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How To Make A Silk Flower Arrangement For A Vase?

Flowers add beauty to your room. Having flowers of different types and color in your room is always a great idea. It gives a pleasant look to your room. Though the natural fresh flowers have no alternative but. at times maintaining these flowers becomes so difficult and time taking. That’s why most households prefer to decorate their homes with artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers, with the advancement in technology, look just like real flowers. The best part of artificial flowers is, you don’t have to water them and you don’t have to replace them and above all, their color doesn’t fade.

The only thing you need to do is, keep them clean and wipe out the dust. Amongst so many types of artificial flowers, silk flowers are the most commonly used ones.

silk flower

These are so artistically manufactured that at times you can’t differentiate between a real and a silk flower. These are widely used as a decorative flower in homes and offices.

You can make a bouquet or a garland with these silk flowers for any ceremony. These silk flowers can be used in making a flower crown or a corsage or boutonniere. In this article, we are suggesting some useful tips on how to make a silk flower arrangement for a vase.

Basics Of A Silk Flower Arrangement

For any silk flower arrangement, first of all, you have to do some basic preparations.

  • Select a vase. Silk flowers can be arranged in any type of vessels, such as glass jar, a bottle, a bowl or any other thing that can hold flowers. You can also use a colander, tin can, or a decanter; whatever you may like. The choice is yours but we will move forward with a vase.
  • Next thing you need is either clay or a floral foam. This is required for holding your flowers in place. If you are going to use heavier flowers, clay will work better but for lighter ones, floral foam is also good. So, get it from your nearest garden shop.

Flower Arrangement

  • These are required for covering the foam or clay in your vase if you are using a glass vase made up of transparent material. Adding a layer of fake grass or moss gives a greenish look that is more close to nature.
  • Floral tape or cling clay will be required to hold the floral foam or clay in the base of the vase. Cling clay is just like an ordinary clay but is of sticky or adhesive nature. A thin layer of cling clay will hold good the foam or the clay you add to the vase for holding the flowers.
  • Same is the function of floral tape; additionally, the floral tape is also required for sticking different things together such as a leave, stem or a shoot.
  • Your liking and disliking with a touch of creativity is the only thing that will guide you to select the right silk flowers for your home. You may want to have different types of flowers with different colors to make a nice flower arrangement for your room.
  • However, the size of the flowers is something very important. Choose the size, considering the place you want to display them in your room.
Try to buy silk flowers which are closest to the real flowers; their shape, size and color should be most like the real ones.

Making A Silk Flower Arrangement

Once you have learned the basics of a silk flower arrangement, this is the time to visit your nearest flower/garden shop and buy the material as suggested above. Once you have collected the material, let’s now start preparing a silk flower arrangement.

  • Get an appropriately sized glass vase. Put a thin layer of cling clay on the bottom and add floral foam or clay (depending on the size of flowers) over it.
  • To give it a natural look, you should add some moss or fake grass so that the floral foam or clay is completely covered. You may break or separate the fake grass or moss to look somewhat loose so that it looks like a natural grass. If required, you can dampen the moss; it makes it easier to mold it your liking.
  • Normally the silk flowers have a wire to hold them together. Before inserting your silk flowers in the vase, you have to give them a shape of your choice. For this, you have to first spread the branches and leaves and then bend the wire so that the leaves and branches should hold their shape and design, you want.
  • Key to your success is, don’t give a sharp or angled bend to the wire. This will spoil the whole thing and your arrangement will not look to be a natural floral arrangement.
  • Trimming of stems of the flower is yet another key point. To get a correct sized flower, cutting off the stem to right length is very important. Always cut the stem with an angle, this will help to hold its place in the vase. Be careful, the stem should be just according to the depth of the vase.
Making A Silk Flower Arrangement
  • Since the flower arrangement you are preparing is a real 3D object, not a picture, remember it will be seen from all directions while placed in your room. Therefore the arrangement of flowers in the vase is so important. As a general rule, always place largest and longest ones in the center. Insert three large flowers in the center of the vase.
  • After that, smaller flowers can be arranged around the central large flowers is a way, that the size of the flowers gradually becomes shorter as you move away from the center. That means the largest flowers in the center and the shortest flowers on the edges.
  • Once you have filled the vase with your silk flowers, you will observe some vacant spaces in between the flowers. You can fill these spaces carefully and wisely with some greenery. For this purpose, you can use fake grass and artificial leaves. Carefully fill the gaps and stick the leaves or grass with the stems using the floral tape.
  • Make sure the floral tape should not be visible.


  • While buying silk flowers, you may take with you the vase as well. Insert your flowers in the vase and see how they will look like when you are done with your flower arrangement. This may help you a lot in the selection of correct type and size of flowers.
  • You can use different types of flowers to make the different type of arrangements such as traditional arrangement, a romantic arrangement or a modern silk flower arrangement. Each type of flower has its own meaning; select the ones based on what type of arrangement you would like to make.

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