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How To Make A Holiday Album?

A dream holiday trip is perhaps the onetime experience of your life. The time you spent, the places you visited, people you came across, food and music you enjoyed during this trip would become part of your memories. It is something which is not going to come again in your life. So, you may love to preserve these moments.

There may be so many ways to memorize these events. One of those may be the collection of photographs and souvenirs in your holiday album. A holiday album may be arranged in a number of ways. There is no fixed technique for the purpose.

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You can make a perfect holiday album of your lifetime, using following easy steps.

  • First of all, visit any stationary shop in your area and select a good looking scrapbook or a simple photo album. We would, however, suggest buying a scrapbook of good quality material.
  • Creativity, aesthetic sense, and artistry are the main tools you should use while making your holiday album. After all, it is your one time/life time memories.
  • You should get yourself well prepared before starting your trip if you aim to get it memorized in shape of an album afterward. For this, you should select a good quality camera or even a high-quality cell phone can serve the purpose.
  • If possible, you should also arrange a backup camera to avoid any unpleasant situation during the trip.
  • Gather all your photographs and souvenirs you get during your trip. Apart from photographs, you may gather various items such as bus or train tickets or tickets of music concert you attended.
  • It may also include artistically designed cards from a shop you visited during your trip. It may be anything of any kind, which reminds you the sweet moments you spent with your loved ones on this trip.
  • You may also preserve the roadmap you used on journey. You may mark the route on your map with different colored pencils. You may cut the route map as well to paste it in your album or the whole map can be preserved (depending on the size of map and space available in your scrapbook).
  • You may add notes or stickers on the map for the places you visited.
  • Take printouts of photographs taken during the trip. For making these photographs more attractive and meaningful, prints may be of different sizes and colors. Some of the photos may be printed in black & white to give it a romantic touch. This will make your album more personalized and unique.
  • To describe the photos and souvenirs, short text may also be added. These short notes may be in form of printed stickers or more preferably in your own handwriting. Doing so will give a more personalized look to your album and a feeling that it belongs to you.
  • Different fonts and colors may be chosen for different events. This is purely your own aesthetic sense to select which color or font should be used for a photo or event.
  • Create different sections in your album, code them and make your album more attractive.
  • Selection of items to be placed in different sections is again a very tricky job; depends largely on your own imagination.
  • If you are giving notes in your handwriting, use different types of pencils, pens, marker etc. The color scheme of these notes again depends on your choice and imagination.
  • If you are using computer printouts for notes/texts, select different colored papers to suit your requirements. This will make your album more eye-catching.
  • The last step is how to place various items in your scrapbook/album. Different techniques and methods can be used for this purpose. Some items can easily be pasted with gum. Some can be placed with the help of sticking tape. Others can be stapled or pinned up. Some items can be accommodated in the placeholders available in some albums.

Happy holidayWe have provided some guidelines for your holiday album but these are not considered to be as a hard fast rule. Creation of a good album of your lifetime memories needs a lot of effort and imagination which is only possible through your own instinct. The guidelines provided above are perhaps the minimum requirements of an album but it has no limits. It goes with your imagination and creativity. So never stop thinking.

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