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Michigan Football Travel Guide For 2019: Insider Tips For Visitor

Michigan Football: The University of Michigan has one of the best sports day atmospheres in the USA. Ann Arbor always remains one of the top college football destinations in the country.

One of the main reason behind its popularity is, it is played in Michigan Stadium and which has a capacity of 107,601. In this article, you will all explore about Michigan Football Travel Guide and much more.

michigan game

Ann Arbor has a lot to offer as well. Everything is within walking distance because the town is built near the university campus. There are plenty of places to eat and drink, definitely, you will be entertained for the weekend.

Michigan Wolverines Football Team

The University of  Michigan’s Wolverines is considered one of the most iconic football team in the United States. There are several reasons for it, few of them are mentioned below:
  • The most all-time wins in college football
  • 11 championships
  • An amazing stadium and support
  • A popular fight song
  • An attractive recognizable uniform and some of the best rivalries in sport.

Here’s a list of Michigan Wolverine Football Team best players. They are selected to participate in the matches of 2019. 

Michigan State Spartans Football Team

East Lansing’s Michigan State Spartans are the second team in Michigan Football game. They are also a top ten team and they have 6 championships. They also have the iconic look and the oldest marching bands in the country.

How To Get The Michigan Football Game Tickets

Everybody knows that getting the tickets are not an easy thing. Mostly you will not be able to find tickets on the primary market through Michigan because most of the tickets are sold to alumni or students.

So you have to look at secondary ticket options such as StubHub or a ticket aggregator such as SeatGeek and ‎TiqIQ.

wolverine games

Craigslist is the option for deal-making but does not have the same security of knowing that you are getting the real tickets or fake.

Maybe you get tickets by walking around the main tailgate before the match. There is a possibility that someone there selling the tickets but it’s worth securing the tickets earlier.

Tailgating For Michigan Football Teams

Gameday is not completed without partaking in the pre-game tradition of tailgating for both teams. On these days, all over the Ann Arbor and East Lansing, the fans gather to eat, drink and have fun with their fellows.

Tailgates generally start at 7 am, eight hours before the game, just because the people are so excited for game day.

Most tailgating take place in the parking lot of the Ann Arbor Pioneer School, at the University of Michigan Golf Course. And across the street from the stadium.

The Big House Stadium “Michigan Stadium”

The Famous Michigan Football is played at “Michigan Stadium”. This stadium is also called “The Big House”.  Michigan Stadium Was built-in 1927. It is the only largest stadium in the United States and also the second-largest in the world.

michigan football game

Michigan Stadium has a capacity of 107,601 people. Every University of Michigan home game has attracted a crowd of about 100,000 since 1975. While the Largest NFL stadium called Metlife Stadium has 82,500 seats.

The Victors “Fighting Song”

The victors are considered as the fighting song and it is also one of the reasons for Michigan Football popularity. This song was written by the Michigan student Louis Elbel in 1898. This song is considered the first important fight song. It is also called the top fight song in college football.

When To Go To Ann Arbor “City in Michigan”

The first two months of the football season is the best season the Ann Arbor, after that, it becomes cold. If you visit that place outside this time, it will be the best game on Michigan’s schedule.

The annual game against Ohio State played in Ann Arbor on an odd-numbered year, matching the two biggest rivals in the Big Ten. Maybe some Body parts freeze off while watching this most amazing game.

wolverine football

Michigan plays with the other members of its East division every year. Including Michigan State and Rutgers in odd-numbered years. While Indiana, Maryland, and Penn State in even-numbered years.

How to Get in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is located less than an hour from Detroit, so it is easy to get there. Detroit is a center or hub for Delta, they offer flights around the country. Spirit is the other option, it also offers low-cost fares from many cities. Every other major airline will fly there from various airports or hubs.

michigan wolverine

There are few other locations but they are little far from the Ann Arbor such as Cleveland, Columbus. You can also take a train from Detroit, an hour ride, just under a five-hour ride. Finally, there’s bus service via Greyhound and Megabus from various destinations in the Midwest.

Where to Stay in Ann Arbor

You will find a little difficulty while searching for hotels. There are two hotels near the campus Bell Tower Hotel and the Graduate Ann Arbor.

Their prices are too much especially during a football weekend. And also you need to book your room in advance at these hotels. There are few other hotels near I-94, they are 2-3 miles away from the Downtown.

wolverine game

There is another option which is renting an apartment or house in town for the weekend. For that, you need to check websites such as Airbnb, Gameday Housing, HomeAway, or VRBO to find the best and affordable deals.

Food in Ann Arbor

You will find a variety of food in Ann Arbor such as for burgers “Blimpy Burger” is the famous point for the burger.

Few famous foods point Delis, Burger and Pizza are mentioned below:


Zingerman’s Deli is the well-known place in Ann Arbor and the lines to get in the show as much. Maize and Blue Delicatessen offers almost the same menu but without all the fuss.
You did not need another meal once you take down the “Triple Play Reuben”. which contain corned beef, pastrami, sauerkraut and two types of Swiss cheese.


Blimpy Burger is the best point for the burgers, there your meal is fully customizable and never forget to get the onion rings as aside. Frita Batidos also offers enjoyable burgers to go with their Cuban menu.


For pizza lover, there are only limited spots for pizza. Those who love fancier pies can go to one of Bigalora Cucina, Jolly Pumpkin Café and Brewery, or Mani Osteria & Bar.


There are some good breakfast points other than the Zingerman’s. Cafe Zola has the best brunch in town and the Complete Crepe. Basically, a breakfast sandwich wrapped in a crepe is one of the best things on their menu card.

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How To Plan a Long Drive?

How To Plan a Long Drive?: Travelling is always a fun experience especially with your friends and family, you always cherish all the moments spent together and remember them throughout your life.

Traveling by means of a car is another great adventure as well as an amazing thing. You should definitely go for a long drive by just keeping a few things in mind and then you are good to go.


Preparing the Car to travel and rested and checking the roads are the basic before embarking on a long drive. It’s important to make perfect plans and to select the perfect route to enjoy your holidays from the outset from the first moment you sit behind the wheel. You should need to just remember some basics before you start your car road trip.

How To Plan a Long Drive?

Planning A Car Trip

Traveling through a car is a very common type of tourism. Millions of people everyday travel by road. Car trip ensures autonomy and flexibility. People who choose a car trip may go through some difficulties but they also enjoy it. So trip planning is a fundamental part of embarking on a long journey. Today its much easier to organize a good road trip with the help of GPS with which you can check alternative routes.

To start your trip, first of all, choose a good place you wanted to visit and choose the best routes using a roadmap But before choosing a place to visit must think about your budget, the toll, gasoline consumption and travel hours. To make your trip much more enjoyable stops on different stations which came in your route after every short interval of time with this it would be possible for you to refuel your car and could see much more places you can also take rest for some time if you are tired.


It will also be possible for you to enjoy your meals easily. You can get your meals from better places. Organizing such a trip will also help you to see new places in addition to the place you are visiting. You must also take care of your belongings if you stop at a restaurant and make sure that your car is properly locked.

Before embarking on a journey it is also important to consider the arrival and departure dates. Starting a long journey on weekdays will help you to travel easily with less trouble and it will be a more likely possibility that you get stuck in the rush or get in trouble due to heavy traffic.

Check The Car Before Travel

Security is an essential part of all trips especially if you are embarking on a long trip. The condition of your car means a lot to you as well as to the other travelers. Before starting your journey it’s important to check the level of your car’s fuel. You must take notice or check your brakes, wipers, and steering as well as the wipers, tires and pressure and the engine. It’s also important to comfort other travelers so you should check the seats and make sure that they are well anchored and also don’t forget to check the position of the mirrors to avoid blind spots that make you lose visibility.


It is also essential to check the spare parts of your car because in long journeys it is often difficult to find a mechanic and also if you are traveling in an unknown city it makes it impossible because you don’t know the routes properly. You must carry the spare wheels and the jack or any manual lift to change the tire in case of a puncture. It is also necessary to carry spare lights and tools in case if the lights of the car break than you can fit in those lights.

Finally, you must take a reflective vest and a set of two warning triangles which you may place at a distance from the car in the case of accident or any breakdown to signal danger to other drivers.

Rest An Essential Point

When going on a long journey don’t try to finish your journey in a recorded time rather enjoy the spin. So being well rested its also important to take rest after every two hours to prevent accidents caused by fatigue, and lack of sleep. Stopping after every two hours for 150 kilometers is advisable.

Wind down stretch your legs before concentrating on the road again if you have any partner or person with you who can drive so it’s better to switch it’s more careful and useful. Take turns to swap between rest stops.

At rest

Bear in mind the time when you start your journey. It is advisable not to take heavy meals during the journey because it can cause drowsiness and heavy indigestion. Light meals such as juices, fruits, and, caffeinated drinks will help you to keep alert, attentive, focused and rested throughout the journey.

Another tip is to wear comfortable clothes during the journey. If you are thinking to start your journey during the day than you should take proper rest at night.

Other Tips Before Travelling

  • Try to keep in right line especially on motorways. Always remember to indicate signals before switching lanes.
  • If you have a caravan reduce speed gradually and exercise the extreme cautions. It is safe to keep a distance in your car and front car.
  • If you are thinking to start your journey at night must check the headlights and fog lights. It is also necessary to take the rest and to take light meals.
  • If you start your trip in the morning it is advisable to wear the sunglasses to prevent your eyes from the sunlight and if the day is hot don’t forget to take fresh juice and cold water with you and remember to on the air conditioning to prevent yourself from getting drowsy.
  • Avoid carrying extra luggage with you. Only pack those things which are necessary for you and your trip. Avoid putting your luggage in the passengers’ seat because it can cause injury in the case of an accident.
  • Try to live up the road trip especially if you are traveling with children or ant teenager. look for activities and games that will keep them distracted and relaxed and  Avoid to on your deck on high volume because it can distract your concentration. You can buy a screen designed for the seats so that they can watch a film or play classic games with them such as eye spy, guessing the color of the next car.

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How To Be Comfortable On A Plane Journey?

Plane Journey: Flights depending upon hours can be boring and uncomfortable if you have chosen a wrong airline. The anxiety while traveling and rude companions can also make your hours long and boring.

It is advisable to take all possible measures while traveling by plane to be much relaxed and comfortable. Travelling is always worthy especially if you love to travel and explore new places.

How To Be Comfortable On A PLANE Journey

Travelling gives you exposure as well as you learn different means of communication and you also get independent and disciplined at the same time. Traveling is a very fun and adventurous thing and your comfort is most important when you plan to travel. If you follow the following steps it would be easier for you to get a comfortable and relaxed Plane Journey.

Steps For Comfortable Plane Journey

Steps 1

When you start the journey make sure that you are properly and well dressed. This will make your journey much comfortable and you will feel relaxed. You don’t need to be dressed much formally to impress your companions. Your dress should be that in which you feel comfortable.

You should not wear tight clothes during flight because when the plane gets higher the above sea level the air pressure lowers  This leads to less oxygen to be taken in blood streams known as hypoxia which causes gases in human tissues expand.


Although healthy people don’t suffer from such situations. But tight jeans or shirt can make you feel uncomfortable and you will not feel relaxed during the journey due to such situations.

Little mobility on most of the planes and size restriction on economy travel means that your body will become uptight. so try to move around aisle or stretch your self but make sure that your this activity will not disturb other passengers because they are also there to make their journey comfortable.

Step 2

The mobility or size restriction means that you make yourself or your body comfortable so for it, you can move around the aisle but make sure that this will not disturb other passengers.

If you feel your self-restless on the plane you can ask or purchase an aisle seat so you can move with little hassle. This actually helps you if you have a large body structure have sustained an injury such as broken arm or leg or if you are pregnant.


It’s somehow dangerous for pregnant women to travel during this period of time because their condition is to be taken care and to avoid jerks. Though if it’s very important or urgent for them to travel than they have to get a medical form from their doctor which has to be shown at the airport.

Step 3

If you feel anxious and distracted and wanted to take your mind off then you can involve yourself in playing games on your device or phone. You can also download a movie, watch a Korean drama or can watch any funny show.

As we know that electronic devices are not allowed during taking off and landing of the plane so its better for you to take a book with you. If you want to play a game you can take a paper game with you or can ask or request it from the air hostess.


Step 4

For long flights, it’s better for you to take some sleep. It will make you feel fresh. During the packing, you become restless and could not take proper sleep. People mostly get tensed until they get a flight. You can make a hand carry with you with proper accessories which help you to fall asleep easier on the plane.


You can carry a small blanket, eye mask, earplugs, a panic alarm, and comfortable socks so when you take off your shoes you wear that. If your flight is quite long you can also take an iPad or iPod with you so you don’t get bored during the flight. iPod will help you to listen to songs so you feel delighted.

Step 5

If you tend to feel hungry during the flight you can take snacks with you such as sandwiches, chips or mixed nuts. As it’s difficult to buy your favorite thing to eat from the airport as it is not available or any other reason so it’s better to take snacks with you. Sometimes prices of things at the airport are much higher than original prices so it’s better to take your snacks with you.


As liquid is not allowed to be taken on the plane so it’s better to be prehydrated. Although you get meals on the plane as well but there you get breakfast, lunch, and dinner so it’s better to take some appetizers with you.

Step 6

Some people got afraid due to the journey of the plane because they thought the device in which they are traveling is only a metallic machine daunting. They got to fear that it may crash or any other incident can happen.

So the plane management makes sure before the journey that the plane is fully ready to travel or there is any fault in it. Have confidence that the system in which you are traveling is very thorough and statistics for crashes and incidents while traveling is very low. Mental vigilance against anxious thoughts can also help you if you are a nervous flyer.


It is difficult to stay calm and comfortable during a flight but I hope that these tips will help you to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable and you enjoy your air travels with almost every type of airline.

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Making A Holiday Album

Holiday Album: If you love traveling with your family and friends you probably also love keeping souvenirs to remind you of your trip. There are many ways to make the album of your, memorable trips. You can remind all the scenes by looking at those pictures.

You can much more enjoy your trip by taking ugly and innocent kind of pictures with your friends and family and than you can make an album of it so you can capture all the special moments in a folder.

Holiday album

A digital album is one of the easiest ways to set up your pictures. You can save these pictures with you and all the memories can be captured in a single album. These memories are for a lifetime and whenever you will open the album you will always think about that memorable trip.

So don’t spoil your trip and make as many memories as you can with your friends and family and definitely do make an album on priority just to save all those precious moments.

Step 1

First thing you should do to gather all types of mementos during a trip: The tickets of train, buses or museums, A beautifully designed card from a shop and a coaster from your favorite bar or anything else that you think is really important for you and reminds you of your trip whenever you look at it and reminds you of the places or anything that you loved the most and think that is important for your album.


Step 2

If you went on a road trip then take the map that you used. You can cut the part of the areas on the map you visited and could place it in your album. It will make your holiday album interesting and it would look good.

If you marked the routes that you followed and add little notes or stickers to the places you stopped by you will have a nice frame of your holiday album and it will make explaining your trip much easier.


Step 3

Print out your pictures and add to the other pictures in your album. Printing out in different sizes will help you to make your album much beautiful and eye-catching. Different sizes will make your album more creative.

If you want to make your holiday album more creative and eye-catching you can print the pictures in white and black in order to make your memories even more personal and unique. You can also add your and your family and friends pictures on your holiday album. Some of your ugly and good pictures will also make your holiday album more creative.


Step 4

If you wanted to make your holiday album with some difference than you can write short texts to make your pictures and souvenirs more explaining. You can make your holiday album after returning to home and by gathering all pictures and other things such as tickets from your friends as well but its more enjoyable and fun to make it together during your trip.  remember your impression of the there and then.

If you write them on the computer than you can print them in different colors and fonts. You can also make different sections in your albums such as you could use a blue font for beach pictures and fancy vintage looking fonts for museum visits this will make your album more beautiful and creative. You can also have the fun with colors and fonts on random pictures as well This will make your album more unique and playful.


You can also write and make your holiday album by hand. This will put a great impact on the viewers. You can find inspirations and different styles online to make your holiday album more stylish this will make your album truly yours.

If you want to make it more stylish you can also use sparkly and colorful gel pens. If you really want to make your holiday album amazing than possibilities are endless.

Step 5

To make your holiday album amazing buy a book album and paste all the material that you gathered on it.

As we all know that book scraping is a very popular hobby, hence there are plenty of scrapbooks are available in most craft stores. If you wanted to make your holiday album simple than you can also buy a simple notebook or a normal photo album.


If you would prefer a truly personal memento than you can easily make your holiday album. You can use all cardboards and all kind of papers from white to all metallic sheets. You can also use tissue paper or parchments.

Tie all pages together and do a hole in them using a punching machine and tie the papers with ribbon it will make it more beautiful you can also use colorful ribbons and markers.

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Where To Go Hiking In Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean’s treasures for great panoramic views. Its beautiful and attractive landscapes make it an increasingly popular place for hiking lovers visiting from all over the world.

Boasting both mountainous and coastal terrain and gives a chance to see numerous waterfalls and exotic wildlife. It is quite understandable why many of us are seeking for amazing trails but the world offers us a lot so it becomes difficult to choose a perfect trail.

Where To Go Hiking In Puerto Rico

Basically, there are many amazing places in Puerto Rico which you will find extremely tremendous and you would love to go hiking there with your friends or family members.

There are a lot of scenic views and amazing waterfalls perfect beach spots and many more. Once you are on the track and have started your hike your eyes will start seeing the wonders of that place and you will be amazed by the real beauty.

When To Hike In Puerto Rico

One of the most important things to bear in mind when planning the trip to Puerto Rico is to avoid hurricane season. Naturally, it will put a little dampener on your hiking and it’s potentially dangerous as well. So travelling in Puerto Rico in the moths of September and October is not suggested.

Visiting this place in summers also give us plenty of opportunities to camp at various hiking sights, and for sure this experience not be missed.

When to Hike

Planning a hiking trip in Puerto Rico is avoiding the hurricane season. Puerto Rico is one of the most loving places for hiking lovers as well as nature lovers. It is recommended to visit that place in the months of summer to avoid hurricanes and to enjoy the beauty of Puerto Rico. In summers it also provides with all the basic facilities to camp at various sights.

EI Yunque

The national forest in fact only the rainforest on the land of US is just to the east of Puerto Rico capital  San Juan. The national park is a trek of different paths for the most experienced to the less experienced hikers.

The big tree trail is the less strenuous walk to picturesque La Mina falls and a little further is La coca falls, it’s beautiful and refreshing waterfall – great for cooling off, those hikers who wanted a difficult or tough trail should try the El Toro, a walk that leads through several areas of the diverse forest before leading you out onto Pico El Toro i.e. the highest peak in the national park.


Bosque Estatal De Guanica

While going to the south-east of San Juan is the beautiful Guanica biosphere reserve a much more humid landscape of Puerto Rico. This reserve provides the several fairly easy hikes all of which shows the beautiful scenes and a perfect picnic spot.

While none of these types of trails are much challenging as its atmosphere is dry and hot and humidity is at the peak so you must carry your water bottles with you to ensure that it will help you if you get tired or there are enough heat and humidity due to hot climate.

Bosque Estatal De Guanica

So the scene in Puerto Rico is like a reward they are just amazing and eye-catching. In these specific types of areas where you go for hiking, you find many rare species of birds so keep your eyes peeled, and keep searching for the most amazing species.

You will see a lot there and you will be amazed to see the real beauty. This land offers a lot more, you can also do other adventurous activities there.

Bosque Estatal De Guajataca

Guajataca forest reserve is one of the must-see forests in Puerto Rico. The first trail of this for hikers leads right out to la Cueva del Viento it’s an eerily dark but an impressive cave which is filled with stalagmites and various funnels. Hikers are free to explore this forest but make sure that they carry a map with them and of course a torch too.

There are also several hiking trails within this forest so a whole day is required to visit and explore this whole forest and taking in the scenery. There is also the availability of accommodation many guest houses are there to provide accommodation to the tourists or hikers who wanted to stay longer in order to visit lakes, perfect areas for a cooling swim after a long hike.

Bosque Estatal De Guajataca
These are only three hiking areas of many available in Puerto Rico. Its a country with many opportunities for outdoor adventurers. Hiking is an excellent way to spend time with your family and friends and also enjoy the scenes and discover the world at the same time but in all this, you make sure that you stay safe because a life is more important than anything else.

Hiking is definitely an amazing activity and going to hike to a next level place like Puerto Rico should be on top of the list and your most top priority. Research in this area has shown that this place is actually very beautiful and perfect for the adventure trips especially if you go for hiking. This place has a lot to discover, so don’t wait and plans your hike to Puerto Rico.

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How To Communicate in a Foreign Country?

Visiting a foreign country is always amazing and exciting but unless you have taken the time to learn languages beforehand, there are some chances that you have the communication problem.

This is because you have to communicate not much but a little in a new country like you have to ask for your tickets, the location of the hotel where you are going to stay, booking a room, even ordering some lunch sometimes the easiest of things becomes difficult due to the communication problem.

How To Communicate in a Foreign Country

Although nowadays most of us have smartphones and language translation apps are easily accessible so somehow it became easy to communicate but most of the time batteries die and roaming charges soar so this is not a good option as it’s not available all the time.

There are some steps which you should know to follow when you are traveling to a foreign country so you might prevent communication problem.

Step No – 01

Trying to communicate in a foreign country can sometimes be overwhelming and even a little nerve-wracking. So one of the basic thing you should keep before travelling is a phrasebook. This is always handy to carry in your bag while you are away and can make life much easier.

So phrasebook is one of the most useful items to invest. A phrasebook at least helps you in asking where the toilet is or to tell a waiter that you are vegetarian, you know that you can simply look it up.

source: source:

You should try to learn few of the basic words such as ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ and you will for sure be surprised that how much local people will appreciate it too! There is a tip for you, learn how to ask if you speak your language and remember to ask. There might actually be a communication problem to worry about.

Step No – 02

Getting lost in a foreign country and not knowing about the directions is always a problem. As you don’t know their language as well so it becomes more difficult to ask about the directions. So an easy way to know about the directions is to get a map of where you are staying. This will make life much easier particularly if you need to ask about the directions from the local people.

make friends

If you are to explore something or seeking for the beautiful sights and cannot find the place you are looking for, so you don’t need to worry about the language barriers as you can simply point on the map where you are going.

Well you can also make some local friends or you may find many locals of the country which are from your country and can speak your language, you can easily communicate with them and can ask for the required things.

Step No – 03

Gesturing itself is a great communication tool in the foreign countries. Think of it as game of charades. It might feel silly but it is often miming what you want is the easiest for people to understand. You must carry a paper and pen because it helps you if you want to write the address of your hotel or sights you want to visit.

Pen Paper

Just remember that in some countries gestures are considered inappropriate and rude. So you must take care that your gestures should not be considered rude by the local people of whatever foreign country you are visiting.

Do get some deasible knowledge about the country before you are planning to go to that country it is very important. Rude behavior or gesture might disturb you during your trip, so be respectful, positive and friendly.

Step No – 04

Just smile, yes, it may be a little embarrassing standing there using some broken sentences which you can’t understand, occasionally throwing in the odd English word and wildly gesturing and drawing pictures all because you want to order noodles rather than the rice. You should try to see funny sights and relax.


Don’t let the language barriers to ruin your trip or frustrate you and remember whoever you are having trouble communicating with is probably finding it just as difficult as you. There are always sideways and convenient way find that way to communicate with the people or you may find people there from your place which may be the locals so don’t let language ruin your trip.

Step No – 05

If it’s possible for you to use a smartphone in a foreign country, as there are plenty of apps available to translate the language and phrases, it is the ever best first option to try. There are also some more easiest ways to communicate in a foreign country by showing the picture to the local people of the place you are finding.

There are also some apps which enable you to download the map of the place where you aspire to visit or the area where your accommodation is. You must use your map offline to secure data charges. But always remember to keep any other communication aid with you to replace it if your phone runs out of battery.


People from all over the globe are very loving and caring, and they welcome all the tourists by all their hearts and they love to help them, no doubt language issue might cause you a bit of trouble but it can not ruin your trip as there are many alternatives ways through which you can manage.

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What To Wear Hiking In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a small but a beautiful country to visit and has recently become a travel destination for those who are seeking wonders of nature.

Costa Rica is one of the amazing places to visit if you are nature lovers. Its a best travel destination with many parks, forests, flora, and fauna. There is no surprise that Nature lovers visit it to experience the wildlife and landscapes through different hikes and treks.

What To Wear Hiking In Costa Rica

Hikes are the best way to experience what the country is offering but with great humidity and unpredictable weather its necessary to know which clothes are best to wear during a visit to Costa Rica.

You must be sure that by those clothes you are protected and comfortable too.By following certain steps it would be easier for you to know that what are the best places for hiking in Costa Rica.

Step No 1

Costa Rica has a tropical climate, and with this type of climate, there are many chances for you to experience wet and dry weather. The wet season in Costa Rica is usually between May and November. If you are planning to hike this place in the wet season its recommended to you that take a waterproof pair of boots for hiking.

This will ensure that if the rest of you ends up a little damp then your feet will remain dry. If you don’t like your feet to get wet then it’s necessary in the wet season to wear waterproof boots because nothing is worse than trudging in soggy shoes no matter how beautiful the scenery is.

You can enjoy the scenery if you are uncomfortable, not only the scenery but all the things you have planned to do during your hike.

Remember to pack a good pair of socks to ensure that you are protected against blisters. The choice of your shoes can make or break the hiking trip to Costa Rica.

Nothing is  more worse than hiking a forest and breaking your toe by wearing flip-flops. These are the worst kind of shoes to wear during the hike in Costa Rica. Hiking with wet socks and snickers in a humid jungle only for 5 miles is even worse. So to fully enjoy the trip it’s important to wear correct pair of shoes.


The dry season is between the end of November to April In this season you will encounter some rain and the season is little wet. A decent pair of hiking sandals will prevent bug bites or general lace-up walking shoes are perfect.

The shoes should be that in which you feel comfortable, a decent pair of hiking sandals which are closed from toe will help to prevent bug bites or to be bitten from any other insect. If you are unsure when to travel than you must get prepared once your tickets are booked.

Step No 2

Despite the heat and humidity, long trousers are best to wear in Costa Rica. These long trousers will protect you from any insect bites, or wandering bugs which can be found in the forests. If you don’t have hiking trousers athletic style leggings can also work as they to are designed to be breathable.

If you feel too warm wearing trousers wear some comfortable shorts and apply some insect repellant just to be sure! shorts are somehow dangerous but can be used with insect repellant which will prevent you from insect bites.

long trousers

Step No 3

An athletic style shirt is good to wear during the hiking in Costa Rica. The breathable clothes will help you to stay cool and calm and of course, they are designed to cope with sweat which I’m sure you will work up trekking in this tropical country.

There is a tip for you if you are choosing to wear a short sleeved t-shirt make sure that you remember to apply suncream because even in a rainy season the sun packs a large amount of heat in Costa Rica.

Hike gear

Step No 4

Packing a lightweight waterproofer in your hiking rucksack is always a good idea. As your things will remain safe if rain comes. The weather in Costa Rica is always unpredictable and in case the rain might cool you down its good to be able to protect yourself in case of a heavier downpour.

A plastic rain poncho which is made to wear during the rain is always handy to carry. As they fold up to extremely small, cheap, and are long enough to cover your body completely and are reusable too. There is a tip for you so that your hiking trip to Costa Rica would become much easier, and you will enjoy it completely.

Pack a couple of plastic bags, so if any of your gear gets wet or muddy while you are hiking you can be able to pack it completely, to avoid dirtying rest of your rucksack.

Things Allowed To Bring During The Trip

Tourists are permitted to bring binoculars, two cameras, and electrical items that are for personal use only, like a small radio, a hairdryer, a laptop, a video camera, etc. These are things people wanted to bring to add taste to their tour.

Some people are also worried about their things that they might be stolen or something else. So it is advised not to bring most expensive things and take care of your things by yourself.


Grapefruits and extract capsules are advised to bring for stomach purposes because the country is new for you and its food may disturb your stomach so its necessary to bring that.

Metal water bottles are advised to be bought because it helps your water to remain cool if you are hiking in summers. So metal water bottles are the most important thing to pack during your trip.

Another most important thing during the hike is your own plastic cups. You should bring your own plastic cups which you can use during the hike or during your trip, because there are several diseases which can be caused by sharing your cups with other hikers so disposable cups are best to bring.

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How To Plan A Trip To Cancun, Mexico?

Cancun and Riviera Maya are the topmost two beautiful places to visit in Mexico, with their beautiful beaches, a large number of pyramids and a lot of entertaining places for the tourists.

If you desire to visit these breathtaking places in the region of Mexico, find out How to plan a trip to Cancun, Mexico and enjoy every bit of your time to the extreme. Going to such places makes you very strong and relaxed both mentally and physically.

How To Plan A Trip To Cancun,Mexico

It’s not really hard to get to these beautiful places. You just need to be patient and choose the most convenient ways to travel to the desired destination. If you do not have much money, it is not an issue now, there are some cheap hotels as well as restaurants where you can go eat and stay.

Money can not be the reason to stop you, there are various ways in which you can get a trip properly according to your requirement. So just make your mind, pack your bags and get ready to leave, to experience the wonders of life.


Once you make your mind to travel to this magical part of the world, the first thing you should worry about or look forward to is the climate.

As this is the forest region so from June to October, there are bright chances of heavy rainfalls, strong thunderstorms maybe tornadoes in some cases, from November till May you observe some good weather conditions and that is the best and most recommended time span when you can get yourself ready for such amazing trip.


Climate matters a lot, it has a huge impact on how your trip is gonna be, you should always keep the weather forecast on priority and before going to any place you should check the weather forecast so that you know what to pack and you know that whether you should go to the place in those days or you should delay your trip a bit.


Cancun and Riviera Maya are at a distance of approximately 49 miles and in both places you can easily find some good hotels bargains, but in the season the first place i.e. Cancun there might be a big chance that you’ll find accommodation rarely because it’s already occupied.

Keep in mind that if not Cancun than you’ll stay at Riviera Maya. If you want to stay at Cancun then you need to book your hotels on time which is called advanced bookings, then there will be no issue.


Places To Visit

There are a variety of places to visit in Cancun and Riviera hence you have to set your wish list in such a way that you see all the great places while managing your time yourself.

It should include.

  • Beaches.
  • Archaeology.
  • Theme parks.

Make sure that in hurry you do not go to the places which are really not popular and miss the chance to visit the best places.


The best way to travel from Cancun to Riviera Maya is to rent a car with a GPS so that you can visit the places you want to with your own pace and there might be a chance that you don’t want to drive or you are not feeling well then you can get a driver as well as a tour guide with you. Travelling by taxi is not recommended as you will not see the taxi stands everywhere and it might be more expensive.



The “cenotes” are one of the main attractions of the area. There are natural wells in the limestone grounds that have a difficult line of tunnels which meets the sea, you’ll find them in many theme parks and archaeological sites such as Chichén Itzá. You really can’t miss out on them because this place is really magical and you feel like you’re seeing heaven on earth.



You have to keep an eye on your budget and invest in this experience. Cancun and Riviera Maya are the destinations which need to be fully explored and enjoyed.

Enjoy a typical meal don’t waste money on that you can eat anywhere you want instead of this get close to nature and the beautiful environment. Spend your money in exploring places and trying new things as these places have a huge amount of sports activities.



If you’re on a family holiday, you should visit at least one of the most famous theme parks in the area, XcaretXel-Há, and Xplor. They have amazing activities for both adults and kids, from swimming with dolphins or sharks, snorkeling, hiking in rivers, zip wires, and other fun options.

If you have always desired to go underwater and experience the waterline then you are at the right place, you’ll find many areas here to dive and snorkel.

Do not stay in the hotel grounds for very long, this area has some of the most amazing sites of the major pre-Columbine culture: the Mayans. Learning about their history and visiting the pyramids of Tulúm and Chichén Itzá is an unforgettable experience.


While packing your suitcase, don’t go for the creams, sunblocks or things like that as they don’t allow people to bring such things so that they don’t get mixed with the water. You’ll find such products there on spot. In the main theme parks and cenotes, it’s prohibited to use this kind of products unless they’re biodegradable and natural.


Now you have planned your trip to Cancún. We hope that this article helps you in planning your trip to Cancun and Riviera Maya. These following tips might help you a lot, just make sure that you do keep a check on the climate and then you are good to go, we hope that you enjoy your trip.

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How To See Barcelona In Two Days?

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world. People from all around the world travel to Barcelona to spend their vacations. Barcelona being a modernist city offers an abundance of cultural, architectural and historical riches that are truly unrivaled. In addition to this Barcelona has a great street atmosphere, the perfect climate and the huge range of gastronomic delights at the traveler’s disposal are all reasons why visitors return to the city on multiple occasions.

How To See Barcelona In Two Days

Barcelona has some amazing places to visit. It is well known for football as well. The greatest player nowadays Messi plays for Barcelona as well as Neymar and many more talented people. Following are the names of some of the major attractions in Barcelona.

  • La Sagrada Familia.
  • Magic Fountain Show.
  • Picasso Museum.
  • Las Ramblas Street.
  • FC Barcelona Museum & Camp Nou Stadium.
  • Barrio Gotico.
  • Park Guell by Gaudi.
  • Tibidabo Hill.

These are some of the most amazing places to visit in Barcelona, there are yet many more to discover but these are some of the major tourist attractions. If you are planning to visit Barcelona the first and major step is that you book a flight on time and select the dates in which you are planning your trip. In this article, we will help you to travel Barcelona in two days.

Landing At Airport

The very first step for going to Barcelona is that you make a plan for the trip to Barcelona, you need to choose the season according to your requirement and then you need to go to shopping to gather all the necessary things you will need with you at your travel. Now you need to book an airline ticket, there are various airlines all around the world which take you to Barcelona.


You need to choose the one according to your budget and your requirements and the level of comfort. If you are not having a lot of the budget then we recommend you to buy an economy class ticket of comparatively cheap airlines. You need to keep a check on the prices of the tickets off and on as they increase and decrease very often. After choosing the airline and getting the ticket, you need to pack your bags take a deep breath and now you are ready to experience a lot of adventure coming your way.

Choose The Right Hotel

After you are landed safely in Barcelona, now you need to worry about the place where you are going to stay for two days, as you only have two days so you need to get a hotel in the center of Barcelona from where you can go to the nearby famous places quickly. Therefore, for sightseeing and stuff like that, we recommend you to choose a hotel which is in the following places.

  • Eixample district.
  • Plaza Cataluña.
  • the Gothic Quarter.
  • Passeig de Gràcia.
  • Avinguda Diagonal.

These are perfect areas to immerse yourself in the atmosphere that characterizes this great city, as well as being close to some of its most emblematic sites.

You’ll also be able to make good use of public transportation during your stay or even walk to many sites, saving both time and money.

Monuments Of Interest

Although it is impossible to see everything in the capital in order to make the most of your time we recommend you to plan an itinerary using the following route as an example.

Day 1

We recommend you to take a start from Carrer de Provença to visit La Pedrera, one of the most famous and amazing buildings designed by the great Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi. Continue your walk down to the posh Passeig de Gràcia until you reach Casa Batllo, another amazingly designed creation by Gaudi.


Then you should continue to Carrer Pau Clarís until you reach Palau de la Musica Catalana, a building designed by another famous architect Domenech I Montaner, and known for its great beauty. From here walk towards Plaza Cataluna, the city’s most famous Plaza and yes don’t forget to stroll down the Ramblas.

Day 2

For the second day, we recommend you to go to the two famous places that are Sagrada Familia and Park Guell since you will need a good amount of time to visit these places. The Sagrada Familia is envisioned and designed by Antoni Gaudi and it is a must visit the place as it is the symbol of the city so it’s worth putting up with the long queues to visit its fascinating interior.


Park Guell is another beautiful place just outside the city center that you simply must visit. If and only if you are left with the time after visiting these two places then you should not give it a second thought and must visit the Gothic Quarter the most historic part of the city.

Things That You Simply Can’t-Miss

In addition to all these tourist attractions if you are left with the time then you should definitely visit some amazing places listed below.

  • In case you have extra time do visit Montjuic. This is the great place where you can get some amazing and beautiful views of the city and you can take good photographs if you are a photography lover.
  • If you are a football fan then you must visit Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona. The most famous club.
  • Be adventurous and try some of the amazing cuisines and dishes such as pa amb tomaquet in Gastronomy.


  • Plan your visit to Barcelona in Advance and pinpoint the places on the map which you want to visit as you will not be having a lot of time.
  • If you want to see the most famous places of Barcelona in a convenient way then you should buy a ticket for the tourist bus.
  • And definitely, as you only have two days so you need to get a hotel in the center of Barcelona from where you can go to the nearby famous places quickly without wasting your time.

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How To Get From Melbourne Airport To The City?

Melbourne is the coastal capital of  South-Eastern Australian state. It is a crowded place with almost all the people from every country, which makes it a crowded place. It has a lot of captiavating places to whom people are attracted. At the city center, there is the modern federation square development, having huge buildings, plazas, bars, a number of amazing restaurants alongside the Yarra River.

People travel to Melbourne to spend their vacations from all around the globe. It has a population of around 4800000 people. When you are planning to go to Melbourne, the first question in your mind comes that how we will go to the main city from the Melbourne airport? Well once you have landed at the Melbourne airport, you need to find a way to get to the city center.

Going to city from Melbourne airport

The airport is approximately 22 km away from the center, so it is not that easy to travel to the city. You have a number of options which will help in entering the city from the Melbourne airport. In this article, we will help you with the means of transportation and the ways in which you can get to the city easily from the Melbourne airport.

Landing At Airport

The very first step for going to Melbourne is that you make a plan for the trip to Melbourne, you need to choose the season according to your requirement and then you need to go to shopping to gather all the necessary things you will need with you at your travel. Now you need to book an airline ticket, there are various airlines all around the world which take you to Melbourne.

Private charter

You need to choose the one according to your budget and your requirements and the level of comfort. If you are not having a lot of the budget then we recommend you to buy an economy class ticket of comparatively cheap airlines. You need to keep a check on the prices of the tickets off and on as they increase and decrease very often. After choosing the airline and getting the ticket, you need to pack your bags take a deep breath and now you are ready to experience a lot of adventure coming your way.


Now when you are at the Melbourne airport, you need to get a transport to enter the city which is 22 km away from the airport. Skybus is a bus shuttle service that runs between the Melbourne Airport and the Coach Terminal of Southern Cross Station, Spencer Street and the Central Business District of the city. You can pick a Skybus from the Virgin Australia terminal 24/7. It leaves after every 10 minutes. There may be a break from 1 am to 4 am.


Its ticket desk is available at the terminal 1 and terminal 3 at the airport, you can purchase the tickets from here or maybe electronically from the bus driver as this is not a big issue.

It will take you to the city and the bus for one side costs you around 18$ and if you get a return ticket as well then it is 30$.

Hire A Car

If you have a good budget and you are with your friends and family and you need privacy then hiring a car is very much recommended to you guys. It will reach the Melbourne city early as compared to bus and travelling by road through car will be good as you can see the beauty of Melbourne more properly rather than in a bus with a lot of people.

You can rent a car through the car renters at the airport as well and the driving routes from the airport to the city are pretty straight and easy with effective sign boards alongside the road.

Hiring a car

This way of travelling is expensive as the private car drivers will extract a lot of money from you so you need to try to negotiate the price before getting it hired. You should ask the drivers to use their meter machine to calculate the exact fare.

The car will pick you from the airport and you do not need to go anywhere, you can hire a big car or a small depending on the number of people and your luggage. It is necessary to check out the driver’s details before making a choice of your car as there is every type of person everywhere, so make sure the driver comes to your expectations.

Public Transport Victoria

This is the cheaper and a much slower option to reach the Melbourne city from the airport. You need to go to the Skybus terminal and get a Myki card which costs you around 3.50$ on weekends and 7$ on weekdays. Reach the platform on terminal 1 and get the bus number 901, the sign of which read Frankston. Switch to a train at Broadmeadows Station, and reach the city center.


Take A Taxi

The quickest way to get to the city if you are in a hurry is that you get a taxi from the outside of the airport from terminal 1,2,3. You will get to the city center faster and you will be able to save your time. Maybe this is a bit expensive but efficient at the same time. There are designated ranks of the taxi at the airport.


Rent A Limo

If you have enough budget and you want to enter Melbourne in a luxurious way, why not you rent a limo? Generally, the fare of the limo starts from 80$ and goes up to 150$ depending upon that which limo you choose and where do you want to go, do you only want to rent a limo to get to the city or you want to keep it for some time to visit all the places and tour Melbourne in the luxurious car.

These were some of the ways in which you can enter the city center from the Melbourne airport.

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