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Top List of Low Carb Fast Food Restaurants & Meals

Keto Fast Food: Sticking to a low-carb diet when you go out to restaurants, especially at fast-food cafes and restaurants. That is because all these meals are mainly based on tortillas, bread, and other high-carb products.

Keto Fast Food

Still, the majority of fast-food restaurants provide some great low-carb options, and many products can easily be altered to fit your lifestyle. A keto diet is well known for being a low carb diet, where the body produces ketones in the liver and fats are used as energy instead of carbohydrates.

Keto Fast Food

Selecting fast food that fits suitably into your diet can be very challenging, in case if you are following a restrictive diet plan such as Ketogenic Diet.

Ketogenic Diet

Furthermore, the keto diet is low in carbs, high in fat and moderate in protein. While many other fast foods are likely to have high carbs in them, but there are many keto-friendly options are also available.

Low Carb Fast Food Restaurants & Meals

Mentioned below are some low carb fast food meals and restaurants which you can easily follow:

Keto Food at Subway

Eat Low-Carb and fresh at Subway by choosing salad instead of a sub. Moreover, you can have most of your favorite, Italian BMT, tuna, club, cold cuts – made into salads, which are tossed to order.

Low Carb Subway

Avoid sweet onion teriyaki and meatballs, as well as overly sweet dressings and you can have perfect low-carb food option.

Arby’s Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad

Bun-less Arby’s sandwich is an amazing low-carb option. Also, Arby’s gives Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad having bacon, roasted turkey, cheese, tomatoes, and mixed greens.

Arby's Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad

This contains 8 grams of carbs, 2 of them are pure fiber with 22 grams of protein.

Keto Fast Food at Popeyes

Popeyes has amazing keto-friendly dishes. Their blackened chicken tenders contain only 2 total carbs but are an explosion of spices and the flavors you already know and love from Popeyes.

Keto at Popeyes

Drown them in their classic Louisiana hot sauce for an additional kick and thank Popeyes for creating batterless chicken also. If you still feel hungry you can have low-carb green beans too.

Jack In The Box

Although a Sourdough is not the same without the sourdough. Moreover, burgers at Jack in the Box can be made keto-friendly once one removes the bun.

Jack In The Box keto diet

Jack in the Box also boasts a variety of their buttery burgers, which can be easily converted into a keto-friendly meal. Go for grilled chicken salad, if you want breakfast then you can order the country scrambler plate without potatoes.

Keto-Friendly “Unwiches”

You have to eliminate bread from your diet if you are following a keto diet. When selecting a dinner or lunch option from a fast-food restaurant, order an “Unwich”. “Unwiches” are purely sandwich fillings without any bread.

Unwiches in keto fast food

Moreover, Jimmy John’s a famous fast-food restaurant, invented this term “Unwich” and presently they give many yummy “Unwich” options.

Some Unwiches such as J.J Gargantuan contains high calories.

So, for a lighter mean you just order slim Unwich options, they all are under 300 calories.

Chipotle Keto Fast Food

It is very easy to prepare a Chipotle bowl keto appropriate, you just have to swap out your beans and rice for lettuce and then get yourself a satisfying and a hearty salad.

Chipotle keto fast food

Moreover, you can add a glob of guac to get those healthy fats you require in a keto diet and throw on some queso for additional richness. Tomato salsa is a better choice and you will be good to go.


Wendy’s is an amazing place for keto diets because they already contain yummy, low-carbs salads in their menu. Topped with a baconator, that is around half a pound of beef, six slices of bacon, cheese, sans bun and ketchup.

Wendy’s keto

This is a satisfying low-carb meal. You can also order their grilled chicken sandwich without bun of course.

KFC Grilled Chicken as keto fast food

Fried chicken is not a healthy choice because they absorb a lot of oil while frying. Although, heating vegetable oil to high temperature can produce dangerous compounds that might maximize the risk of heart problem, and other health problems.

low carb restaurants

Additionally, fried chicken has about 8-12 grams of carbs per medium-sized piece. So grilled chicken is a better option and available at KFC. Every piece of grilled chicken at KFC contains fewer carbs.

And for the sideline, green beans have 2 grams of carbs per serving.

Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike already has names of their bunless subs in their menu such as Sub in a Tub. Go for a Philly cheesesteak, a BLT or for cold cuts.

Jersey Mike’s keto

Restrain yourself from their protein food such as their chipotle, teriyaki and BBQ beef, all these have shocking carb count because of their sugar content.

Hardees keto food

Hardees 1/3 lb thick burger with bacon and cheese with no bun, of course, contains, 0 grams of carbs, 36 grams of fat, 430 calories, 21 grams of protein.

Hardee's keto food

Taco Bell

Moreover, if you want a beefy, cheesy and fried calorific masterpiece? Taco bell delivers everything. Similarly, if you want something lighter and healthier at the same time? then Thanks to their highly customizable menu.

keto friendly restaurants

Pick their power menu bowl and replace rice and beans with extra lettuce and dip sauce for a protein-packed, fat-fueling dish.

You can build your own bowl with sides of guac, protein, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. Taco Bell breakfast options are full of protein with bacon, eggs, nacho cheese, and sausages. So just skip tortillas and potatoes.

Low Carb Burrito Bowl

So many people thanks burritos as a favorite food. Burrito bowl typically has vegetables, meat, beans and rice wrapped in a large flour tortilla. This bowl is the best meal and it easily contains over 100 grams of carbs.

Burrito Bowl

Although, almost every Mexican restaurant allows you to leave out the tortilla and other high-carb products. This is called “bare” burrito or burrito bowl.

Moreover, a burrito bowl is made bell peppers, grilled onions, salsa, and meat is a satisfying and yummy meal that given less than 10 grams of carbs.

Lettuce-wrapped Burger

You can have a bunless burger wrapped in extra lettuce is a standard low-carb, fast food meal. It contains a large amount of protein, especially carb-free and it is available at every fast-food burger franchise.

Lettuce-wrapped Burger

You can also customize your burger by adding some low-carb toppings, it depends upon your personal preference and also on availability:

  • Mustard: Less than 1 gram of carbs per tablespoon
  • Cheese: Less than 1 gram of carbs per slice
  • Bacon: Less than 1 gram of carbs per slice
  • Guacamole: 3 grams of digestible carbs per 1/4 cup
  • Mayo: Less than 1 gram of carbs per tablespoon
  • Tomato: Less than 1 gram of carbs per slice
  • Onions: 1 gram of carbs per slice

Keto-Friendly Beverages

So many beverages served in roadside cafes they contain a high amount of sugar in them. From sweet tea, sugar-laden drinks to milkshake rule fast-food menus. For instance, just single small Vanilla Bean Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts contains more than 88 grams of sugar.

Keto-Friendly Beverages

Although, this is almost 22 teaspoons of sugar. Luckily, there are many fast-food drinks that fit in the keto diet. Moreover, water is a very obvious choice but there are many other low-carb drinks options also:

  • Unsweetened iced tea
  • Soda water
  • Black iced coffee
  • Hot tea with lemon juice
  • Coffee with cream

In-N-Out Burger

Furthermore, for all west coast keto-dieters, In-N-Out Burger secret menu has many keto options that are honestly just as good as their regular menu food. You can convert any burger keto-friendly just by ordering it “Protein Style” thus swapping out the buns for an extra lettuce wrap.

In-N-Out Burger keto diet

Moreover, if vegetables are not your thing, then you can order secret menu items having “Flying Dutchman” that is just 2 patties sandwiching with 2 slices of cheese. Try to skip the Animal Sauce and stock up on napkins.

Panda Express Keto Food

Panda Express is not exactly the low-carb friendly option but I had to add some options because Panda Express is very yummy and I really don’t want to stop you from living your dreams. Besides this, instead of getting chow mein or rice, you must select steamed vegetables as the base of your meal.

low carb fast food

Furthermore, the keto-friendly main course includes the string bean chicken or teriyaki chicken sans sauce, but eat all these in moderation because that sweet n sour ginger glaze contains sneaky carbs in it.


Searching low-carb, high-fat meals and snacks on the road do not have to be tough. Although, the majority of fast-food restaurants provides keto-friendly options in their menu that can also be customized as per your liking & requirements.

So, from protein bowls and eggs to extra lettuce-wrapped burgers, the fast-food industry is also noticing the growing number of individuals follows a keto-diet.

Moreover, as the keto-diet continues to rise in popularity, more yummy low-carb foods are sure to appear on all the fast-food menus in coming future.

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