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What Is Bigger, The Earth Or The Moon?

Whenever we see the full moon shining high in the sky, one question often arises in our minds; is the Moon bigger than our planet Earth? When we think about it many more questions rush our mind; what is the actual size of Earth and Moon, how far away the moon is from Earth. Here, we are going to provide you the basic/preliminary knowledge about the Earth and Moon.

What Is Bigger, The Earth Or The Moon

What is Moon?

Moon is, in fact, a Satellite of Earth and revolves around the Earth. Earth is a part of one of the thousands of Galaxies roaming around the Universe. Previously, the Astronomers were of the firm view that our Galaxy consists of 9 planets that orbit around the Sun. But latest one of these, named as Pluto is not considered as Planet anymore. Therefore, as of today, our Galaxy consists of 8 Planets, Earth being one of these.

Each Planet has its Satellites. Most of the Planets have more than one Satellite; Earth has only one, which we know as Moon. However, our initial question is still there, which one is bigger, the Earth or the Moon? Let us try to work out this.

What’s The Earth Size?

Apparently, it seems that Moon is a huge mass which might be larger in size than the Earth. This is not true. In fact, Earth is 36 times larger than the Moon with total surface area 10 times that of the Moon. If the size of Moon is compared with the other Satellites of our Solar System, we come across the fact that it is the largest satellite in terms of relative size of their Planets.


Earth, although a bigger planet than its Satellite, is however not the largest one in our Galaxy. All eight planets of the solar system vary in their respective size and volume. There are thousands of tiny/small planets in our Universe. However, the smallest planet in Solar System is Mercury whereas the largest one is Jupiter, which is 11 times larger than our Planet Earth. Similarly, Earth is 109 times smaller than the Sun.

The actual length of the Earth (the equator) is 40030 kilometers or 24874 miles. Earth’s actual area is considered to be 197 million square miles or approximately 510 million square Km. Also, the Earth is not a perfect sphere, as we normally imagine. It, in fact, resembles the shape of a pear. The upper side of Earth is wider than the lower.

Size Of Moon

As said earlier, Moon is far smaller than the Earth. The diameter of the Moon is 2159 Miles (3476 Kilometers) long. The weight of the Moon is around 80 times less than that of our Planet Earth. As seen from the Earth, it appears that the Sun & Moon is almost of the same size. Fact is that Moon is thousands of times less in size as compared to the Sun.


The question that arose up here is why area of the sun and a moon are relatively same? It is because of their distances from the Earth. Sun is very far away from the Earth as compared to Moon, that is why their size apparently seems to be the same. Moon is 386000 Kilometers away from Earth whereas the Sun is very far away than that.

How The Size Of Moon Changes?

It looks quite strange that the size of Moon is bigger when it first appears in the sky but as it ascends in the sky, its size becomes smaller and smaller. This is, actually, an optical illusion; the size of Moon is a constant thing that does not change at any time.

Then why we see different sizes of Moon? The reason is the path (orbit) of the Moon around the Earth is not a perfect circle in actual. Difference between the nearer and the farther point on this Orbit is around 40000 Kilometers or 25000 Miles. So, when the Moon is the most nearest to earth it looks bigger but when it is on farthest point its size looks small.

How The Moon Is Useful And What Is Its Impact On Earth?

The Moon looks beautiful and has a romantic effect, especially the full moon. But this is not the only impact the Moon has on Earth. Moon is, in fact, a vital element of our ecosystem; it helps in keeping a balance in different ecosystems of the Earth. Through its gravitational pull on the terrestrial sphere Ocean waves, currents and tides are formed.

How The Moon Is Useful And What Is Its Impact On Earth-

If you are living near an Ocean, you can easily observe that during the full moon nights tides are very high as compared to the other nights. It is very important for marine life. It also helps to keep the climate optimal for life on earth.

Without its effect on our climate, the weather would have been much harsher. Without its effect, we may face very violent and high-speed winds. Level of oxygen would increase much and the magnetic field increased almost three times.

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How To Tell If It’s Going To Rain?

To predict, whether it’s going to rain shortly is a tricky affair. Despite all the latest technologies and computers, one can not predict rain with 100% accuracy. It’s very much likely that pattern of weather suddenly changes and all the former predictions go wrong.

However, there are several indicators in our daily life which can help us to predict whether is it going to rain or not? These predictions are very simple and anyone can observe it easily in surroundings. Indicators are not necessarily proven scientifically but are much effective and provided that one can judge them correctly. Let us learn about these indicators one by one.

Rainy Weather

Nature & Types Of Clouds

There are several different types of clouds depending upon nature. Some of them are as follows:

  • Very dark Clouds –  are huge in volume &  are a very clear indicator of instant rain.
  • Vertical clouds – known as Cumulonimbus clouds. If clouds in your area gradually increase vertically there every possibility that it will rain soon.
  • Snowflake type of clouds – scientifically known as Altocumulus clouds. If you observe clouds in shape of snowflakes it is a sign of upcoming rain in next two days or so, especially when clouds start stacking in shape of a tower.
  • Serpentine shaped clouds – technically known as Cirrus clouds. They normally appear high in the sky and can be an indicator that it will rain in next 48 hours.
  • Cloud clusters in shape of towers – also known as Cumulus Castellanos. These clouds are somewhat fluffy in nature and carry less amount of moisture. But they can assist other types of clouds to gather around. So, if you observe such clouds in your area, you may expect positively that it may rain later.
clustered clouds
  • Low & thick clouds – technically known as Nimbostratus clouds. If this type of clouds appears in your area, it will turn the sky much black. This is a clear indication that it will be raining.
  • If Cirrus & Altocumulus types of clouds appear simultaneously it is an indication of rain in coming days. The combination of both clouds collectively is known as Cirrostratus clouds.

Temperature & Humidity

When temperature is high and simultaneously there is high number of vapors in the atmosphere, we feel very humid and hot. This type of weather is an indicator of upcoming rain. But it has a peculiar behavior as well. Clouds may gather in your area but suddenly carried away by strong winds and rain falls somewhere else rather than falling off in your area.

However, if you are an expert, you can predict that where it will rain, keeping in mind speed of the wind. Level of humidity can be observed very easily. The more you sweat, the more is the humidity. Or in other words the wetter you feel, more is the humidity. The chances of rain are probably high if atmosphere includes heavy density of humidity.


Wind Direction is also proved to be very much helpful in prediction of rain. In part of the world we’re living, if winds come from the east (during summer season), rain is imminent, whereas if it is winter season, winds coming from the western side will result in rain. But it will not be the same case if you move to some other part of the world.

You will learn it with experience and observations to predict rain with the help of wind direction. Winds flow from high-pressure area to low-pressure area and if it flows oversea it will gather very high volume of moisture, resulting in rain. That’s why you often observe wet strong winds before rain.

Color of Sky

If sky color suddenly turns reddish in the morning time, this is an indication of upcoming rain. During old times, people, especially mariners used this technique to predict rain in next day or so. The Reddish color of sky resulting in the rain is proved scientifically. Reddish color of sky is because of the reflection of sun-rays over the moisture-laden clouds which results in darker color.

However, this prediction can go wrong if you are on extreme poles of the globe, i.e. North or the South Pole. The reason is that the sun sets or rises after an interval of six months, resulting in darkness and light in the entire duration.

color of sky

Animal Behavior

  • Normally birds stop flying and seek shelter 2-3 hours before it started raining.
  • Large animals such as cows tend to move closer to each other if it is going to rain.
  • Ants build steeper nest than the normal.

Joint Pain

People suffering from arthritis may feel more pain than normal in their joints about 48 to 72 hours before it rains because air pressure causes swelling of joints.

Natural Indicators

  • The dry grass is an indicator of strong winds that may result in rain.
  • Plants release waste in low pressure environment which smells like compost. If you breathe deeply in the open air and feel such odor you may predict that it’s going to rain.
  • The feel of wetness/dampness or humidity is also an indicator of upcoming rain.

Finally, it is all about how strong your experience and observation is. You can be a better predictor of rain if you have a strong sense of observation and analysis.

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How To Write A Formal Letter In English?

As we are living in the world of development, there has been so much advancement in almost every field mainly technology. Different softwares and applications have been launched to help people in understanding everything. The one basic defect of these applications is that people have their lost command on the use of formal languages.

We really need to know about the formal way of communicating with people around us. For instance, we need to know the difference between writing a letter for a job and writing a letter to a friend. Here, on TryArticles, we will tell How to Write a Formal Letter in English.

How To Write A Formal Letter In English

A Formal Letter should have the best and polite way of conveying the message to the receiver. Choice of words must be kind and effective. Try not to stuff in your writing with complex words. Keep it short, simple and easy so that the reader can understand it quickly.

The letter should not contain phrases like ‘do it’, ‘do this’ etc. as this may offend the reader. Always write it in a way that you are requesting, not ordering.The letter should be to the point. No extra information should be given or asked. Letter’s content must be clear and not vague as it impacts a false impression on the reader.

Only include the main point while writing a letter. Do not give too many details that are irrelevant or that deviates from the actual cause of writing. Main points can be highlighted. The reason for writing the letter should be written clearly and should be underlined at the start of letter.

Steps To Follow

Following are the basic steps that should be followed while writing the formal letter:

  • Correct Grammar
  • Correct Format
  • Nature of The Letter
  • Correct Heading
  • Subject of The Letter
  • Greeting Words
  • Reason for Writing The Letter
  • Call For Actions
  • Final Salutations
  • Your Information

Correct Grammar

While writing a formal letter we should make sure that there are no mistakes in it. Double check your spellings and grammar. Incorrect spellings or grammar may have a false impression on the reader.

Correct Format

Keeping in mind that this is a formal letter you should focus on the format of the letter. The correct format must be strictly followed.

Nature Of The Letter

We should keep in the mind the nature of the letter and proceed likewise. If it is for a job, then we should choose our words according to that. Kind and polite words must be used to please the reader. If it is for a friend, then you may use your convenient way of communication.

Correct Heading

Heading should be given carefully, which must include the receiver’s name, address, details like company’s name and position that he occupies there. Contact number and email address can be added. This will help you in identifying the person later.

Subject Of The Letter

The letter must contain a subject, telling about the main point of writing the letter. The subject is mainly written in a way that it becomes prominent to whoever reads the letter. Make it bold and underlined so that whenever someone opens the letter, it is the first thing they see.

Greeting Words

The body letter must start from the greeting to the person, exclusively, for whom the letter has been written. The selection of words for greetings must be done carefully. For example Dear Sir, Respected Principal etc. It also depends on the nature of the letter.

Greeting Words

Reason For Writing The Letter

The first paragraph of the body must contain the reason or problem which led you to write the particular letter. The detailed problem must be discussed. If you are writing on behalf of someone else like your classmates or teammates, try adding their point of view also and mention them as well.

Call For Action

The second paragraph should be indicating the solutions to the given problems stated in the former paragraph. Also tell them, what you think that how can a problem be solved or what your teammates think about it.

Language in this paragraph must be easy, kind and motivating words should be used. Do not write anything that may seem you’re ordering the reader. The use of ‘I suggest’ or ‘In my opinion’ can be helpful.

Final Salutations

In the last paragraph, write a few formal lines telling that you have confidence in them for considering their request. You may thank them for taking out time to read your letter. For example: thank you in anticipation. Also, write your motivation for writing this letter.

Thanking You in Anticipation

Your Information

In the end, write your name followed by your signature, your designation, details etc. so that they can identify you. For example Yours Obediently, Amna Shaheen, Manager, Jubilee Life Insurance.

After completing the letter, write the complete address of the receiver on the envelope. Also mention his/her name, contact number etc. so that the person who is delivering the letter may contact the receiver directly for any query, in case. Re-check your letter and find out the mistakes yourself.


  • Keep in mind, you must use correct and non-abusive language for the situation.
  • You should not make spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Cross check your letter and make sure it’s correct and impeccable.
  • For more opinions, get your letter checked by someone else first.

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