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How To Maintain A Long-Distance Friendship

You might think of a long-distance friendship as a difficult relationship and one that is hard to maintain. It might stress you out thinking about it but if you act right, and follow up the ways, you can get a close and steady relation and distance would not be an issue.

It is a fact that different people can end up in different places at times, but as long as you keep in touch with your friend, the physical distance would not be an issue. As the physical distance can sometimes make people grow apart, it can also bring them closer if you follow the given tips and suggestions.

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Staying In Contact

It is a fact that as the world is advancing, days are getting more busier. In today’s era, it is really difficult to take out some time for your family or even to hang out with your friends. But, if your friend moves to another place, you must spare some time out of your busy life in order to maintain your friendship.

Call your friend every day and ask him about his studies or job. Try to acknowledge about happenings in his life and show your interest. You show also ask him about his new friends and if he is having any difficulty in his life. Try to listen, support and advise him.


Start Daily Chatting

With the advancement in technology, smartphones have made life way too easier. It is now convenient for us to talk to our loved ones with little effort. Take advantage of this and daily chat with your distant friends. You can also Skype or Facetime or any other video chatting application as it is the best way to stay in touch. To make the video chat more fun, you guys can have a light meal or snack and talk freely about your old memories with the addition to recent happenings.


Send Presents

Try to remember special dates such as that of birthday or your friend anniversary, you should also memorize your friend’s wedding anniversary if they are married. On these special occasions, you can surprise your friend with a beautiful present. You can show your friend that you still care and make them happy by sending them gifts, in this way, you will also receive presents from them and this exchange of presents will make your bond more strong.


Make Plans To Be Reunited Again

As you meet your friends regularly and hang out often, it is important to meet your distant friend as well. A friendship does not solely depend on chatting or video calling, planning a hangout and spending some quality time together is also a major element. You should try to take out some time to visit them or you can call them at your place. Planning a surprise visit on a special occasion such as their birthday can also grow you close. You can talk about things you would do together as it will play a positive role too.


Recall Memories And Plan Activites

In a long-distance friendship, the most important thing is to recall the memories and the quality time you guys spent together. It will not only grow you closer, but memories will not fade away. You should discuss the old memories one by one, especially the funny ones and laugh at it together. If you’re apart, you can still have fun. You should plan activities such as reading a new novel or watching a movie together or a fun new exercise. It will give you some new topics to discuss apart from how distant you guys are.FRIENDSHIP- PLAN ACTIVITIES

Stay The Same

Sometimes, when your distant friend makes new friends, you feel like you two are not close anymore. You assume that you are no longer good friends now. But this is not the case mostly, you should empty these thoughts or if they bother you more, you should have a talk with your friend about how you feel. If you do not change at all, they would not too. It is up to you to break or make the friendship.


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