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What Does LMK Means in Texting ― Internet Slang

LMK is an abbreviation. Did anyone ask you to “LMK” in an online chatting? And you didn’t know what does it mean? What Does it stand for? How to respond to such an unknown term? Don’t feel bad for yourself, here you will find everything about this acronym.

what does lmk mean

LMK stands for “Let me Know” and it is internet slang, which is used in online chatting on snapchat, facebook and twitter.

Internet slang is basically shorthand terms of long words or sentence used on the internet. You will get familiar with such terms during an online chatting on the internet. Like other slang words, IIRC is also getting popular and it stands for “If I really correctly” or “If I remember correctly”.

What Does LMK Stand For?

LMk stands for “let me know“. These short terms are called internet slang, which is quite popular in nowadays online chat.

lmk meaning

There are many other internet slang such as OFC, WBU, and TBh, which are trendy in these days on the internet. You should be familiar with such terms if you are on internet social media networking sites.

LMK Meaning

We know that LMK stands for “Let me Know”, now let’s discuss what does it means? It is used when you want some information from someone, you simply request information by using this sentence “Let me know”. Let’s make it more clear by an example. I’ll go if you go, but LMK what time, so I get ready.

lmk text meaning

You might hear this term “Let me know” in face-to-face conversation many times, it is a common phrase in normal communication. You can say simply Let me know instead of “Get back to me about this when you have an answer”. In Internet communication, it gets shorter.

How LMK Can Be Used

LMK is used politely and casually to request information from someone. It is used commonly in text messages and it must be used in informal conversation. If you think the second person doesn’t know what does it means then never use it, use the full form of it for better communication.

internet slang

It is used to request information from someone about:

  • A decision they need to make.
  • Personal opinion about something.
  • Their future plans or their desires about a particular future outcome.

Is LMK Formal Way Of Texting?

LMK can never be apart of any formal conversation. It is an internet slang, you can not use any slang or short term informal communication.

You can’t use an acronym while you have a conversation with your boss or with a person who is linked with you because of some office work.

You can use such Short terms in communication with friends or with whom you are frank. So avoid while you have a conversation with a person in authority.

What Does LMK Mean In Other Fields?

LMK meaning differs with the various territory, So you must be careful while using internet slang, it can lead to a miss-communications or confusion.

Below list shows what Does it stand for in other fields:

  • Lag My Klaar (Afrikaans: Laughing Out Loud)
  • Lativi Media Karya (Malaysia; broadcasting company)
  • Local Maintenance Key
  • GPS Landmark
  • Landsforeningen Mot Kreft (Norwegian: National Association against Cancer)

Some Common Examples

To make this term more clear, below are some common examples which may help you more understanding it:


Friend #1: “Hey what are you doing on Saturday? We’re going to a baseball game. LMK if you wanna come.

Friend #2: “Sure, I am free.

In the above example shows how LMK can be used to request information from someone about their future plans.


Friend #1: “LMK what you think about that Property ad I just sent you.

Friend #2: “OK, I’ll check it on my lunch break.

The above example shows how we can use LMK to ask for someone’s point of view.


Friend #1: “LMK, Can we take your car tomorrow?

Friend #2: “Yeah sure

In the above example, the first Friend uses LMK as a request for information about a decision, the second Friend has to make based on the question that was asked.


Lmk when you get the latest report.
Lmk when you have done with the project.

Quick Wrap-up

LMK is an abbreviation of “let me know”, these short terms are called internet slang, These terms are used in text messaging and on many social media networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Messenger.

We use such acronyms in online texting, you can not use it in formal communication. Such shorthands are used just to respond quickly to a message. There are many other slang which is commonly used such as OFC, WBU and tbh, If you are a part of any social media platform then you should know these terms because you will face such internet slang.

There are many websites from where you could find different acronyms like visit Acronym Finder

I hope you like my article about “What does LMK Mean?” You can also visit some other interesting posts like What Does WBU Means in Texting & Snapchat?. For more related articles you may visit the Education category at Try Articles. Please leave a comment below that how much you find this article helpful. You may also hit your queries in the comment section below if any.


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