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How to make bridal mehndi design for hands?

Especially for ladies to attend weddings they use to apply mehndi design on their hands in order to make weddings more appropriate. Mehndi design is an important part of different culture especially in Asian cultures, they use to apply mehndi design before weddings. It’s not just in Asian culture but women and girls of other cultures also use mehndi just because mehndi is temporary, and you can remove it as you want if you are not comfortable with it.


For an Asian bride’s mehndi takes an important place in following different norms, as different cultures show that mehndi is the sign of happiness and wealth.Mehndi is usually applied on arms and feet of a bride using different beautiful designs in order to look bride more attractive and stand out. These designs styles usually range from motifs up to pepper leaf. Nowadays mehndi designs and styles are made in geometrical and some symmetry shapes. In this article, we will guide you how to make bridal mehndi design for hands.

Tips For Applying the Mehndi

There are various bridal mehndi designs some of them are attractive and fabulous and some are complicated and applying mehndi is not an easy task to do. We are giving you some techniques to use before applying mehndi to the bridle hand.

  • First, you have to sit in a place where you are comfortable so as to avoid moving while applying mehndi to your hand, it takes around 3-4 hours to dry and till that time you have to be patient. This is to avoid moving your hand once the mehndi design is applied to your hand.


  • Once you have settled down for mehndi put a tissue paper or towel close to you, in case if have unluckily touch anything with the same hand this step is just for your caution. Afterward, you can use a towel to wipe the mehndi stains.
  • For applying the mehndi effectively and efficiently, make sure you are making the mehndi paste by yourself at home.

Things Required While applying Mehndi Design

Here is the list of things that is useful while applying mehndi design


  • The Mehndi Cone.
  • A Mehndi Design which you want to use.
  • A piece of tissue or towel if something went wrong.

Steps Required for applying Mehndi

Steps Required for applying Mehndi


  • First of all, remove the pin in front of mehndi cone tip. This will make sure that you are now using it.
  • For applying the mehndi, you have to put pressure on the back part of the mehndi to ensure mehndi past will squeeze out.
  • If mehndi is mistaken squeezed more then clean it with tissue paper or towel.
  • Keep this thing in mind that you have to hold the mehndi cone in the same way as you hold the pencil.
  • Now after holding the mehndi, take a good look at the design which you will be going to use and then apply it on the hand.
  • Here is one more condition. If you are applying on someone’s hand then start it from the base otherwise if you are applying on your own hand then try it from the fingertips.
  • Hold the mehndi cone in the same way as pen or pencil and keep looking at the design you are making to make it amazingly perfect.
  • In case if your mehndi strays the design, use the towel or tissue to remove it as quickly as possible to remove it before leaving the mehndi mark.
  • Once you have applied the mehndi on the bride’s hand, the palm will be the darkest place of the mehndi.

Steps after applying mehndi on your hand


  • Once you are done with applying mehndi then make the mixture of sugar syrup along with lime juice and apply it on the part where mehndi design is created with a cotton swab. This will look your mehndi design darker and prettier.
  • After applying mehndi if there is irritation on your hand then consult the doctor you might have some of the allergies.
  • After applying mehndi don’t use water to clean that hand for almost 3-4 hours. Mehndi will take almost overnight to dry perfectly.
Tips: Take this into consideration that applies mehndi almost 24 hours before going for weeding so as to ensure that mehndi dried up properly.
I hope you find my article helpful if you have any further queries you can mention in the comment section down below, I’ll be humble to help you out. For other related articles, you can visit 


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