Labrador is one of the world’s most intelligent and popular dog, Labrador dog is very friendly, obedient, simply you can say that this breed is adorable. In case you have a Labrador dog and you want to breed your dog so that you have puppies then it is important for you to know the number of puppies this breed can give so that you can make preparations and arrange resources.


In case you do not want to keep puppies and your dog gets pregnant without your knowledge then you must keep it in mind that puppies will have to stay with their mother for at least three months that’s why you must mentally prepare to arrange space for these newborns for this time period.If you are wondering how many puppies this breed can give?  in this article, we will give you the answer.

Things to know before your Labrador gets pregnant

It is very important for you to know every little detail properly before your dog gets pregnant. You must have to arrange financial resources, space and have patience before breeding your Labrador dog because puppies have to stay with their mom at least three months as mentioned above because it is the learning and development period of little puppies.

Labrador Puppies

To take care of puppies required hard work, therefore, you must be aware of this before you think of getting your dog pregnant as these animals are your responsibility. In case you are not interested to keep the little borns then you must find a good home for them.

If you want to sell your Labrador puppies then you must be wondering how many puppies this breed can give or you want to keep the little puppies at home then you can arrange space for them.

Number of puppies Labrador normally have

Labrador dogs have 6 to 10 puppies on average if the breed is large. We are giving you approximation because there is a number of factors which influence the Female dog like health, Breeding time etc. it is observed that in some cases dogs can have given birth of 14 puppies.

Labrador give puppies puppies

The gestation period in Labrador lasts between 57 to 63 days, if you give less food during the pregnancy of dog and in the womb of dog there are more puppies then the dog will give birth in less time. It is not required for you to take your pet to vet for the birth but you should make preparations and be ready to provide warm, comfortable space so that your pet can give birth.

You must know that when you dog stops eating and drinking during its pregnancy then its mean the sooner your pet will give birth of little puppies.

Labrador stops eating

Factors which influence number of puppies

As we mentioned above Labrador usually have 6 to 10 puppies, However, there are many factors which can affect the size of puppies. You must know that the size of litter can vary for the same bitch which depends upon.

  • Age – on the fourth time heat, the size of a litter is large.
  • Genetics or size of your Labrador – Genetics affects the number of eggs produced inside the bitch.
  • Time at which you breed your dog – if you breed your dog during the most fertile days of your dog then there is high chances that your dog will give a large number of litters. On the other hand, if you breed your dog before there fertile days then it is possible that only few sperm will survive and your dog will give fewer litters.

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