically and mentally. So, spare at least some time for tidying your house.

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