Everybody knows that main function of flowers is to make its surrounding look beautiful. When flowers are placed in even shadowy places of the room. You will see that flowers will make it brighter.  The main function of a flower is not just to spread beauty. They also attract insects and animals around them to fertilize themselves. After a long chain of experiments, people have found methods to use flowers in medical and other aspects of daily life.


Flowers can be used in making perfumes and beauty products. Tape daily helps us to understand what the main function of flowers except looking beautiful.


  • Flowering plants fertilize by pollination. They take pollen from the male part of one flower and transfer it to another part of the female flower. Some flowers can fertilize by self-pollination. Others can pollinate themselves from cross-pollination with insects like bees. Bees are attracted to flowers which have nectar in them.
  • Once bees eat nectar, it is attached to the body hair and legs of bees. After that when bees move from one place to another they transport nectar which causes pollination.


  • The flowers have both male and female categories. Its male part is called stamen. Further stamen has two main parts anther and filament. The filament is long and movable part of the flower. It stops vector from taking away pollen. Anther is located at the top of the filament. This part of flower contains poller sacs from which pollens are made. It decreases its mass and makes itself lighter. Which help other animals and insects to carry them for pollination.
  • This is the place from where female part of the flower takes over. This female part consists of the pistil. Pistil firmly holds the entire female part of the flower. Stigma is located at the top of the female part. The pollen then transfers from male part of the flower to the female part, the pistil. From where it moves to the ovary. From where the pollination is done.

  • Pollination occurs by means of a vector. Self-pollination flower has its own vector. However other flowers depend upon wind, animals, and insects for pollination.

Seeds and Fruits

  • Now another important function of the flower which is seeds and fruits. Seeds are vital for plants existence. Animals and insects can feed on fruits of flowers as they are pleasant in taste. Some fruits come from the ovary of the flowers.  For instance, the tomato is one of them. Seeds and fruits of flowers both have a vital relationship with plants.


  • If animals or human beings do not eat fruit or transfer pollen, then flowers could not survive. Let me explain by giving one simple example. The fruit developing flowers always die after the fruit is developed because this was the main function of the flower.

Other features of flowers

We should not be tempted to flowers just because they are beautiful. This is not the only function of flowers. They are also good in taste and smell. It is due to their smell which attracts animals towards them. All flowers are not fit for human consumption.


The main function of the flower also includes reproduction.  If pollinators are not attracted to them then they would not reproduce, and their species would die. The main function of a flower is to make a life for them. if they fail in it then they have no other use.


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