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How Does A Lunar Eclipse Occur?

Lunar eclipse also called moon eclipse occurs when the planet Earth crosses between the Sun and the Moon creating a beautiful line between all three. The astronomical phenomenon occurs more often than the solar eclipse and people love to see it. It brings an amazing view which attracts people to watch it.

How Does A Lunar Eclipse Occur

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What Is A Lunar Eclipse

According to Wikipedia, it is an astronomical event that occurs when the planet Earth crosses between the Sun and the Moon making a perfectly straight line between all of the three, causing the latter to enter the umbra of the Earth and consequently fall into darkness. For the eclipse to happen the three heavenly bodies should be aligned exactly or very close to aligning so that the Earth covers the sunlight that reaches the moon.


When Does Moon Eclipse Occur

The shadow of the moon is divided into two segments.

  • Umbra: A dark coned inner portion of the shadow
  • Penumbra: The outer shadow of the moon

Moon eclipse, therefore, can only occur in full moon, for the moon to penetrate its shadow by the Earth so that it does not get sunlight from the sun which only happens when three of them are aligned. Now you get an impression that lunar eclipse happens every month on a full moon, but certainly, it’s not like that as the moon orbits in a slightly curved angle.


Types Of Lunar Eclipse

Following are the types of moon eclipse.

  • Partial Eclipse: Occurs when only one side of the moon enters the umbra and it’s hidden.
  • Total Eclipse:  Occurs when the moon completely enters the umbral area.
  • Penumbral Eclipse: Occurs when the moon crosses the outer regions of the Earth’s shadow.

How Can You See A Lunar Eclipse

If we talk about solar eclipse it only can be seen from a specific part of Earth but if we talk about Lunar it can be seen from all over the Earth during the night. Another important thing that solar eclipse lasts for a few minutes but Lunar can be seen for several hours. The moon eclipse can be seen from a telescope or binoculars whereas Solar eclipse cannot be seen without eye protection.


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