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13 Best & Long Hairstyles For Men in 2019

Long Hairstyles For Men– These days long hairstyle for men are becoming popular and trendy. Grooming and makeup are now no more for ladies only. Time has proved that long hairstyle is trendy for men. In this article, you will find some cool hairstyle for long locks.

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You have unlimited options in long hairstyle for men whether you wear that style on formal occasion or at the office. You can opt for your favorite hairstyle. Long hairstyle for men is worn in various ways such as wavy layers twisted or straight and curly.
It’s true that every hairstyle does not suit every kind of face shape. You should discuss with your stylist or visit hairstyle saloon before going with any long hairstyle. Find your own unique and attractive look by opting the one which suits your features.

Long Hairstyles For Men

There are various ways to opt long hair looks. You can grow your all locks of the same length or keeping the side and back short while grow long on top. Few Long hairstyles are trending theses days such as classic slick, undercut styles, and fringe cuts, etc.

mens long hairstyles

Long hairstyles for men now not only for rock star and surfers. There are many people who are rocking with long hairs. Getting good attention in the meanwhile, the long hairstyle community is becoming larger and bigger.

Here below are the top and most trending  long hairstyles for men are briefly explained:

1- Long Blonde Hairstyle for men

Long blonde hair also appears extraordinary attractive and awesome. The blonde lock looks impressive and radiant when worn long because of its light hue and natural luster.

long hair men

You choose a surfer style, then consider opting for long blonde waves because of that fall past your shoulders. Remember that prevent too much facial hair. Of course, combining it with a beard will also make this look more attractive and radiant.

2- Long Hair for Asian Men

Long hairstyle remains apart of Asian culture for a long time, many Asian opt shorter hairstyle but some still go with lengthy locks. Long hair appears stylish on Asian guys, along with referring a rich heritage.

long long man

Generally, Asian locks are thick, fast-growing and strong which provides a perfect base for an extended length. Many Asian men have straight locks, which are ideal for accomplishing powerful fringe of hair.

3- Knot Long Hairstyle for Asian Men

Knot long hairstyle is the best style for the long lock, which is also very popular, especially in Asia. There are different creative variations on the man bun. In this style, you have to pull back hair up high and caught in two small tails.

men with long hair

The man bun is a narrow twist of hair, in between the pull-through method and a classic curled bun.

4- Long Grey Hairstyle For Men

Long hair is not only for the young gents, if you are thinking that it is only for the young people then maybe you are wrong. Long locks can suit men of any age, even people who have a grey mane. Long hairs will look stylish on older gents.

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You have grey locks and want to opt long hairstyle, all you need to do is to let your grey hairs grow lengthy and rock them with an attitude. A wonderful dress suffused with smart yet laid back pieces will also help to make this look more attractive.

5- Long Undercut Hairstyle For Men

You should add an undercut to your locks if you are looking for a way to give your hairs new life. For this style, you need to shave the back and sides lock while left hair on the top of your head.

long hair cuts

After that let your locks fall on sides to for cool attitude-filled appearance. You can also try this style with the ponytail, it will work perfectly. This lock style also works well with the man bun and topknot.

6- Elegantly Side Parted Hairstyle For Men

The graceful side-parted hairstyle is one of the best lock styles. The side-parted long hairstyles for men are the most common.

guys with long hair

A person with this style looks awesome and cool. To opt this hairstyle, you will require a very little amount of effort and also a few hair products.

7- Dreadlocks

You have long locks including dreadlocks affords a range of cool hairstyles. The style is not for all gents, it is a better option for those who are ready to try little out of the ordinary, whether you have twisted or braid locks. Dreadlocks will appear uniquely stylish and awesome.

men long hair

Dreadlocks make a fashionable option which can upgrade the look of your long hairs. Just be sure you are ready to commit to maintaining and creating this style as it can take work.

8- Man Bun Hairstyle For Men

Man Bun is a classic and most trending hairstyle of these days. This style is universally famous and can be changed or customized on the basis of face shape. You need to comb locks at back with fingers, then secure with a tie and allowing few tips to put out for a relaxed appeal.

men long hairstyles

How high or low you can wear a bun depends upon the length of the locks. While men with defined bone structures can wear this appearance as slick as they like, for the most part, a looser bun is most favorite.

9- Ponytail Long Hairstyle For Men

The ponytail is the best option for the man at work. As it is an easy and quick way to style long hair. You have to pull lock back with a drop of serum to make locks shine, tying the tie over 2 or 3 times for comfort.

long hairstyles men

You feel uncomfortable with this style. You can stop by leaving a few strands near the front to fall on the face or be tucked behind ears.

10- Long Textured Waves Hairstyle For Men

Long textured waves style is famous by the Harry style. This style can be wearable almost on all face shapes, but it suits more with a guy who has a natural movement and layered cut.

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To copy this style, you need to apply a styling mousse to clean damp hair, scrunch liberally or leave to air dry. You can also dry with a drier moving the front part of hair backward. Once the locks are completely dry, then take the front section and slightly backcomb before setting with a soft hairspray.

11- Long Braids Hairstyle For Men

Long braids can be a good option for those who have long locks and are looking for a better style. This style is very unique. In this style, you have to create few braids which start from the scalp and working through your lengthy locks.

mens long hair

You can also combine this style with the man bun or ponytail to double the dose of style.

12- Long Curls Hairstyle For Men

A guy with long curly locks can also show it off in all its glory. As there are a natural volume and texture, long curls can have a great appearance for those who have a relaxed style. To opt this style, you need to condition your locks daily but remember that never over-wash it.

mens long hair

You also need to invest in moisture-rich hair products. Let your hair dry naturally, as blow-drier can cause damage.

13- Shaved Sides with Long Dreadlocks

You can keep your hair out of your way. Means to avoid falling locks on the face with this style, which is a combination of classic high fade and man bun.

hairstyles for men with long hair

The dreadlocks add an extra cool look to your bold appearance. The beard is undeniable when it comes to what differentiate the men from the boys.

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