Matching best friend tattoos ideas:Do matching tattoos strengthen friendships?

If you want to show off your relationship with your best friend then BFF tattoos are a fun and popular way. So you can show your friendship relationship by matching tattoos. We will provide matching best friend tattoos ideas and best friend tattoos Pinterest.

So now you need to ask a question from yourself, either you should express your feelings or not. Question is, do you have something that you both can relate to show a symbol of your eternal friendship.


Best Friend Tattoos

In friendship, everyone faces good, bad and worse moments together but for best friends, friends should always be loyal. In this article, we will discuss best friend tattoos ideas with which you can strengthen your friendship.

Types of Best Friend Tattoos

We will discuss 5 types of BFF or Best Friend Tattoos here with images.

  • Peanut butter and jelly tattoos: As we all know peanut butter and jelly always goes together in a sandwich. They both are necessary for eachother and one is never better without the other. This is a best and fun way for you to represent yourself with your Bestfriend.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  • Girly best friend tattoos: If you want to focus on pictures instead of words, then you can choose any symbol. You may add a ribbon to it. Additional swirls, hearts, crowns, birds, butterfly wings, owls, basically anything.

Girl Bestfriend tattoo

  • Hearts best friend tattoos: For BFF tattoos the most popular way is Hearts BFF tattoos. Some best friends get matching heart tattoos include loving quotes. Some also use a thumbprint heart on the ankles or on the wrist.


  • Best friend quotes tattoos: You can place quote of your choice, including hearts or smaller people acting out these quotes. There is also another way, by deciding to sport half a quote on one person and continue remaining on similar location on the next person.

BFF quotes

  • Celtic Knot: This knot symbolizes love, friendship, eternity, and infinite loyalty. This is also known as the mystic knot and if you notice them, these beautiful knots have no ending or a beginning.

Celtic Knot tattoos

6 Steps Before Tattoo Designs Friendship

Nowadays, almost everyone has gotten a tattoo on their body, some have small, while others completely occupy their body. Before the two of you design a tattoo, there are many important things you should know.

  1. Think Before You Get To Tattoo: First of all, you need to think carefully before to get a tattoo. Remember once you made it then it would be for life, it can not be removed.
  2. Choose the place of your body: Now second step is to choose the place where you are going to have the tattoo. You can do it in the area in which you like best that could be Ankle, wrist or neck or any other place.
  3. Meaningful sentences: As a good friend, you have that essential saying suitable for any circumstance that can come up. You can choose a few words of support, laughter, or joy that accompanies you.
  4. Puzzle Piece: Another great idea is to get a tattoo having a puzzle piece. You may ask why to choose puzzle pieces? the reason is it symbolizes the perfect union between two different pieces.
  5. Small details that are really yours: If you do not want to get a large tattoo then this idea is perfect for you. You just need to find a small corner of your body to imprint them. Remember look for something you like that can represent you, as only then will it be a personal and unique tattoo.
  6. Personal: You need to choose a tattoo should be something very personal and just share with your best friend. Think what does friendship means for you and mark it onto your body.

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Ideal Placement for Best Friend Tattoos

There are many parts of your body that you can choose for your best friend tattoos. You can place BFF tattoo on wrist, the back of the hand, the chest, shoulders, back, spine, feet, ankles, fingers, and neck. Best placement for best friend tattoos are:

  • Arms and wrists: As they can be seen easily and will also remind you of your friendship.
  • Chest: It is near to a person’s heart and is the best place for you to get your BFF tattoo.

How much did your Tatoo Cost?

Before choosing a BFF tattoo you should also consider a cost on it. If you want to get a tattoo, you must know how much does a typical tattoo cost. There are two ways used by tattoo artists to charge for their services and that are:

  • Time takes to Finish
  • Standard Set prices

Usually, the typical tattoo can have a minimum cost of $50 up to $100 per hour of service.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Best Friend Tattoos

Once you selected your design and have gotten your ink done then there is also cost for aftercare. You need to take care of your tattoo as much as possible. Here below we provided some useful tips that you must follow in order to maintain BFF tattoo:

  • Never pick on a scab while the tattoo is drying up
  • You need to Leave your bandage on for at least an hour and no longer than four or five hours
  • After you get a new tattoo, you can’t swim in lakes, pools, ponds, or even you don’t need to take baths for up to three weeks

I hope now you can easily choose BFF tattoos and can even maintain them to strengthen your friendship. For further queries, you can comment in the comment section.


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