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What Does MHM Mean In Texting? Internet Slang

MHM is an acronym for “mm-hmm“, which is used in place of yes or no. There are many other short terms such as OFC, LMK, and WBU which are frequently used in online texting. What is MHM meaning? How MHM Can be Used? You will get all the detail in this article about MHM.

mhm meaning

MHM is an internet slang, which is used instead of “Yes” in online texting or chatting platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. But sometimes it’s meaning is different, depending on the facial expression in face to face conversation.

What Does Mhm Mean?

MHM is an abbreviation of mm-hmm, which is used in response to some question. It can be used in both the internet and face to face conversation. But sometimes its meaning is different in both face to face and online texting conversation.

what does mhm mean

You will face such a short term in online conversation, where you ask any question whose answer must be “yes”, but you receive MHM in response instead of yes. Don’t confuse in such a situation, it also means Yes.

How MHM Can Be Used?

MHM is used in both real life and online chatting, it always means yes in online texting, while it’s meaning in real life may vary with the facial expression of a person.

mhm mean

In real life, we also use this term commonly, but it’s sound changes within different situations such as in Anger its sound will be different as compared to shock. Tone plays an important role in whether the person is saying yes with feeling or with lack of interest.

None can exactly convey the same tone of voice in text form as they are used in real-life conversation. So you need to understand the situation first, in order to understand it. The situation of conversation and also the relationship between Questioner and Answerer can help you get a better idea for what a person means when they respond to a question with MHM.

In online chatting, one person asks a question from another person that requires a yes or no answer. If the second person is thinking to answer yes, then he will simply type MHM and send it to the first person.

When To Say Mhm vs. When To Use Yes

MHM is used instead of yes, but there are a specific place and time for it to be used. Below is the brief description to consider if you want to add it your online/texting vocabulary.

what does hm mean

When To Use “Yes”

You are having a professional or formal conversation. If you are emailing to your boss, talking about some serious issue, or having a conversation that requires a proper email Format and no joking around, So in such a situation you must be stick with just saying “yes”.

mhm gipYou want to be clear about your answer. Not everyone knows what does it means, so in such a situation you need to use “yes”, to avoid any confusion.

You have no doubt about saying yes. You need to use Yes when you want to make it known that you are not feeling or thinking a possible no.

When To Use “MHM”

FacebookYou are having a casual conversation with your friend, your friend ask any question and you are thinking to answer yes, here you can use mhm to answer yes for that question.

mhm gip

You have to say more say once you have given the answer. MHM is greatly influenced by the context or situation, so if you want to leave feedback related to what you are saying yes to, you can use just mhm in such situation.

You’re thinking “yes” should be your answer, but feel apathetic or probably opposed to it. Your feeling isn’t there with it overall but you know you need to say yes. So in such a situation, you can use mhm, it will convey your opposition to the questioner.

What Does Mhm Mean In Other Fields

There are many other fields where MHM means change, you should be familiar with them also. Few of them are listed below.

mhm meaning text


  • Machinery Health Management
  • Multiplexed Hierarchical Modeling
  • Mac Header Handling Module

Science And Medicine

  • Medical History Museum (est. 1967; Melbourne University; Australia)
  • Machinery Health Management
  • Masters in Hospital Management
  • Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic (certification)


Some common example is given below, through which you will understand better.


Friend #1: “Did you receive the folder I sent over this morning?

Friend #2: “mhm

In the above example, The second friend has to answer yes or no. He chooses to use mhm, which is not quite clear and direct as saying yes, but it may hint at the fact that a casual, friendly relationship exists between them.


Friend #1: “Hey did u watch last night’s show??”

Friend #2: “Mhm, That was superb”

In the above example, you can see how context really influences the second friend answer. Their comment after saying mhm shows that they’re probably speaking quickly.

Quick Wrap-up

MHM is an abbreviation of “mm-hmm“, which is used when you want to answer someones’ question with yes. It can be used in both real-life and internet conversation.

In real life, it’s sound and meaning changes with the tone of the person, so its meaning varies in different conversations, which can’t be described in words. If you want to understand its meaning then you need to understand the context of the conversation, which depends upon the relationship between the questioner and answerer.

You can not use mhm in a formal conversation such as in email to your college professor or boss, in such places you have to use “Yes”. There are many websites from where you could find acronyms like visit Acronym Finder.

Related Internet Slangs

  • LMK ― “Let Me Know”
  • OFC ― “Of course”
  • WBU ― “What About You”
  • TBH ― “To Be Honest”
  • WCW ― “Women Crush Wednesday”
  • SMH ― “Shaking My Head”
  • HMU ― “Hit Me Up”
  • LMAO ― “Laughing My Ass Off”

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