The Best Leg Workouts You Can Do At Home

Fitness is surely the dream of everyone, especially the youngsters. Gaining and maintaining the optimum level of fitness requires a planned and consistent workout schedule. While the best way to achieve the desired fitness level is to join a gym, you can do it without going to the gym as well. Even there are many workout plans that do not require any specific gadgets or equipment.

Properly toned up legs contribute a lot to your overall fitness and physique. Legs are perhaps the most utilized organs in our body. Most of the physical activities involve the movement of legs. So, strengthening and toning the legs muscles is much important towards your health and fitness level.

Leg Workouts You Can Do At Home

There are many exercise plans in the gym, involving various equipment, for strong and toned legs. But simultaneously there are so many ways to achieve the same level of strength and fitness in your legs without any equipment or even without going to the gym. Here are some useful exercises for legs which you can do at home.


This is the simplest and easiest way of working your legs muscles at home without any equipment. This is also one of the most popular exercises across the globe. Doing sit-ups is very simple but has a very strong effect on your legs muscles.

Stand upright, keep the back and head straight as well. Feet must be in line with your shoulders width. Take a deep breath and start lowering down the body to your knees. Bend to the extent where your buttocks should touch your calf, with the arms straight in front and parallel with the ground.


(Another option is to place the arms behind your ears, but the best way is to keep arms straight in front). Once the buttocks touch the calf, start coming back upwards to your original posture. Do 10-15 sit-ups in one set and do at least 3-5 sets a day. You will feel the nice impact on all the muscles of your lower and upper part of the legs. It also gives strength to your back.


This is yet another useful exercise that provides strength to the muscles of your legs, without going to the gym. While standing upright, place your hands on your hips. Legs should remain close to each other. Head and back should remain straight, without any bend.  Now take a step forward while flexing both of the legs, to the extent where it forms an angle of 90 degrees.


The knee of the other leg should come closer to the ground. Hold yourself in this posture for at least one minute or two (as you feel comfortable). Then slowly go back to your original posture. Now repeat the same with other legs. Do at least 10-15 repetitions in a set and do at least 3-5 sets of strides in a day. You can feel the impact on your legs muscles and knees.


If you think that the Gym Steps are ideal for toning of legs and strengthening the legs muscles, be aware that home steps are equally good for the same, as well. Stand near the home steps. Stand upright with the entire body, including the back and head straight without any bend.

Now place your right foot on the step. Shift the body weight on this foot and raise the body upward until such time the right leg is completely straight. This way, the left foot and leg will rise up from the floor to the level of the step, where you have placed your right foot.

leg worjout

Now come back to the original posture and repeat the same with your left foot. Do at least 10-15 repetitions in one set and do 3-5 sets a day. Your legs and knees will be strengthened and toned up.

Lift The Heels

Lifting your heels is yet another very simple and effective home exercise for strengthening the legs. Stand upright, back and head straight with feet separated in line with the shoulders. Now start lifting the heels so that entire weight of your body should be shifted on the tips of your toes. Remain in this position for a couple of seconds and then go back to original position. Repeat for at least 10-15 times in one set and do the minimum of five sets a day.

Lift The Heels

The Bridge

The Bridge is one of the best exercises to strengthen the legs and buttocks without going to the gym or using any equipment. It is considered the best exercise for women for eliminating the cellulite. Lay down on an exercise mat on the floor, with your face up. Bring the feet closer to your body; thus lifting the knees upwards. Place your arms straight alongside your body. Now start lifting up your back, while putting your weight on the feet.


Doing so will bring your body in the shape of a bridge over the ground, with your feet and neck and head anchored on the ground. Once reached this position, hold here for few seconds and then go back to original position. Repeat for at least 10-15 times in a set and do 3-5 sets in a day.

As we always emphasize, be consistent and regular in your workout plans. Take balanced diet. Avoid over-exercising, remain within your limits, gradually increase the intensity. Never be over-ambitious.

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