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Never Have I Ever, The Best Questions!

Never have I ever is the super fun game, it is the best game to discover secrets of your friends and perfect to know other peoples better. It is the most ideal activity to liven up a party because it breaks the ice between the people who have just met. It can be played in many ways including drinking game, alcohol-fueled, or as a common game through the point system.

Never Have I Ever, The Best Questions!

It is the most common played game in Europe, in fact, all over the world. Usually, teens play this came with their friend’s circle. It is a game in which you need to tell the secrets that whether you have done the certain task or you have not.

How To Play Never Have I Ever?

Before you start the game never have I ever all players should be seated in a circle around the table. This will ensure that each and every person can hear the questions properly and can analyze other person reaction through their body language. The ideal way to play this game is with 4 people.

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The next step is to decide whether the people are interested in playing the game with drink or shots. When all the players are adults than it helps in uninhibited players a bit making it easier to ask and answer some uncomfortable questions more easily. The taste of the drink depends upon the taste of the players but the idea is to take something that is not very strong to be in your senses.

Drinking Game

To play the drinking never have I ever version each player says sentence regarding any activity and other answer it. It always starts with never have I ever doesn’t matter that players have done that thing before or not but it starts with never I have ever.

Then, all the participants who have answered their questions already drink a defined amount of their drink ( it can be a sip, a shot or 5 seconds drinking). The game continues with the new participants (clockwise) and saying another phrase and so on.


Example: If someone says ‘ Never have I ever given a phone kiss to anyone’. All the participants who have already given a kiss on the phone during their lifetime will drink while those who did not do anything won’t.

Scoring Game

It is the type to play with points and the rules are the little different because the person who says ‘Never have I ever’ should say something that he or she never did and the other players who have already done this lose a point and the game continues with the next person in the clockwise direction.

Each player starts the game with 10 points and when these points are all gone than the person is out of the game. The scores of all the players are recorded on the list and the last person in the game wins.


Never Have I Ever Questions – Clean

There are several types of questions which can be asked of the players but those questions should be chosen according to the comfort zone of the players.

If you are playing with someone for the first time and if you don’t know that person or not have confidence in playing with him than the ideal way is to ask clean or funny questions because that’s the fun of the game but you should not go to extreme in asking funny or naughty questions due to which that person get hurt or angry.

You should play in a quiet respectful way. Check out how to play never have I ever with the best clean questions.

  • Never have I ever taken food out of the trash and eaten it.
  • Never have I ever cried or flirted in order to avoid a fine.
  • Never have I ever ruined someone’s vacations.
  • Never have I ever fallen because I was looking on my cell phone.
  • Never have I ever tried to cut my hair and regretted it.
  • Never have I ever said that I love someone unintentionally.
  • Never have I ever been awake for two days in a row.
  • Never have I ever on a youtube video.
  • Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.
Cliff jumping

Funny questions

If you are playing with your very close friends and want to raise the bar you can ask funny questions from your friends and can have more fun. We recommend you try these funny questions. These questions can also make people uncomfortable so make sure that all participants agree to play such type of game.

  • Never have I ever missed out on work because I drank too much the night before.
  • Never have I ever had a paranormal experience.
  • Never have I ever done or received a lap dance.
  • Never have I ever sent a spicy message to the wrong person.
  • Never have I ever been handcuffed (for whatever reason).
  • Never have I ever smelt my underwear to know if it’s clean or not.
  • Never have I ever worked drunk.
  • Never have I ever mistaken a stranger for someone I know.
  • Never have I ever deleted a post on a social network because it had few likes.
  • Never have I ever stolen an object from a store.
  • Never have I ever gone to a party without being invited.
  • Never have I ever been slapped in the face in public.
  • Never have I ever thought I was the most beautiful person in this circle.
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What Are The Names Of Disney Princesses?

The most loving Disney princesses are the most popular and favorite characters of children as well as adults as they are adventurous, clever and very jolly and they wear amazing costumes. There is no doubt that now these characters became the idol of every child. Every kid who watches Disney knows the names of Disney princesses.

Disney is one of the most popular platforms and every kid has the word Disney on their tongue. People want to know the names of Disney princesses so that they can get autograph of every princess at Disney World.

Names Of Disney Princesses

So far there were 11 most beloved Disney princesses in the world. Can you tell me their best traits and why are they so inspiring? Do you know which were literally princess and which aren’t? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Names Of Disney Princesses

Given below is the names of Disney princesses with complete detail and pictures.

Snow White

Snow White is the first Disney princess. She was the first princess who came in animated feature film and it was released in 1937. This movie was named as snow white and seven dwarfs. One of the most popular versions of her were that by Brothers Grimm. Snow White is a generous, loving and was a really pretty princess.

Snow white

She was the first literally princess as she was the daughter of the king and a queen. However, she is pursued by a villain a queen who was also a witch who tries to end her life. Snow White was known for her gentle and noble temperament due to which she loves animals and they become friends with her. Most importantly the seven dwarfs.


Cinderella is the second Disney princess. This amazing character has formed the part of pop culture since the film was premiered in 1950, however, the version was based on Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm. This story is based on love.

Names Of Disney Princesses Cinderella

Cinderella was not born as the princess she belongs to a merchant family and worked as a scullery maid for her stepmother and stepsisters. Once she went to the royal ball and lost her slipper there, Cinderella caused the prince to search for her. This noble and beautiful girl become official after marrying a prince.


Belle is another Disney princess. Her film beauty and the beast is released in 1991 based on the story by Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. She was the main character. Belle is beloved for her noble and affectionate character. She has a noble heart who understands the beauty of others heart regardless of their appearance.

Names Of Disney Princesses Belle

In this story, she falls in love with a beast who has a frightening appearance but was actually a prince. Belle was an unconventional princess, brave and independent. Like Cinderella, Bella did not come from a royal family but she became a princess after marrying the beast, who was actually an honest and handsome prince under a witch’s spell, which changed the appearance of a prince to the beast.


The little mermaid hit into theaters in 1989 and introduced us to Ariel. This is based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson. Among all the Disney princesses Ariel is one of the most amazing and beautiful mermaids who was famous for her love, independence. She was cheerful and spirited. This charming mermaid is not afraid to stand against her protective father, King Triton in order to get what she wants visiting the human world and marrying Prince Eric.



Jasmine is the character of the film Aladdin. She is the Disney princess. This movie is released in 1992 based on the story from the One Thousand And One Nights. She is the princess of Agrabah and she is an adventurous brave girl who was not willing to marry a single man. With her strong and amazing character, she made the entire kingdom tremble that she will marry that man who will win her heart and that was Aladdin of course.

disney princess full names Jasmine


Pocahontas is one of the bravest girls. She was based on a real Powhatan girl who lived in Virginia at the beginning of the 17th century in the land of Tsenacommacah. Her real name was Matoaka but she was known as Pocahontas which means “little mischief”.

lists of disney princesses Pocahontas
This movie was released in 1995. This movie was very different from other Disney movies it’s romanticized. Pocahontas was very intelligent and strong. Since she was the daughter of the chief so can be considered as a princess.


Mulan is the Disney princess who cares about her own comfort and freedom than anyone else. Being a perfect daughter was not her priority she wanted to do what she wants even she does not want to be an elegant wife. She decides to honor her family and save her father by wearing a soldiers uniform and joining the army to defend China against Huns.

what are the names of the disney princesses Mulan

Mulan is a bit clumsy at first but afterward, she remained to steadfast and determined. She fought for her country and honored her family. She was actually not a princess as she does not belong to a royal family but she married a captain. This movie was premiered in 1998 and was based on the legend of Hua Mulan.


The beautiful and gorgeous sleeping beauty is not other than Aurora. It is inspired by Perrault and Brothers Grimm. Although she was humble and brave this girl was a part of a royal family and the princess of her realm with her courteous and polite behavior she managed to conquer the hearts of everyone. Sleeping beauty was released in 1959 and she was the third Disney princess after Cinderella.

walt disney princess names Aurora


Rapunzel was a beautiful and courageous little girl. She was born in a royal family and was a princess by birth. A witch took her off with her in a tower where she lived. There she spelled magic on her hair. Rapunzel was energetic and became able to run from the tower to her family. Rapunzel is the star of the Disney movie Tangle. The film was released in 2010 and based on a tale by Brothers Grimm. She was the youngest Disney princess and the first one to be made in CGI.

princesses names Rapunzel
These all the most loved and charming princesses from Walt Disney, which are followed and loved a lot by the children. Now you can get Disney princesses autograph book.

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How To Design Football T-Shirts?

How To Design Football T-Shirts?: Football is known to be one of the most famous games on this globe. Starting from Junior School level, it is played by almost every age group. Footballers are dressed up in a smart and beautiful uniform, consisting of a T-Shirt, Shorts, a nice pair of socks and football shoes.

The most prominent thing in this kit is the T-shirt. So, it is necessary that your T-Shirt should be good-looking with a specific logo of your team.


If you are planning to design a T-shirt for your school or local club football team, you may follow the guidelines given in this article.

How To Design Football T-Shirts?

Buy Simple Cotton T-Shirts From Local Market

One easiest and good way to design a Football T-Shirt for your team is to buy simple cotton shirts from the local market and create your own design/logo on the front and back side of this shirt. First, prepare the design on a paper and after getting yourself satisfied that it is nice looking and will serve the purpose, attach it the T-shirt you have just bought from the market.

Local Market Shirts

You can actually draw the design (if you are good at drawing and arts) directly on the T-shirt you have bought from the market. The color of the cloth of the shirt is much important. Similarly, the colors used for drawing the logo/design/pattern on the shirt is also very important. Here, your ethical sense comes into play. Select the design and color to best suit the environment and culture of your area.

Use Of Software To Design A Football T-Shirt

Many software is available in the market, which helps you to create/design the Football T-Shirt on your own. FB kits is one of the most popular software available in the market for this purpose. This software enables you to design your required T-Shirt based on the patterns and designs of famous brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Design A Shirt

Many templates are available in this software which can be edited to create your own designs by using Photoshop. Photoshop is quite helpful to create or edit thousands of designs for a Football T-shirt.

Make/Tailor Your Own T-Shirt With Logos

You can also make your own t-shirt but for this, you must be familiar with the tailoring skills. A most important step in tailoring your own t-shirt is the measurements and cutting the cloth according to these measurements. Cutting the cloth for a t-shirt is quite simple and you can learn it with a little practice.

You can prepare three universal sizes, i.e. small, medium & large or if required a fourth one extra large. Universal measurements of these sizes are given here for your convenience (all measurements in Centimeters)

T-Shirts Sizes

Many websites are available where you can buy the T-shirts and put your own logo and design on it.  You can search for such websites on Google and select the best for your needs. Bright and fast colors are more attractive and popular these days. However, you may also select stripes design, although not so popular currently. Selection of the type of cloth is also very important. A mix of silk and cotton is perhaps the best option

However, do consider the climate and weather conditions of your area before selecting the cloth. Preferably the cloth should be absorbent, as the player sweat a lot during the match. So, selection of right cloth for your team considering the climate is an art which you will learn over the times.

Draw The Design And Get It Prepared From Local Shop

One of the good options for preparing your own Football T-shirt is to prepare/draw your own design, either manually or on the computer. Take this design to your local vendor or shop and get manufactured your customized football t-shirt from the shop. The vendor will replicate your design and prepare the shirt according to your provided design.

Once this has been done, you can order as many numbers of shirts as your need. The vendor can preserve your design with him and can arrange to supply you the customized t-shirts as and when required by your team.


Although all the above ideas are helpful for creating your own branded football t-shirts but in our opinion, the last one may be the best option, especially when you are managing your own local team. The vendor can prepare customized t-shirts for each player individually by taking his/her size. It may cost you a little more, but it is considered to be a hassle-free option. More importantly, the quality of the dress will be maintained at an optimum level.

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How Can Fantasy Football Help your Business? Guide and Alternatives

Do you know what is Fantasy Football and how it is played? Have you played this type of game? Although it has become so popular these days, yet there are some people who have not heard about it. Here we will explain and guide you on What is Fantasy Football? How it is played? How can it help improve your business?

Fanstasy Football

What Is Fantasy Football?

It is a mixture of playing a game and putting your knowledge of the sport to the test. Fantasy football can help in the professional life of a person, especially those who are the real fans of this game. Fantasy football is a virtual game being played by thousands of people.

It is said that it is the most beautiful game in the world after football. England is the founder nation of this game. It evolved in England during the decade of 1970. In those old days, it was played with television whereas these days it is played online.

How Is Fantasy Football Played?

If you are playing this game, you will assume the role of a coach and then select your team and make this team play with other teams (belonging to the other players of Fantasy Football). You can choose the players from the real life based on their actual real-life performance in different league games. In fact, you make your team play and win, with the team of another Fantasy Player (who has made his own team just like yours).

Playing Fantasy Football At Home

Although the online facility is available to play this game, it can also be played at your home, your office or any other place, where two or more fantasy players can sit together to play this game. Teams will be selected through Auction; by giving a fictional amount to each player, based on their real-life performance and their level of fame.

Once teams are formed, a fantasy league will be planned and matches started. You may schedule the matches on each weekend or any other suitable day. Performance of each footballer is observed and points are awarded (just as in case of real life games). Doing so, you can prepare your League Rankings.

Play at Home

Where Can Fantasy Football Be Played?

You can start your own Fantasy Lease in collaboration with your friends and colleagues. You can also play online with some famous official leagues (better known as rotisserie) such as “FIFA World Cup Fantasy”, “UEFA Champions League” and “Fantacalcio”. A famous site is also available to play this game, known as “Fantasy Premier League”.

Now we come to our main theme, how playing fantasy football can help in your business? Apparently, playing fantasy football game in offices is wastage of precious man-hours that a business can not afford. However, a school of thought exists which is a great supporter and promoter of fantasy football being made part of a business strategy for an entrepreneur. They think that by doing so, there are great prospects of getting benefits from fantasy football.

Let us see what they think and promote.

Team Building

Holding regular matches within your office between different players and ranking them on regular basis, can create an environment of healthy competition and morale-boosting.

Development Of Management Skills

In the role of football manager (fantasy football), you develop a skill of controlling your expenses. You also develop financial control skills in this role. With its help, you will be able to gain experience in investments and risk analysis which will be beneficial for your real business. It also gives you an opportunity to learn about administration, organizing and mediation expertise.

Data Analysis

When you strive for winning the fantasy game, you come across the art of analyzing available data. You must obtain statistics from the actual games and apply the same on your fantasy football team to win the matches. This helps a lot in developing analytical skills which ultimately helps improve your business.

Communication Skills

Meeting different people for planning for your fantasy team develops interpersonal communication skills that is most helpful in your actual business meetings.

You can apply all these things in your actual business. You will learn the art of picking talent and monitor their performance. So, start playing fantasy football but not at the cost of your work. You should plan such events during the off time.

Apart from Football, there are so many other fantasy games you can play. As a matter of fact, fantasy games can be played with almost all team games, such as Football, Hockey, Cricket, Baseball, and Basketball. You can even play Golf. For those who are not interested in Sports, other fantasies are also available, such as Fantasy Movie League, Hollywood Stock Exchange etc. Fantasy Politics also exists 3200.

How can fantasy football help your business

Even Fantasy Survivor is also played for reality shows. Many things are available in the market; the choice is yours. You can adopt any one of these and start enjoying while at work and simultaneously get benefits of acquiring skills.

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