If you have a Maltese dog and you do not know how many puppies Maltese dog can give? or In case you have a pregnant Maltese dog then do read this article so you will have an idea how much puppies will be born so that you can make preparations and be mentally ready because when the owner knows about that its pet is pregnant it creates anxiety & excitement.

Maltese Dog

Therefore in this article, we will explain to you how many puppies a Maltese dog can have in detail.

Number Of Puppies Maltese Dog Can Give

  • We start with the most important thing of Maltese dogs pregnancy, in case you wanted to breed your dog so that you will have more puppies then you should make sure that the male dog is one year old because male dogs reach maturity after one year.
  • You must pay attention to your female dog because they will bring puppies in the word. The Maltese dog is fully mature when they are 18 months or 2.5 years old which is the best time to breed your dog.
  • In Maltese dog first heat occurs when they are 6 months old we recommend you do not breed your dog at this time because they are not fully mature at this age.

young Maltese dog

  • In Maltese dog, the heat duration is 2 to 3 weeks which are divided into different phases. In the first phase, the dog starts bleeding and vulva swells up this stage is called the proestrus. In the second stage, the bleeding in the dog disappears and you can breed your dog at this stage.
  • You should know about the ovulation cycle of your dog most importantly when you want to breed your dog, we recommend you to go to vet doctor and with smear test know the appropriate dates.
  • Maltese dogs have puppies between 3 to 8 young which can vary because of this dogs size (Maltese is a small breed). One of the important factors which we should keep in mind in determining the number of puppies in dogs is the age of the Maltese dog. Note, the fertility in Maltese dogs is at its peak after the 4th heat cycle.
  • Health and diet of dog have an effect on dogs during their pregnancy. The fertility period lasts for a couple of days, therefore, we suggest you breed your dog in this time period so that you should have maximum numbers of puppies.

baby dog

  • The number of puppies not just depend upon your Maltese female dog but it also depends on the how much fertile is the male dog you choose for a breed.
  • In the last phase which starts from the fifth week, the pregnancy signs of your dog will appear and you will see the size of your dog increases and you will be able to feel the puppies movement by touching the dog.
  • When your pet has given birth to little puppies then it is very important for you to arrange a space for the new guests, keep it in mind that dogs are guided by their sense after birth so do not bath them immediately after birth.

Maltese puppies

  • If you immediately bath your pet’s puppies then it means you remove their sense of smell and your puppies will be confused.
  • If you want to clean your pet then use a towel and take away your pet from its bed for few seconds properly clean it and then return to near to its puppies.

Clean your pet

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