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15 Most Popular & Trending Hairstyles with Bangs in 2019

Long Hair With Bangs – Long hair is back in fashion, Everyone wants a flattering hairstyle, which is trendy and convenient. So if you are looking to freshen up your lengthy hair, why not to add bangs? There are many styles if fringes, some of them are mentioned below.

In this article, you will find different styles of bangs for lengthy locks and How To Pick The Best Bangs For Your Long Hair? Eyebrows also have a great impact for a stunning look, so read Simple & Easy Steps To Get Your Best Eyebrows for a perfect look.

long hair

Long Layered hairstyles with bangs are in demand these days. Everyone is looking for cool and gorgeous hairstyles for long hair. If you wish to show off your charming long hairs then try a layered haircut. Layers make long hairs more manageable and remove the annoying factor of lengthy hair falling into your face again and again.

Most Popular & Trending Hairstyles with Bangs

All layered hairstyles are not similar, there are various styles. You should try different textures and types of bangs for various and also in order to find which flattering option will suits you more.

hairstyles with bangs

Following are some of the most trending and beautiful ideas for wavy, straight shaggy and ombre long hairstyles with layered and bangs.

Long layers are the best way to frame your face, The shortest pieces must end past your jaw, which is best for adding length to short or round faces. If Chewing gum stick with your hair then do not cut your hair as there are many methods to remove the bubble gum.

long hair with bangs

Put a sleek blow-dry for the ultimate stylish finish which crisp and structured. Straight brows and lot of black eyeliner and mascara will look more perfect with a blunt fringe because of this combination will draw attention to your eyes.

2- Long Hair with Side Bangs

Long hair with side bangs is classic and girl next door style, which is a low maintenance style for long hair. Such style suits on especially round and square faces.

curtain bangs

Side Bangs is also the best option if you have thin hair but love the look of a fringe, as it gives the illusion of more volume.

3- Long Hair with Parted Bangs

Long hair with parted bangs are low maintenance hairstyle with a chilled out and festival feel. Blow-dry is not necessary, just splash through some sea salt spray and go.

long hairstyles with bangs

Parted bangs suit great on a rounder face, as they don’t visually shorten it as blunt fringes do. Longer, chin-length pieces will frame your face and add length, while choppy layers draw the eye down and keep this cut fresh.

4- Short Bangs Long Hair

Short Bangs long hair is a bold hairstyle which commands attention. Ending bangs in the center of your forehead draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows, SO if eyes and brows are your best features, then this the best look to try out.

hair bangs

This style was popular in the 20s and late 50s, but you can make it more stylish by putting a modern spin on it and combine it with long, fringe hairs and unusual colors such as blue and gray.

5- Long Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

Just leave your’s choppy bangs longer and recede them at the sides, this will help to add them in with your hair if it is lengthy. This style suits well on the rectangle face shapes as it balances out the length and also it covers a more forehead.

short bangs

Long choppy bangs are the best hairstyle if you want to get attention to the center of your face, especially to your nose and lips. As choppy cuts are meant to look a little bit messy and undone so keep some texture throughout your style.

6- Short Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

Choppy bangs are all about attitude, cutting the hair to various lengths gives it lots of styles. The edgy and shaggy look will add beauty to your fringe and make it more focus, particularly if you choose the short or baby bangs.

long black hair

Make sure that you keep the messy, rock and roll vibe going when you style it, use a sea salt spray and a work it through with fingers for a grunge finish. You can also increase your beauty by adopting different hairstyles according to your hair cut.

7- Thick Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

You will need to have medium to thick hair so that the fringe does not look stringy. These fringes are a fresher take on the full fringe, but it is not as like as ultra-short choppy fringes.

types of bangs

By cutting a rough edge on your bangs draws attention to forehead, so keep your eyebrows looking clean and groomed. This type of fringe also easy to maintain as you don’t need to keep it all one length with regular trims. Keep the rest of your hair long for a feminine finish.

8- Long Curly Hair with Bangs

The natural bounce in curly hair makes it more perfect for the fringes. For curly hair, you will need an expert stylist to get the length and shape perfectly. If you cut them shorter, then you could risk them growing straight instead of down.

Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Long curly hair with bangs is a tricky haircut but worth it if you get it right. This look has a cute and playful finish with an 80s vibes.

9- Long Curly Hair with Side Bangs

The other way to style long curly hair is to go with the side bangs. Before going with this hairstyle make sure that you work with your face shape and side part your hair as naturally as possible.

It is recommended to cut the dry curly hair as the length can seem a lot longer while hairs are wet and especially when getting bangs. After ending with the perfect length, ask your stylist to cut your bangs longer than your desired length, then refine them down to the final length.

10- Long Red Hair with Bangs

Red hair makes a bold statement especially when you have long hair. Add bangs for a cool and sexy look. A centered-parted fringe that ends just below the cheekbone make a rectangle face shape.

Check your skin’s undertone to match with the best shade of red,  golden undertones look perfect with a true red while cherry hair flatters the green undertone in olive skin.

11- Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

If you are blonde, try Long blonde hair with bangs, it will make your normal look more attractive.  This will create the illusion of thicker hair. This multi-tonal look will give you a natural effect and make growing your color easier.

Long bleached hair needs more care to keep them healthy, which is a post-color treatment like Olaplex comes in handy. Regular trims are advised to eliminate dry ends, so get an extra snip when you go to the salon to have your layered hair maintained.

12- Long Black Hair with Bangs

The hair color we frequently see on longer hair with bangs is black. Adopting to the intense color and bohemian hairstyle, it will result in a romantic and mysterious look. Don’t be afraid if you are a natural brunette while having this haircut.

Go for a smooth finish and have a full fringe cut to just below your eyebrows because it will draw attention to your cheekbones.

13- Long Brown Hair 

Long brown hair with bangs will help you to look younger, as long hair softens out an angular face, while fringe keep forehead wrinkles out of sight. French models and street-style stars love this look for its natural elegance.

The Best thing is that brown hair has the broadest, most flattering shade range for every skin tone and complexion, whether you’re fair, deep, cool, warm, or neutral.

14- Long Fine Hair 

Maybe it is challenging to cut fringe into fine hair as there is not enough to create a full thick fringe. Choose a subtle and temple-length fringe instead, also make sure there is no harsh line where your bangs end.

 As a bonus, add to the illusion of a fuller head of hair by styling your hairs with the waves. This will also soften out a strong jawline and looks gorgeous with subtle highlights.

15- Long Thick Hair 

Get some of the weight out of thick hair by cutting them in layers which will give your hairs a lighter and less dense finish. While adopting this styling, add movement and volume with bouncy waves which will ensure your hair doesn’t look like one big mass.

Long Thick Hair with Bangs

Long Thick Hair with fringe is a gorgeous, feminine style with plenty of lift, without looking messy. For a modern style, curl your long lightly, center-parted fringe outwards so that they blend in with the rest of your hair.

If you are unable to decide which look will suit you? visit a salon for perfect and cool hairstyle, Great Clips salon is among one of the top and best salon in the USA. If you are trying to make the hairstyles with bangs at home, then definitely you will need hair styler, get the best hair styler from here.

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