What Do Line Tattoos Mean? 10 Cool Line Tattoos Designs

Among the most prominent geometric styles are line tattoos so we will discuss what the meaning of line tattoos is? We will also discuss parallel line tattoo meaning, armband tattoos female and forearm band tattoos for males.

There are different reasons for which people choose tattoos like many choose fashionable tattoos. Many people get tattoos for their some good or bad experience rather than for the image.

What Do Line Tattoos Mean

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Some still get inked by their tattoo as these tattoos represent something close to their hearts. Whatever the reason is you should at least know the general symbolic meaning behind your tattoo, even you don’t believe.

What the Meaning of Line Tattoos is?

Meaning of Line tattoos depends on different cultures although mostly considered as a beautiful ornament for the body. In other cases, they also have a personal meaning.

Japanese culture is one of the most prominent cultures, these Line tattoos were used to mark Yakuza members (mafia Japan). To get know from where the member of the criminal organization came from people notice the number of lines on their arms.

Different Types of Line Tattoos

The most commonly preferred places for line tattoos are listed below:-

  • Wrist
  • Ankle
  • Upper Arm
  • Forearm
  • Thigh
  • Calf

There are many types of line tattoo designs. Among the most used are

  • Two thick black lines,
  • Certain fine lines that can be black or different colors,
  • Thick black lines with a gradient effect,
  • Cut lines (like a dotted line)
  • Lines with curved effect

You can even customize your tattoo design slightly to make it special or unique. You can make it unique to add extra drawings, like birds or another animal ‘‘supported’’ on the line to make look almost like a bracelet.

Parallel Line Tattoo Meaning

There are many different ways to display parallel lines, you can make a wrap around the armband, two lines that make an equal sign, or even you can put the third line.

Parallel tattoo

Two Bold Lines Tattoos

Most common wraparound tattoos are the parallel lines, which is boldly placed on the forearm. Good way while getting this tattoo is to adjust the size depending on your arms size.

line art tattoos

For the slim build, the lines should not be too thick. These are also great ways to end a particular theme you have as a sleeve. Coloring these tattoos is an idea but keeping them bold and black always looks great.

Through Thick and Thin Tattoos

This design will give the effect of one line being bigger than the other, either the top or bottom line thicker, it shows that although they are parallel lines, they are not exactly the same.

simple line tattoos

Symbols such as stars and other cosmic illustrations could signify a parallel universe between those two parallel lines. This design also looks great on the calf and lower part of the leg, below the knee.

Apocalypse Tattoos also have the best tattoo parlor in the world and their work speaks for itself, people from all over the world get tattooed here. They offer a variety of styles and even you can customize tattoo art as from them.

Bracelet Tattoo

Parallel lines placed around the wrist as a wristband gives the effect that you are always wearing a bracelet. Some people also feel like they are naked without something wrapped around their wrists, so if you are one of these people, this tattoo is perfect for you.

Bracelet Tattoo

Not only does it look good, but it can also be fashioned in multiple ways. As listed above, you can turn these lines in a way you want, as long as they are parallel! One thick line and one thinner line is an example.

You can even get one line filled in with bold black ink, and keep the other one transparent, doing this, turns the lines into a bar like shapes. Wrapping around the wrist, this tattoo will be seen by everyone. The ankle is also another option if you do not want the tattoo to be seen as noticeably.

If this design and placement suit you, a good idea is to try replicating the design on your wrist/ankle and see how it looks before you get it permanently done. This is also a great tattoo if you just want something small and simple.

Forearm As Fingerboard

This tattoo is just like a fingerboard from a bass-guitar or guitar. Making such big and straight lines is not an easy task.

line work tattoos

A multidimensional and abstract bow

A tattoo at the upper back like a bow can be styled in lines form in multidimensional. It is made with 15 lines that meet at a common point.

fine line tattoos

A pretty and minimalist shell

This tattoo has very fine feminine and discreet lines. It can be related to the shells that are filled with pearls.

single line tattoos

A Tattoo for a hometown

It is a wrist tattoo which means that the heart of this person is beating for a particular city. Whatever city it is it has covered his or her heart.

If you are looking for a specific kind of tattoo art and are willing to fly to a certain destination then you should visit one of the best tattoo parlor Fortune Tattoos.

Hometown tattoo

10 Cute Small Tattoos Design Ideas 2019

After knowing the meaning of line tattoos, now let’s jump into the new stunning and cool designs that you should try this year. The best thing about line tattoos are, they are simple but look attractive.

You can design line tattoos on your arm, ankle, bicep, fingers shoulders and back. Below are a few latest attractive and dashing design of line tattoos, that you can opt.

1- Black and Red Graphical Line Tattoo

fine line

2- Under Wrist Loving Tattoo

fine line tattoo

3- Alphabetic Tattoos On Fingers

graveyard tattoo

4- Butterfly Tattoo on Leg

tattoo far

5- Single Finger Line Tattoo

sarah miller tattoo

6- Be Chill Tattoo On Wrist

modern tattoos

7- Two Line Tattoos On Thumb

fine line tattoos

8- Cute Small Tattoos on Fingers Knuckles

tattoo trends

9- Small Ship wrist Tattoo

tattoo hd

10- wrist bracelet tattoo

wrist bracelet tattoo

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