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How To Make Wall Art Stencils Designs?

The decoration of a home, the room of office is not a new thing in the history of mankind. It has been the point of focus for centuries. However, the style and methods of decorating a home or office have changed a lot with the passage of time, though still, we can see some ancient styles in use, in some parts of the world.

The style and methods of decoration changes with the mood and choice of a person, depending largely on the culture and traditions and to some extent the religion as well. Whatever may be the style of decoration, the focal point, however, always remains the same; the room should look beautiful, unique and above all, it should be fit for living.


While some decoration styles may not require, but most of them need a lot of artistic touches. Wall Stencils art is one of those, where skills and artistic touch goes parallel. Stencil wall art is gaining popularity day by day. Displaying different patterns on walls, textiles and doors in bedrooms, living areas and even the children rooms is one of the favorites, these days.

Yes, you can buy ready to use patterns like wallpapers but that may be an expensive option. Painting the walls with different patterns, using stencils, is a cheap and easy way of decorating the walls of a room, as an alternative to wallpapers. In this article, we will let you know some useful tips on how to make wall art stencils designs.


For making wall art stencils designs, the following material will be required:

  • Stencil paper/sheet
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Cutting Mat
  • Knife
  • Masking tape
  • Adhesive spray
  • Stencil paint and brush


Once you have the material in hand, let’s now move onto how you will make the stencils?

Searching For A Pattern

The first and foremost important thing is the design or pattern you want. This is something that totally depends on your likings and choice. As said earlier, making wall art stencils, one has to be a little artistic. So, use your artistic and creative skills and come out with a brand new, genuine design of your own.

As an alternative, however, you can search a pattern or design of your choice on the internet and get a print of it. Next important thing is the size of pattern/design. It depends on the size of the wall which you want to decorate with wall art design stencils.

Searching For A Pattern

If it is a small area, you can use a single pattern or a combination of more than one. For the larger area, another option is to use a series of patterns or repeat the same pattern, so many times. However, don’t compromise on artistic touch and make sure the repetition of patterns doesn’t give a bad look.

Preparation Of Stencil Sheet

Blank Stencil sheets can be bought from any stationary shop. But it is strongly recommended to make your sheets, for which you will have to buy a plastic folder. It costs less. Bring the plastic folders and cut them in the size of your choice that should fit the wall pattern you want to make. Then put them together and tape them; your stencil sheet is ready.

Preparation Of Stencil Sheet

Draw Or Trace The Pattern

Whether you bought ready to use Stencil sheets or you have made your own, using plastic folders, as explained above, the most important; rather sensitive task is ahead of you. You have to draw the pattern on these stencil sheets. If you have the skill, you may like to draw a pattern of your liking, directly on the stencil sheets. But that may be a difficult ask for most people.

The other option, as discussed above, is to search a suitable pattern on the internet and get a print of it. Then place the printout underneath your stencil sheet. Since the stencil sheet is transparent or semi-transparent, you can easily see the image of pattern across the sheet.

draw the pattern

Now carefully trace the pattern on the stencil sheet with the help of a marker. This, however, needs a certain level of expertise. Tracing the image needs some practice. So, try it on some useless plastic sheets before you move on to trace it on stencil sheets. With a little practice, you will be able to trace the image successfully.

Cutting Stencil

Again a very skillful act is ahead of you; cutting the stencil, exactly according to the pattern, traced on your stencil sheets. For best results, an exact knife is recommended, which ensures precision. Place the stencil sheet on a cutting mat, carefully spreading evenly. Using the exact knife, carefully and slowly cut the sheet according to the pattern traced on it.


This needs plenty of skills. So, try cutting the stencils again and again, using some useless sheets. Once you attain a bit of expertise, you can move on to actual stencil cutting. It’s however, a time-consuming job, so be patient and concentrate on this task. After cutting the stencil, compare it with the actual print to make sure, the cutting is perfect.

Fixing Stencils On Wall

Once the stencils have been cut, next step is to fix it on the wall where you want the pattern to be painted. Choose the space according to your layout plan. This can be done in either of these two methods.

  • Place the stencil on a flat surface with face down and backside of stencil up. Spray the back side with the adhesive spray.
  • Fix the stencil on the wall with the help of masking tape. Masking tape should be fixed on the outer edges of the stencil.
fixing on wall

We recommend the first one because you can achieve the best results with this method. To ensure that the pattern is not tilted, straighten it before fixing on the wall, using a leveling stick.

Painting The Pattern On Wall

The last step is to paint the pattern on the wall. For this purpose, the most important thing is the selection of the correct color. Considering the overall ambiance of the room and the style of the pattern, you can select the best possible color of the paint. Mostly depends on your aesthetic sense and your liking.

Paint the cut spaces on the stencil with the stencil paint, with the help of a stencil brush. Be careful that paint should not spread beyond the borders of the stencil, otherwise your wall may be damaged. You can use other paints as well, but the stencil paint has the quality of quick-drying, which helps protect your wall of overspreading of paint.

In any case, leave the paint to dry on its own. Normally it should get dry within a day. After you have painted one stencil on the wall, you will have to repeat the same process for each stencil to complete the layout of your wall art design. It may the repetition of the same sketch or it may be a combination of different sketches painted in a pre-set style/design.

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