Ever increasing belly fat is a very common problem with many people. It often happens that despite all the hectic workout schedule and diet control, fats don’t reduce and keep on accumulating around your waist and lower abdominal areas.

Yoga, an ancient Indian way of exercising, may be the solution to this situation. Yoga is a set of physical and mental exercises with the added benefit of spiritual therapy. The practicing Yoga experts are of the view that it is the best way of maintaining your mental and physical health and fitness.


So, if you are a victim of belly fat problem, despite all your endeavors to reduce it through diet control and workouts, Yoga can solve your problem and make you slim & smart.

Here we are suggesting some very popular yoga exercises which especially work in your abdominal region and reduce fats. In Hindi Language word “Asana” is meant for English word “Posture”. So, each of the yoga exercises has its unique name, ending with the word “asana” such as “Pavanamuktasana” which stands for “Wind Relieving Posture”.

Be careful, these exercises are somewhat tricky to perform but keep on practicing till you find it easy to do.

The Forward-Bend Posture

“Padahastasana” is actualy to stand upright on your feet. Heals of each foot should touch each other. Take a deep breath and raise your hands upwards. While keeping your back straight, start bending forward and release breathe. Bend forward till your back is in parallel with the ground. Keep on inhaling and exhaling deeply and continue bending further forward, till your hands touch the ground, your knees should remain straight.


While remaining in this position and tucking in your abdomen hold your breath for at least one minute. Now release the breath and return to original position. Due to the exertion of pressure on your abdomen during this exercise, belly fats are burnt quickly, thus toning up the tummy.

The Raised-Foot Posture

Also called “Uttanpadasana”. Very popular and useful yoga exercise that works on lower abs region. Also very useful for burning fats on hips and thighs. To do this exercise, you need to lie down straight with your face up and back completely touching the floor. Now stretch your legs forward while keeping both legs together. Hands should be alongside your body and palms on the floor, your head should also touch the floor.


Taking a deep breath, start raising your legs straight up, without any bend in legs. Raise your legs to an angle of 45 degrees with the floor. Hold for half a minute in this position and then further raise your legs to complete an angle of 90 degrees with the ground. Hold this position for a further half minute and return back to original position.

The Cobra Posture

“Bhujangasana”, the posture like a cobra, is one of the best yoga exercises for back muscles. While providing strength to these muscles, it is equally good at reducing fats on your abdomen.

cobra posture

Lie down on the ground with your chest touching the floor and face downwards. Separate your legs slightly while toes remain in touch with the floor. With the help of your hands touching the floor, start lifting your chest upwards with head remaining straight. Hold for at least 30 seconds and then return to original position. Repeat several times

The Bow Posture

Commonly known as “Dhanurasana”. This yoga exercise is considered the best Abdominal exercise for fats reduction. Lie on an exercise mat with face down and body weight on your abdomen. Keep both arms stretching alongside your body. While bending the knees, raise your legs and arms simultaneously, so that the hands touch your toes. Doing so, your body will be bent backward while abdomen remaining on the floor.

bow posture

Staying in this position for half a minute, inhale and exhale deeply. Also try to move backward and forward while rocking on your stomach, just as if your massaging your abdomen with the floor. Apart from stimulating the abs fat burn, it is equally useful for relief of constipation by improving the digestive system.

The Wind-Relieve Posture

Hindi name of this exercise is “Pavanamuktasana”. This is a useful yoga exercise for most of the gastric diseases. Lie on your back with face up. Legs should touch each other while arms should rest alongside your body. Bend your legs towards your abdomen. Hold your knees in your hands and push down so that a pressure is exerted on your abdominal area.

Now try to touch your knees with the chin by slightly raising your head. Remain in this position for 30 to 60 seconds. Now return to original position, while taking a deep breath on each movement.

source: www.worldpeaceyogaschool.com

Remember during each movement in any Yoga exercise, inhaling and exhaling is very important. Each time you go and come out of a particular posture, slowly and deeply inhale and exhale.

Since the postures in such exercises are somewhat extraordinary, your body needs to be flexible enough. So, don’t try to force yourself into any such posture; keep on practicing slowly so that your body is accustomed to these postures.

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