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How To Make Invisible Hydrogel Balls?

The gell balls that grow in water are called Hydrogel balls. They grow in different sizes just by leaving them in the bowl of water for a couple of hours. There are balls of many different colors but the most amazing of them all is the transparent balls as you can only see them inside the water and the most amazing thing is when you get surprised by putting your hand inside the water bowl.

How To Make Invisible Hydrogel Balls

When hydrogel balls grow you can use it in many things such as decorating your house, filling the vase and to get a good response from your guests. In this Try Articles article, we will show you a video in which you’ll learn about what Hydrogen balls are?

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How To Do A Water Surface Tension Experiment At Home?

Water Surface Tension: The water’s surface or any other type of liquid acts like something similar to an elastic membrane, this is because of the surface tension.

Multiple groups of forces act on the molecules that are on the surface of the water and these forces are perpendicular to the surface and directed to the interior of the liquid.

How To Do A Water Surface Tension Experiment At Home

These forces are capable of holding water if we pour it drop by drop, but it’s broken easily if we’re not careful. This experiment for kids is perfect to show the little ones the behavior of water. In this article, we will show you some of the surface tension experiments which you can do at your homes easily with your family.

Water Surface Tension

Surface tension is a phenomenon in which the surface of a liquid, where the liquid is in contact with the gas, acts as a thin elastic sheet. This term is typically used only when the liquid surface is in contact with gas e.g air. If the surface is between two liquids e.g water and oil, it is called “interface tension.”

Water Surface Tension Causes

Various intermolecular forces such as Van der Waals forces, draw the liquid particles together. Along the surface, the particles are pulled toward the rest of the liquid, as shown in the picture to the right. It is measured in Newton per meter.

Water Surface Tension Examples

In the above video, there is a perfect example of the surface tension test at home which can be executed very easily.

Following are some more examples of the Surface tension experiment.

Drops of Water

When you use a water dropper you will observe that water does not flow in a continuous stream, but rather in a pattern of drops. The shape of the drops is caused by the surface tension of the water. There is only one reason the drop of water isn’t completely spherical is that of the force of gravity pulling down on it.

In the absence of gravity, the drop will minimize the surface area in order to minimize tension, which will result in perfect spherical shape.

Insects Walking On Water

Several insects are eligible to walk on water, such as the water strider or there are many more. Their legs are formed in such a way that it distributes their weight, causing the surface of the liquid to become depressed, minimizing the potential energy to create a balance of forces so that the strider can move across the surface of the water without breaking through the surface and the equilibrium is maintained. This is similar in concept to wearing snowshoes which are long to walk across deep snowdrifts without your feet sinking.

Needle Floating On Water

Even though the density of these objects is greater than water, the surface tension along the depression is enough to counteract the force of gravity pulling down on the metal object.

Anatomy Of A Soap Bubble

When you blow a soap bubble, you are creating a pressurized bubble of air which is contained within a thin, elastic surface of the liquid. Most liquids cannot maintain a stable surface tension to create a bubble, which is why soap is generally used in the process … it stabilizes the surface tension through something called the Marangoni effect.

When the bubble is blown, the surface film tends to contract.

This causes the pressure inside the bubble to increase. The size of the bubble stabilizes at a size where the gas inside the bubble won’t contract any further, at least without popping the bubble.

In fact, there are two liquid-gas interfaces on a soap bubble – the one on the inside of the bubble and the one on the outside of the bubble. In between the two surfaces is a thin film of liquid.

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The spherical shape of a soap bubble is caused by the minimization of the surface area – for a given volume, a sphere is always the form which has the least surface area.

The pressure inside A Soap Bubble

To consider the pressure inside the soap bubble, we consider the radius R of the bubble and also the surface tension, gamma, of the liquid (soap in this case – about 25 dyn/cm).

We begin by assuming no external pressure (which is, of course, not true, but we’ll take care of that in a bit). You then consider a cross-section through the center of the bubble.

Along with this cross section, ignoring the very slight difference in inner and outer radius, we know the circumference will be 2pi R. Each inner and outer surface will have a pressure of gamma along the entire length, so the total. The total force from the surface tension (from both the inner and outer film) is, therefore, 2gamma (2pi R).

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What To Do When A Volcano Erupts?

In the past few years, volcanoes have been seen very active and we know of many cases where people, as well as the environment, has been affected very badly due to the eruption.

Special thanks to the current monitoring systems as well as the latest technology machinery through which eruption cant catch us off that easily, but if you live near a volcano or you plan holidays to a place near a carter you should definitely know what to do when a volcano erupts.

What To Do When A Volcano Erupts

In this Tryarticles article, we’ll let you know what to do when a volcano erupts in very simple steps.

Step No 1

Whenever you go to a place near a carter always look for a warning board, it is very important for you to know, beware of what the authorities say to know whether evacuation takes place or not.

Make sure you have a battery-powered radio or anything else maybe a charged mobile so that you can receive signals in case electricity is cut off. In such places, you should always be extra careful and you should have all the necessary things required.


Step No 2

Always give priority to the directions from higher authorities and don’t take it non seriously otherwise it can result in serious damage. While living in such a place it is always important to make an exit plan already or a plan B as well.

Contact numbers diary should be always with you so you can use it in case of emergency. When being evacuated you should always carry important things with you, some are listed below.

  • Drinking water
  • Food
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Radio

Similarly, all the important things should be with you, being prepared is important.

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Step No 3

When a volcano erupts a large amount of ash(volcanic) covers the place so if you are living near a volcano always cover your doors and windows with plastic or bags so it cannot fill in. While leaving home make sure that you turn off all the electrical appliances and you should turn the main off as well.

When a volcano erupts try to cover your face properly so that your eyes don’t get affected, also wear a wet handkerchief mask on your mouth.


Step No 4

If during an evacuation period you have to drive to leave the place, you should drive very slow avoiding the volcanic ashes so that your mirrors and engine does not get affected. You should always have an escape route plan. If you live near a well observed and well-researched place then you should be provided with the maps through which you’ll come to know that lava will flow to which places and you can get to your desired destination following that.


Make sure that you avoid bridges as when lava flows the rives and valleys can be filled with mud.

Step No 5

If the volcano erupts make sure you stay away from it whether it seems dry or solid, never ever go near it or walk on it and yes also avoid being near to rivers or valleys as they are very good conductors of magma.

Avoid inhalation of different types of dangerous gases always wear a wet handkerchief mask, because when a volcano erupts it releases very dangerous gases which could kill in less than a minute.


Step No 6

Well, it is very important to keep in touch with the authorities so that you could be updated, when it erupts immediately leave your home because it can be very dangerous resulting deaths. If you are amid a volcano eruption, it’s vitally important to contact the local Red Cross and find the nearest shelter.

These were the tips for what you can do when a volcano erupts, if you want us to write similar articles, you can mention in the comments section.

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How Do Plants Release Water? – Transpiration Experiment

All plants from weeds to the tallest trees need water to grow. Water is one of the most essential requirements for plants and other living things. Plants absorb water through their roots and then it is absorbed through the stems and nourishes the entire plant.

How Do Plants Release Water: Transpiration Experiment

Plants most important resource is water and they may die if they cant get water properly actually water is food for plants. You might don’t know that plants also expel water with the help of their leaves. This cannot be seen from the naked eye since droplets are very small.

You’ll need:

  • Plastic bag.
  • String.
  • A plant.
  • A scale.
  • Masking tape.

Step No – 01

First of all, you should choose a plant from your home or school. You should take the bigger plant as it is better for the experiment due to branches. It is better if its a shrub or a small tree in a sunny location. If you take a small tree its advantage is that you will have more branches and experiment will be done more easily.

Once you have decided a plant than you’ll experiment on, so tie a plastic bag on one of the branches of the plant with leaves. Place the plastic bag on the branch for two to three days. This has to replicate what is shown in the image.

Choose a Plant

Make sure that the plastic bag is tied properly since strong winds might rip it out! This might sound obvious but if you are doing the experiment in a shared place than you should tell your neighbors or classmate about the experiment otherwise they might take off the plastic bag mistakenly.

Step No – 02

Once you have done all that you should pay a great attention to your plant and water it daily as you do before. As we know that a good scientist never forgets about his experiment. If you see your plant with great concentration you’ll notice that water drops are gathered inside the plastic bag and if you are doing the experiment in hot summer days you will notice a lot of water is gathered in the plastic bag and plastic bag will look misty.

water droplet

Step No – 03

Why Does Water Appear In The Plastic Bag?

Do you want to know what happened? Plants release water through very small holes throughout the surface of their leaves. When days are so hot due to heat water of droplets expelled through these holes and evaporate. This is the water accumulated in the plastic bag comes from.

water on bag

Step No 4

Why do plants release water? Plants release water to nourish the whole plant water from the soil is absorbed and excess water has to be expelled. This particular process is known as transpiration- yes like in humans. when transpiration is described along with evaporation – what happens to plant – then it is called as evapotranspiration.

Plants have the ability to release water even when they are injured but that’s totally a different process, it is not linked with transpiration and evaporation as it has some other causes and reasons.

plants release water

Evapotranspiration rates change depending upon the condition of the climate. It depends upon some environmental factors including weather, humidity, and type of soil. The process evapotranspiration is actually very important as it brings a good 10 percent water in the atmosphere of our planet.

Step No – 05

You will be able to do the experiment of transpiration with the help of these steps. Try the transpiration experiment to confirm it.

Why Does Transpiration Occur?

So how did the water sneak out of the plants? When it’s a hot day, you might get a little sweaty. Plants “sweat” as well. Similar to how we lose water through our skin, plants lose water through their leaves. Although you might not be able to see them, plants have small pores, or holes, on their leaves.

Take a look at the bottom of a leaf under a microscope, and you will be able to see these holes, which are known as stomata. This is where plants can lose water through transpiration.


Even though it’s an invisible process, the loss of water from plants through transpiration is an important part of the water cycle because it adds a lot of water to our air. In just one year, every leaf on earth can send out much more than its own weight in water. In fact, a large oak tree can contribute 40,000 gallons of water a year to the air!


During your transpiration experiment, the plants will lose water, even though they are in the bags. The broad-leafed plants will lose a little more than the thin-leafed plants, but depending on the size of the plant, it may not be measurable.

What Transpiration Actually Is?

Transpiration is actually a process in which water travels in the whole plant and its evaporation occurs from the aerial parts such as leaves, stem, and flowers. Water is essential for plants but only a certain amount of water is taken up by the roots is used for plants growth and metabolism. The remaining 97 or 99.5 % of water is lost by transpiration or guttation.

The surfaces of the leaves are dotted with pores called as stomata, and in numerous of plants, they are on the undersides of the foliage. The stomata on the leaves are bordered by guard cells and their stomatal accessory cells which are together known as a stomatal complex that opens or close the pores.

The transpiration occurs through the stomatal apertures and can be thought of as a necessary “cost” associated with the opening of the stomata to allow the diffusion of carbon dioxide gas from the air for photosynthesis.


Transpiration helps to cool plants, changes the osmotic pressure of the cells and enables mass flow of mineral nutrients and water from the roots to shoots. The two major factors which actually influence the rate of water flow from the soil to the roots.

The conductivity of the soil which is known as hydraulic conductivity and the magnitude of the pressure gradient through the soil. Both of these factors affect the rate of bulk flow of water moving from the roots to the stomatal pores in the leaves via the xylems.

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How To Write A Mystery Story?

Do you want to get started in the world of writing well now it’s not that difficult? Writing is the one unique way to express your thoughts or whatever you are feeling or facing in a very convenient way. You can deliver your message and the moral of the story very properly and in a completely professional way.

There are many genres of writing, whichever you choose just make sure you give your best, talking about the mystery genre it is similar to horror but you need to focus a lot on the suspense and climax and a perfect ending will make it a record-breaking story.

Mystery Story

The mystery genre is the most fun to write as it is to read as you have to completely get into the character, face some terrific situations and you have to write it in a completely natural way. To create fear and suspense is as difficult as to make people laugh but in the end, it is completely satisfying and you get a reward as well. So in this TryArticles article, we will help you write your own mystery story in basic and easy steps.

Step No 1

Before you make your mind to write a mystery story, you have to think and look for the type of audience you are writing for. It is very important for you to understand whether you are writing the story for the kids or the adults because you have to set the story plot accordingly and similarly the characters and ending of the story. So before you start writing a script it is important for you to decide the targeted audience. As if you are writing for kids, it will have a completely different story line than the adults.


Before you start writing a script it is important for you to read similar stories of the same genre which you are choosing to write on e.g you can start with the different mystery stories, well the best I read was The Zodiac, wow! what a story it was.

Step No 2

Now we have to start with a strong thinking of characters. In this genre, characters play the most important role. You have to build some good characters which seem to be realistic so that the readers enjoy it. A good credible character is required. As you are writing a story, not a novel so while giving the introduction you should not get to the roots that, where did the character born?


How he was raised up, nothing like that just start with its basic profile. You should keep that mystery thing in your mind while you are constructing the characters. What he is doing, how he get into such situations or whatever plot you have decided accordingly. You just have to build a realistic and believable character who has passions, who can take logical and technical decisions.

Step No 3

If we have written a script in which we are telling the audience that the mystery factor in our story is an old house then you have to carry on from the previous step which was the basic introduction of that house, it should seem natural and authentic so it is easy to make the audience believe.

It’s not worthy that you are telling about the stereotypical stories, try to think something new and creative and it will surely help you to develop the audience interest in your story, the reader should get to understand motives.


Step No 4

Now is the time that you think about the story plot. What will be the lineup? What exactly will happen? What type of chronological order will be the story? This last point is important because not every time the scary story begins with the main event they have a background story like maybe death or murder of someone, some paranormal activity happened with someone or whatever.


So in order to make a logical and believable plot, we recommend you to make an outline of the story or maybe you can write it in points and then you begin with the story writing as it will help you avoid inconsistencies or poor ends. Always keep in mind that a mystery story needs to be fully explained and it should connect through all its ends, so structure your story and while writing keep the points in your mind.

Step No 5

Although we have recommended you to draw an outline and then start writing, you should keep this in mind that you don’t need to close the doors of your imagination, good stories are often written when an unexpected turn comes in your story which seems fully natural. Write as you thought to, don’t be afraid to unleash your imagination. Don’t close the doors of your creativity, it is very important for writing a good story regardless of the genre.


Step No 6

As with horror stories, when setting up a mystery story we also have to work very carefully on the suspense of the plot. It is very important for you to write a good climax as well.

Stephen King said “The 3 types of terror: The Gross-out: the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it’s when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm. The Horror: the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking around, it’s when the lights go out and something with claws grabs you by the arm. And the last and worse one: Terror, when you come home and notice everything you own had been taken away and replaced by an exact substitute. It’s when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…”

Well, another writer says that there is nothing scary about telling people about scars or blood or knife the main thing is how you play with the psychological fears of the people. Here you raise the game up. And you make your story worth reading or not its completely up to you.

Step No 7

In order to make your story successful, we recommend you not to write about the boring imaginary stories or any other similar stories. Go for the daily life realistic stories, create a good plot and ace it with your imagination but again it should be realistic. After choosing the right plot, after setting a climax full of suspense now comes another final and important part.


The ending, it should be very good making people believe your story. The ending should be very clear not just the plot but also how you reveal it to the reader, these small steps count a lot. The way in which the characters realize the solution to the conflict can be subtle, by dropping clues throughout history. Don’t go for the happy ending always go with the flow end it where it needs to get ended don’t compress it or extend it, this is the best thing.

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How To Choose What To Read Next? – A Complete Guide

Writing is the one unique way to express your thoughts or whatever you are feeling or facing in a very convenient way. You can deliver your message and the moral of the story very properly and in a completely professional way. There are many genres of writing, whichever you choose just make sure you give your best, talking about the mystery genre it is similar to horror but you need to focus a lot on the suspense and climax and a perfect ending will make it a record-breaking story.

What read next

Similar to writing, if you are not a writer then you must be a good reader. Reading habits are very good and one can learn a lot of things if he is a reader. Readers are of various kinds, as there are many genres some people love to read mystery stories some might like horror stories, some may like the comedy genre, some may like the autobiographies. Readers usually know what to read first but if you are facing difficulty in what to read next ? Then in this TryArticles article, we will help you with it.

Step 1

  • The first step once you are done with the previous book you were reading is that when you have completed it, it may take some time, do take recommendations from the fellow readers around you on what to read next.
  • Ask your friends and family members what to read next, especially those who are unrepentant bookworms. They know you and your reading habits, so they’ll know what’s the best book for you and they will surely recommend the best.
  • Librarians are not there only to show you around the place, they are actually giant book-lovers themselves. Go to your local library which you visit more often and ask the librarian that seems close to your age or style, they are dying to gush about their favorites, so that you can read the best. The same goes for language and literature teachers. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask, since they’ll probably feel flattered by your trust.
  • Take a look at book blogs more often. In this day and age, there are thousands of them, you’ll be able to find the one that most matches your tastes from the other blogs they follow, their general aesthetics and their lists of favorites. There are plenty of well-designed literature blogs that offer cool flowcharts and newsletters to help their audience choose what to read next.
  • If you’re devoted to books, you’ll probably have a favorite publishing house. There are plenty of specialist publishers in your area you can discover, for instance, Virago Press and Persephone Books focus on women writers. Check out their catalog and subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date and you will get the latest information about the books.
  • Don’t forget literary magazines, like the New Yorker, Ploughshares or The Paris Review. While usually more artsy and high-brow, they always publish and review truly excellent stories which you might like a lot and you can get to know about few new good books as well.
  • Go to an independent bookstore rather than a big chain. Sure, they might not have everything, but they’ll have curated a selection with care. Ask whoever’s there for their favorites if you feel a similar vibe. You might have found your literary soulmate which you will love a lot. Sometimes you get big things in small places that’s why do visit the normal bookstores nearby.
  • You can get to know on what to read next and what are the famous novels or stories going popular by means of social media, you can join various pages on the internet which will give you the latest update about the new books or novels and maybe you find them very interesting to read.

Step 2

Is it purely for entertainment, to be swept away by epic stories and emotions, to keep up with the Art Scene? Or you genuinely need to get close to what the novelist is saying and you really want to go in depth, it completely depends on you.

No matter why you are reading it for, the best idea to pick up a book to read is to visit the list of the best sellers of the year. You will be amazed to see the giant list of the books which you would definitely love to read, obviously you would not like to read every single book but there is a very heavy chance that you may get a very amazing book of your specific genre and you love it, so it is another good way to choose a book by viewing the list of the best sellers.

There are also a lot of literary awards, most of them for particular genres. There is the Nobel Prize in Literature and the Man Booker International Prize, of course, but also the Newbery and Carnegie Medals for children’s literature, the Crime Writers’ Association awards for mystery, the RITA for romance, the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus for sci-fi and fantasy, and so on.


On the other hand another amazing this is that you go out of the box, pick an amazing genre for you something different if you are a sci-fi lover? Try to explore the mystery genre, if you like horror? Try to go for the wild romance. It is very important to switch your taste just for a good change and trust me it is always worthy.

Step 3

Well you can also choose a book by a fool considered method i.e. Judge a book by its cover, I mean do judge a book by its cover, yeah it sounds funny but who cares if you like the cover and you actually found it an amazing book to read, then you will definitely not regret your decision.


Step 4

If you have read many books and now you want something different something new then you can do a few things to choose the book for yourself.

  • Go to your to Read pile and pick the one on top. Or the one buried at the bottom. Just like that.
  • Did you see a good movie recently? It’s likely an adaptation from a literary work. Look for the original text and dive in.
  • Go to a bookstore and read the first page of the books that catch your eye. You’ll get a sense of the theme and writing style.
  • Choose what to read according to the season. There are plenty of “beach reads” sections in stores, as well as Christmas or Halloween anthologies. However, it can be more abstract. Take a look at when and where is the book set and decide accordingly. A tip – crime novels are especially good in the fall.
  • Write titles on scraps of paper and put them in a jar. Choose one blindly, as if you were planning a Secret Santa. There you have it.

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How Does A Lunar Eclipse Occur?

Lunar eclipse also called moon eclipse occurs when the planet Earth crosses between the Sun and the Moon creating a beautiful line between all three. The astronomical phenomenon occurs more often than the solar eclipse and people love to see it. It brings an amazing view which attracts people to watch it.

How Does A Lunar Eclipse Occur

To learn more about this eclipse and to know that under what conditions lunar eclipse occurs, check out this Tryarticles article about how does a lunar eclipse occur.

What Is A Lunar Eclipse

According to Wikipedia, it is an astronomical event that occurs when the planet Earth crosses between the Sun and the Moon making a perfectly straight line between all of the three, causing the latter to enter the umbra of the Earth and consequently fall into darkness. For the eclipse to happen the three heavenly bodies should be aligned exactly or very close to aligning so that the Earth covers the sunlight that reaches the moon.


When Does Moon Eclipse Occur

The shadow of the moon is divided into two segments.

  • Umbra: A dark coned inner portion of the shadow
  • Penumbra: The outer shadow of the moon

Moon eclipse, therefore, can only occur in full moon, for the moon to penetrate its shadow by the Earth so that it does not get sunlight from the sun which only happens when three of them are aligned. Now you get an impression that lunar eclipse happens every month on a full moon, but certainly, it’s not like that as the moon orbits in a slightly curved angle.


Types Of Lunar Eclipse

Following are the types of moon eclipse.

  • Partial Eclipse: Occurs when only one side of the moon enters the umbra and it’s hidden.
  • Total Eclipse:  Occurs when the moon completely enters the umbral area.
  • Penumbral Eclipse: Occurs when the moon crosses the outer regions of the Earth’s shadow.

How Can You See A Lunar Eclipse

If we talk about solar eclipse it only can be seen from a specific part of Earth but if we talk about Lunar it can be seen from all over the Earth during the night. Another important thing that solar eclipse lasts for a few minutes but Lunar can be seen for several hours. The moon eclipse can be seen from a telescope or binoculars whereas Solar eclipse cannot be seen without eye protection.


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How To Test Your Body’s pH Level At Home?

The term pH is basically the balance of a substance between alkalinity and acidity. When it comes to your body’s pH level, whether it is in one direction or the other way, either way, it may be dangerous and have negative health consequences.

How To Test Your Body's pH Level At Home

You can check your body’s pH level at home using a pH strip easily available at medical stores. In this article, we will tell you that how you can check your body’s pH at home.

You’ll need the following two things.

  • pH strip.
  • A spoon.

Step No 1

The first important step to check your body’s pH level at home is to buy a pH strip which is available at several medical stores, to analyze the levels using saliva. You have to avoid eating or drinking before starting the test and don’t brush your teeth 30 minutes before the test as well.


Swallow a couple of times to remove saliva from the mouth. This also promotes the production of new saliva. Spit onto a plastic spoon.

Step No 2

Dip the pH test strip into the saliva. Remove the test strip and wait for the color to change. Compare the color of the test strip with the table included in the package or if it is not there you can check it from the internet or you can consult any doctor nearby. An ideal range is between 6.8 and 7.2. Keep the test chart for a couple of weeks to determine your pH level.

Step No 3

Another very basic method to find out your pH is in your urine. Just put the second-morning urination into a container (the first is very acidic so you should waste it) and use pH indicator paper (you can get it from places that sell products for laboratories). The ideal pH for humans is between 7.35 and 7.5 you can see the chart. If the value is lower, you are acidic and should change your habits to become more alkaline.


Step No 4

Once you get your pH, this is just the beginning, as this value changes very often. Your body can become acidic for many reasons but the main reasons are.

  • A diet without raw vegetables or fruit.
  • A diet rich in starch, fat, sugar and/or processed foods.
  • Lack of aerobic exercise.
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Leading a stressful life.

Step No 5

When your pH level is acidic, your body will tell you in different ways. The most common ones are getting nervous, being irritable, pain in your body, suffering migraine, pain in the digestive tract, acid sweat, contracting fungal infections easily and even suffering from insomnia. The good thing for your health is that your pH level should be as alkaline as possible. To achieve this, you should follow these tips.

  • Must add raw vegetables to your diet.
  • Drink water, at least 2 liters per day.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week.
  • Avoid drinks with alcohol.
  • Avoid stress and learn to relax.
  • Avoid regular consumption of fizzy drinks.
  • Avoid white flour and sugar.

Becoming “alkaline” is very simple, and is well worth it.

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How To Sew Leather By Hand?

Leather is one of the most amazing and luxurious materials of all time, it can be used for clothing and other products like shoes, handbags, wallets etc. The major problem with the materials that are made up of leather is that they may be very expensive.


Besides the reason of being expensive, the one thing about leather is that it is very durable and that is the main reason why people go for the products made up of leather. In order to save money nowadays, people are learning to sew the leather themselves. In this article, you will learn “How to sew leather by hand?”


The first step to sew the leather by hand is gathering all the correct necessary material. Generally, any sewing machine can be used to sew leather, though you can also do it with your hands. You need to be sure that you have the perfect leather needle. Leather needles not only have larger eyes that allow you to use polyester thread but are also firmer and thicker overall.


This is very important because the leather material is quite tough and it easily breaks the regular needles which are used for fragile fabric like cotton etc. Remember to use the polyester thread as the normal is thread is too weak to support leather’s weight and is usually too small. You also need a leather cutting tool.

Leather Type

Next step is to select the leather that you are going to use for your project. There are several types of leather but you have to choose a good one which perfectly suits your project. There are several types of leather for example snakeskin, lambskin, cowhide, and pigskin. Each type of leather has its own strength as well as weaknesses.

Leather type

If you use expensive leather it should be longlasting. Snakeskin is very expensive and easy to damage. Although snakeskin has unique patterns and it is considered one of the most beautiful type. Lambskin is fragile but it is very light. So most of the people avoid it. Similarly, pigskin is very thick and has large pores. The most common leather is cowhide. its very strong and has small pores which cannot be seen by the naked eye. So it is perfect for clothes such as belts and clothes.


Before you start your project it’s important to mark points and pattern on the leather. The marks or pattern should be drawn with great precision and care. The patterns and points will help you in sewing perfectly. As once the needle is passed through the points it will leave a permanent mark on the skin of the leather. So its more useful to take small pieces of leather to see how it will look when sewing by hand.


It is very important to know the correct size and shape of the thing which you are going to sew using leather as it is necessary to know the accurate correct figures whether you are going to make a wallet, a shoe, or maybe a handbag or any other stuff.

The leather fitting is the key point and the beauty of leather products plus the finishing of the products.


Once you are done with all this work and marked your patterns on the leather next step is to sewing it by hand. In the case of textile stitching is the fixing method for the thread. By contrast, when it comes to leather you must tie knots to the thread to avoid the mess and no other holes will be added to the leather and destroy your pattern.


Once you have finished the sewing of leather than you should add some coatings to the leather cloths so that they are most comfortable to wear. With these useful steps, you will be able to make your own inexpensive leather clothes. With little practice, you will be able to make perfect leather clothes as naturally as you are dealing with other textiles.

Leather is a very rough and tough material and it is very durable that is the reason why It is a bit expensive but once you have it then you can be tension free for three to four years minimum. Try to avoid water on the leather product.

How To Take Care Of Leather?

Once you are done with sewing or you have the bought a readymade product the most important question is that how to take care of leather? Leather is extremely chill and bold product, you can wear it any time any wear without any sort of fear. Leather is sometimes very amazing on the mountains as well.

Following are some tips.

  • If the leather is too wet don’t quickly dry it, take some time and dry it slowly so that its structure does not changes.
  • If leather gets too dry, rub something moist on it. Pick a good leather cream and apply it gently.
  • If the leather gets dirty, just clean it with a dry cloth.

These were some basic tips, You can get some more information regarding the care of leather from the following video.

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How To Take Good Selfies?

Nowadays we are in an era where you have latest technologies and accessories. People go on an outing or where ever they take selfies of themselves with their fellows. Nowadays taking selfies every time is a new hobby as they have to update their social sites every time like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. The selfie is more fashionable than ever.

The Best Selfie

Whether you are a male or a female it does not matter you just have to click some daily selfies and upload on the social apps just to show your friends and followers that how photogenic and good you are at clicking selfies. Everyone puts a selfie on the apps and on the daily basis. But some people still have a problem with getting perfect selfies. You just don’t need to worry now.

Key Points

Do you love selfies? Don’t feel guilty about indulging in this photogenic act as almost everyone is into it now. As well as you many important celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez, Jason Statham, Paul McCartney or politicians like Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, are also into the selfie.And of course, the key to posting a good selfie is getting a great picture but how to get it without spending too much time?


If you want to get a good selfie it is important to find the best side of you. Whether alone in your photos or with friends, everyone has an angle that makes them look more good and when it comes to selfies the key is to highlight it to get the best results. Not only will you see yourself in a good light but also your contacts and followers on social networks will think the same.

good selfie

Take care of the angle if you want to get a good selfie. We often need to try several times to get the typical picture we want, my cheeks look fat, I look sweaty, my face is too wide, this mole is irritating, I have a lot of burns etc. Try to avoid this. Stick to the standard angle, i.e. taking the picture from above with your head tilted slightly forward, as the opposite often makes us look fatter or maybe showing half a face and half cut.

face cut

Selfies are a big entertainment but that does not mean that you choose any place for them. If you want a good selfie select an appropriate place where you’re going to take it. Make sure that everything around you looks amazing, no matter how fascinating it is, avoid the bathroom selfie at all costs.

It does not make you look good, Especially girls they do that a lot. If it is night try to find a place with the perfect light.


Choosing good light is important when taking a selfie to get the good results. Whether you choose a place open air or it is in indoor make sure about the good light as it plays an important role in your selfie, light can be artificial as well but the key point is to have a perfect light. However, if you choose a place with poor lighting your selfie will surely not be as good as you hoped.


Try your best faces to get a good selfie. Everyone has their own look, the way they smile some look good in pout some look better without pouting some look good with a half cut image some with a proper.

You can try out a few faces in the mirror or try it straight away with your phone’s camera and you’ll come to know about your perfect face. No doubt the best and most useful way to get a good selfie is with the front camera of the phone instead of using back because the angle cannot be maintained properly.

And of course do not be afraid to make silly faces. Sometimes it’s good to laugh at ourselves, and our selfies. It is a good feeling and maybe it becomes the reason to make your mood good if you’re having a bad day.

Don’t worry if you have big eyes, a full mouth or wonderful hair. Highlight your attributes and get a great selfie that makes you look beautiful. Accentuating the best parts of your face is one of the keys to being more photogenic.

Finally, do not forget your best applications, a good filter helps to add a great touch to your photos as well as enhancing your appearance with the right lighting. You can find many options in the Play Store, App Store or Windows Phone Store, depending on your mobile phone’s operating system.

 While Instagram is the most popular, check out some of the other photo apps such as retrica for more features and filters. Snapchat is very good and amazing application if you need some good filters as people are all crazy over Snapchat filters.
group selfie

These were some of the tips in order to click the best selfie. You can apply different techniques as well by making different poses, maybe it leads you to a good capture.

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