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How To Know If You Are A Trophy Wife?

If we analyze the category “trophy wife” we can conclude that it is a problematic one. Rarely, it is used in terms of affection and more commonly it is used to tease both the wife and the husband.

Know If You Are A Trophy Wife

The implication of the term “trophy wife” is that a woman is desired for her status or her outer appearance rather than her personality and romantic compatibility.

A person who seeks this kind of wife is looking to use her as a reflection of his own status in the society and she will be treated as a product more than a human. In this article, we will describe how to know that you are a trophy wife, so to know more in the detail to understand your relation, read the article till the end.

Characteristics Of A Trophy Wife

As we are discussing the term “trophy wife” on the whole so we will discuss the general characteristics and will not take into account the specific characteristics of an individual.

A Trophy Wife Does Not Work

A Trophy Wife Does Not Work

As the trophies as to be kept in a cabinet and to be looked and praised. They reflect a symbol of achievement for the owner but they are not necessarily of much value. When we implement this characteristic of a trophy in reality to a wife of a person, we get the better idea of running the risk of dehumanizing them.

The term trophy wife is often used as the “kept woman” which means that the husband is only responsible for the bread and butter of the family and the wife does not have any career, she depends on her husband for her general living things.

It also does not mean that she does not have business affairs but usually, a traditional trophy wife will not possess a specific career even though she is being able to purchase anything as if they were making great money.

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Spends A Lot Of Time On Maintaining Good Looks

Spends A Lot Of Time On Maintaining Good Looks

Just like a trophy or a precious statue, a trophy wife is desired for her looks. It means that if you are a trophy wife you not only have to keep yourself healthy and trim but it is also necessary for you to be attractive as you age.

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When a man marries a woman only based on the factor of her looks, this relationship might changes as does the level of attractiveness also. If you are a trophy wife then you not only spend time on your looks but also your money.

You may feel pressure to maintain the relationship and this thing may incline yourself to certain measures which can consist of spending a lot of money on parlor, beauty products, treatments and cosmetic surgery to raze the effect of age that has on your body.

In a nutshell, it means feeling pressure to achieve a perfect look which is at a certain point unachievable and it may provide health risk.

Too Many Followers On Social Media

Followers On Social Media

It is the common thing that the trophy wives find themselves having a lot of followers on the social media. The life-style of a trophy wife is often praised on the social media because it is the abstract of that carefree idealism which is tried to sell on social media.

Being a trophy wife, you can show off your personal beauty, your luxurious lifestyle and desirable activities which is then complemented by the thousands of followers so you can expect your followers to increase.

People Are Jealous Of Trophy Wife

People Are Jealous Of Trophy Wife

Being a trophy wife brings certain things to your life such as charm, success, wealth and status which is desirable by millions of people. Because of this, you may find many people becoming jealous of you.

And you can easily notice this simply by their looks as you walk down the street. In real life or online, you might find people growing so jealous that they become obsessed with you. This thing can become a burden if it goes too far.

A Trophy Wife Is Not Valued For Her Opinions

A Trophy Wife Is Not Valued For Her Opinions

We all as a human want to be considered valuable and we also want our opinion to be respected. If you are one of the stereotypical trophy wives then your husband is likely to have not chosen you for your intelligence.

Even though it is essential to remind that being a trophy wife does not mean you are not intelligent. But most commonly it has been seen that trophy wives are not valued for their opinions.

Trophy Wife Gets Hit On All The Time

Trophy Wife Gets Hit On All The Time

It is the nature of human being that he can get avaricious from time to time but particularly men find themselves enticed towards women. Trophy wives are desirable and being so can also make you objectified. This is the reason, several men and women can hit on you in the attempt to own you like an object.

Disadvantages Of Being A Trophy Wife

Disadvantages Of Being A Trophy Wife

The demerits of being a trophy wife are also necessary to be taken into account. Marrying a partner just because you are valued as a status icon might not be enough for a strong foundation of a marriage. It has been seen that many marriages do not become successful because the novelty of the things such as physical attractiveness wear off.

A trophy wife also has intense pressure to maintain certain things such as attractiveness. If you are also a trophy wife and you are valued by your husband only because of your implied status, then you will notice that when your social cachet is decreased, your husband is less interested in you.

And if you are valued by your intelligence, companionship and personality then these things build a more stable foundation of a marriage. Your self-worth is also affected by being a trophy wife as you put so much effort and time into being a certain way.

This thing may not reflect your true value. When you pretend to be someone else and not who you are can badly affect you.

Note: It is not humiliating to find a person attractive and to value her for this. But it is imprudent to make this the only factor in marrying that person.

Advantages Of Being A Trophy Wife

Advantages Of Being A Trophy Wife

Where there are negative aspects of being a trophy wife, surely it has many positive aspects. Firstly, it provides the financial security. The stress of working is released and you can focus on other things. This thing can be very helping for you.

We often take a trophy wife as a woman who does not work but it does not mean you cannot pursue any opportunity. Trophy wives are called women of leisure as they own all the free time they have.

They can use this free time to better a community, to work on a productive attempt or involve themselves in another project. They also have the access to the funds which can be used in many positive works.

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