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How To Make Translucent Powder At Home?

There are so many expensive translucent powders out there! And the rise in the hype of a few certain ones comes from the moment where celebrities are news flashed to wear them. It’s actually a very important step in keeping your makeup looking flawless all day. Hence, the urge to buy the best one available on the market.

But, what if we tell you that you can make just as awesome a translucent powder at home and save the expensive purchase? In this TryArticles article, we will guide you from start till the end on how you can create your very own budget-friendly, easy-to-make translucent powder!

Translucent Powder At Home

What Is A Translucent Powder?

It get’s its name from the sheerness of it. A translucent powder is very lightweight and brings about little but, a necessary change to the appearance of your skin.

Applying a translucent powder can be your only step or the last step of your makeup routine. If you are someone who is blessed with beautiful skin and it does not need much covering up then you can apply your favorite moisturizer and top it with a light dusting of translucent powder.

Translucent Powder

While on the other hand, this step comes in when you’ve layered your skin with foundation and you want to lock it and keep it in place for over 8 hrs plus. You swirl some translucent powder on your powder brush and dust it all over your face. Areas on your face, where you feel have the tendency to crease, there you can press in the translucent powder by using a makeup sponge

It creates a finely toned canvas. it can also be used over the eyelids if you have oily lids. It keeps the eye-shadow in place.

It comes in two forms:

  • Pressed into a pan.
  • Loose powder.

What Is A Translucent Powder Made Of?

Most translucent powders are made of  3 ingredients in total. Talc is added or subtracted from some. Depends on the company making it and when it comes to making it at home, it ends up being a personal preference.  They’re meant to suit every skin tone, hence the addition of cocoa powder is optional.


Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder is a great ingredient for paleo and gluten-free diets. It’s a very flexible ingredient and does a bunch of other things as well. But, it’s awesomeness doesn’t just end in the kitchen.

When it comes to beauty products arrowroot starch is used in powders to enable penetration in the outer levels of your skin, It helps make the skin silkier and smoother to touch.


Cornstarch Powder

Cornstarch is not only for thickening your soup, it’s actually a great product for absorbing oiliness. Hence the addition of cornstarch in a translucent powder, as it stops the foundation from creasing and forming lines. Cornstarch also adds to the smooth silky feel.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder

This one is optional if you want a hue to your powder. You could add less or more depending on your skin tone.

The Benefits Of Using A Translucent Powder

  • Performs effortlessly well for all skin colors and skin types.
  • Absorbs excess oil, and helps keep your make up stay longer and fresh looking.
  • Applying this to eyelids prolongs their staying power as it does to the foundation on your face.
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores.
  • Can be worn on bare skin (with no foundation underneath).
  • Very lightweight and summer friendly.

The Importance of Fine Milled Powders

Finely Milled Powder

The powder needs to be finely milled in order to look flawless when applied. The particle size needs to be tiny enough to settle in the pores, filling them up temporarily and giving you that smooth canvas look! So make sure of your powder ingredients (which all of them are) are finely milled.

There are plenty of different qualities available out in the market, Always choose one that specifies how finely milled the powder is.  This will help achieve better finishing results.

The Making

Let’s head to the pantry and get onto making this awesome powder!

Homemade Translucent Powder


  • Arrowroot –1/2 Cup.
  • Cornstarch — 1/4 Cup.
  • Cocoa powder — 1/2 to 1 Tbsp  (optional).


Take a ‘glass’ container as it helps to see the mixing of powders well. Measure out the first two ingredients and mix well. The next step is optional. We are making a translucent powder, so you may skip it all together if you like. Add the cocoa powder 1 Tsp at a time just to ensure you don’t overdo with the hue and not make it too dark.

Now transfer your loose powder into an empty cosmetic container. Make sure the container has sieve holes in it to release an ample amount of powder. Without it, it creates a lot of mess and wastes too much of product as well.

That’s it, you’re done! You are now an owner of your self-created translucent powder!

Do share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if you try making our translucent powder recipe at home.

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