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How to do your makeup for an evening wedding

If you want to crack out the best dress in wardrobe then evening weddings are the best way to do it, including a variety of outfits you can choose from the wardrobe that fits your style add-on with different hairstyles to make it perfect for evening weddings. In evening weddings, you should be cautious of putting makeup perfectly that makes you stand out in the wedding. That’s not feasible for those with the short budget they usually use to avoid salon. In this article, we will provide easy techniques that will help you in makeup for an evening wedding.

How to do you makeup for an evening weddings

Steps you Should keep in Mind for Evening Wedding

  • If you are looking for putting the makeup that longs last, then you should apply the foundation that is best suitable to avoid the deficiencies and looks perfect on your face. Normally due to sun or sweat makeup vanishes so instantly not just in the day but on the evening too. In order to avoid it, you should choose products that are waterproof.


  • If your face contains dark circle, pimples or any other face marks then hide them using concealer with the addition of compact powder over the concealer to look perfect. The compact powder will soften your face presence. If you want more natural look then you can also use translucent powder instead for a healthy appearance.


  • After all that you are now done with base makeup. Now in order to make your eyes look perfectly matching with your face. For this, you have to apply some compact powder to your upper eyelid. This will enhance your makeup time to stay longer and look fresher. This will help you retain your eyeshadow for a longer period.
  • Despite choosing different makeup styles for your face, applying eyeshadow perfectly is significant for makeup that will overcome the chances of ruining whole makeup. For those looking for different thoughts on how to do makeup for evening, the wedding does consider a variety of eye makeup styles like dramatic, golden makeup or shimmer eyeshadow as well.


  • After completing your eyeshadow while doing makeup now start working on eyeliner. Here we will provide you some secrets that will make your eyes look amazingly different from others which will add your makeup to more intense look. If you want your eyes to finish to appear neat and perfectly professional, then apply eyeliner that will frame the eyes.
  • Now after you are done with eyeliner put on mascara on eyelashes. This will make your eyes look amazing and beautiful for an evening wedding.


  • Lips are the spotlight of makeup. While doing makeup your focus should be more on making your lips look beautiful. Lips-makeup gives an amazing odor to your makeup, especially for evening wedding makeups. You should keep this thing in mind that your lips should look similar to your theme dress. To make it more appropriate for a wedding. There is no strict rule to obey while doing lips-makeup.
  • If you have put smoky eyes, then don’t use the same style to your lips then try to use sheer lip gloss or either use light lipstick. This will avoid the overdoing with it.

SHEER SMOKY LIP GLOSS for eveing wedding

  • After you are done with refining your eye makeup you can paint lips as red that is more attractive to eyes but doesn’t make it too dark that will ruin all your makeup. It all depends on the theme you are choosing for the evening wedding to look balance and more decent. We all know that evening wedding usually contains dark and shaded themes. So, try to use makeup colors accordingly.
  • For the evening wedding, makeup doesn’t forget to spot your cheekbones for the finishing makeup. Use blusher or bronzer to put some attractive colors on your face. Choose an appropriate blush that suits the skin tome and seems like the natural color. Be cautious while applying it because on overdoing you will look like a clown. Especially doing it with dark makeup.

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