Memory loss is the illness that includes the inability to remember anything in a specific period of time. The memory loss can occur due to many reasons like trauma situations, sudden accidents, and infections that highly affect the brain activities.MEMORY LOSS

Here at TryArticles, I discuss the causes, treatment, and consequences of memory loss.

Causes, Treatment And Consequences Of Memory Loss

There are several causes of memory loss and the memory loss can be treated with medication and therapies. Memory loss can also occur from sudden forgetfulness and confusions. The depression and anxiety also play a major role in the memory loss.

Causes Of Memory Loss

There are some factors and reasons that are responsible for any damage to the brain and poor psychological health of people. These factors are involved in creating the specific inabilities and disorders that negatively affect the psychological and mental health many times. Here are some causes that lead to memory loss in people.

Health Issues

The health issues disturb the mental activities and working with neurons and then it leads to the serious illness that is the inability to remember anything termed as memory loss. Many health issues may participate to enhance the chance of memory loss by affecting the normal functioning of the brain.

health issues

The health problems can be proved dangerous for psychological health because physical health directly affects the psychological well being, therefore, certain health issues like infections of the urinary tract and the respiratory infections may seriously stop the normal functioning of the body. The functioning of the brain also disturbs by inappropriate body functioning.


Asthma is also a serious cause of memory loss because the asthma patients suffer from the deficiency of oxygen and if oxygen is present in less amount in the blood then it can cause the death of cells and tissues because the cells and tissues of the body are sensitive for oxygen. So brain cells and neurons are highly affected by the deficiency of oxygen and sudden death of cells may occur that promote the memory loss.


The amount of carbon dioxide increases in the blood due to decreased quantity of oxygen and then cells may die continuously with the deficiency of oxygen.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the main reason for memory loss that can occur in the middle age or old age. This disease includes the mood swings in the patients that are due to anxiety and impaired language that cause memory loss. The people who are diagnosed with this disease can live from fifteen to twenty years. The people with this disease can not remember the things properly and they forget the names of their closed ones like daughter or son, when they are at last stage of this disease.

Alzhimer's disease

These patients also forget that where they keep things that they used daily. People who are suffering from other diseases like heart disease or kidney failure have fewer chances to live for a long time with this disease. So memory loss can be caused by this disease in many people. Alzheimer’s disease is also a form of dementia that creates impaired thinking and confusions in mind.


Causes of bad memory also include the aging factor because brain functioning occurs slowly and neurons cannot perform the function fast as in the age of 18 or 25 so aging can cause the memory loss. You may have seen many people who suffer from memory loss due to aging.


The old people often forget the past events that had occured with them and they only remember the highlighted events. Sometimes the forgetting may high and people forget the present events also. The chances of memory loss are increased as the age of people increases.

Emotional Problems

Emotional instability and issues also create the anxiety and depression in mind. So this stressful situation cause the changes in the blood pressure and it becomes low or high then brain normal functioning may disturb due to stressful situations so the chances of memory loss can be more in emotionally unstable people. Emotional ProblemsThe people who can not cope with the difficult situations and becomes highly emotional unstable & have more chances of memory loss.


Trauma situations also lead to the memory loss in many people. The sudden accidents and depressed events can cause the trauma situations that affect the normal brain functioning and cause confused thinking that negatively affects the psychological well being then chances of memory loss increases from these trauma situations. For example, the sudden death of loved ones or rape cases can cause trauma situations in the people.Trauma

Use Of Drugs

Drugs also have a serious cause of memory loss especially alcohol. The continuous use of alcohol can also cause the memory loss in the people because drug abuse causes the deficiency of oxygen in the cells so these cells may die from less amount of oxygen. Drugs can cause the short-term memory loss in people. Other medical conditions like any surgery or disease can also affect the short-term memory.

drug use

Treatments For Memory Loss

As treatment of everything is possible now the memory loss is also treated and can control in the best way. The medicines that are effective in the treatment of memory loss are used also. The treatments are following.

Healthy Diet

The diets that have a high amount of saturated fats should be used by the patients who are suffering from memory loss. These diets with saturated fats are red meat, cheese, butter and ice cream etc. Fresh fruits and vegetables also help to control the damaging of brain cells. The antioxidant substances can also prevent the brain cells from damage.



Medicines that are approved by FDA are of two types. These medicines are cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine that helps to recover the confused thinking, memory loss and problem-related to thinking. These medicines are also used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.



  • Different treatments are available that can help to reduce the high blood pressure to prevent from nerve-damaging.
  • The treatments for dementia are available and medicines help to prevent these diseases that are related to memory.
  • The treatments are specific for the conditions of memory loss.
  • Short-term memory loss medication is also available.

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