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How to Monetize YouTube Videos?

As the time passes we see a great advancement in our latest technology we see new doors opening for earning money. We see now a day a lot of people are earning money through internet, but many of them are a lot more confusing and difficult. One of the simple ways to earn money online is to monetize YouTube videos.

This is the opportunity for many people who want to earn money through internet online. If you monetize YouTube videos you can earn easy money through Google AdSense which displays ads on your YouTube videos.

How To Monetize YouTube Videos

 Monetize YouTube videos is not a big puzzle to solve but a lot of new YouTube users do not know how to monetize YouTube videos. These day’s there is the uncountable number of people making their money online as they monetize YouTube videos. It has now become a pathway for the new generation to earn money online.

There are some people who are still confused on how to monetize YouTube videos. So, we are going to teach you the whole step by step procedure which will help you to monetize YouTube videos easily.  You’ll be able to earn through Google AdSense which displays ads on your YouTube videos. After reading this article you’ll be able to monetize YouTube videos and earn easy money online through this new way of Earning using technology.

Step by Step Guide to Monetize YouTube Videos

Here are some easy steps guide you can follow to monetize YouTube videos, this will help you to earn money through your YouTube videos by monetizing them with Google AdSense

  • In the first step, you should visit the YouTube and then go on to the dashboard, you can be navigated there by pressing the YouTube account button and then click on creator studio.
  • When you reach your channel dashboard, then move on to monetization panel present below your channel menu on the left corner.
  • After that you will see Guidelines & Information panel, there will be the frequently asked questions on how you are going to get paid.
  • In the next step, hit the Google AdSense association, it will direct you to AdSense page which is affiliated with YouTube.
  • When you are done with that, you must log in to your Gmail (Google) account on which you have enabled AdSense which is going to be affiliated with your YouTube Channel.
  • After logging into your account, you must accept affiliation on your page to monetize YouTube videos.
  • Finally, you’ll be navigated to your YouTube account and you will receive the confirmation message asking you to enable monetization on your YouTube videos.

Steps to Connect YouTube Account with Google AdSense When Monetize YouTube Videos

When you have registered your account to monetize YouTube videos, then you also have to connect your YouTube account with Google AdSense so you can get paid for your videos which you have monetized. Follow the simple guide which is given below to connect your account to AdSense.

  • Firstly, you have to visit the creator studio, and for that when you sign in to YouTube click on icon present on top right corner, it will show a drop-down menu then press Create studio.

dashboard to monetize YouTube videos

  • Now you must be navigated to creator studio, then go to the channel where you will see monetization option enable it. This will move you to the agreement of monetization.

account verification to monetize Youtube videos

  • Before you proceed you have to see that your account is verified or not, if it is verified then it will show verified partner.

channel verification to monetize YouTube videos

  • When you are done with enabling monetization, then you have to do one more thing that you have the monetization option for your videos but you have to link your account with Google AdSense.

link your account to monetize YouTube videos

  • Then you will get an email which will ask you to link your account to Google AdSense.
  • When you click on the link it will move you to Google AdSense page.

google AdSense to monetize YouTube videos

  • After that, you have to log in using your AdSense account if you have one.

AdSense sign in to monetize YouTube videos

  • Suppose you have AdSense account & after logging in, it will move you to next step.
  • There it will connect your account to my website and you must accept the association.

accept association to monetize YouTube videos

  • Finally, it will navigate back to your YouTube account where you will be able to see AdSense setting.

AdSense setting to monetize YouTube videos

If you already have uploaded some videos then you can monetize YouTube videos by going to channel and monetization where you will see the option to monetize your videos.

Different Type of ADDS Displayed when Monetize YouTube Videos

When you monetize YouTube videos different types of ads are displayed on your videos. You can choose your desired ad format which will be displayed on your monetized YouTube videos. If you choose the appropriate ad format to be displayed on your videos it can have a great impact on your earnings.

ad formats to monetize YouTube videos

In case you can’t decide the right ad formats then choose all of them, then YouTube will decide itself that which type of ads to be displayed on your videos.

choose ads to monetize YouTube videos

Different type of ad formats is given below

  • Display Ads these includes the ads which appear when user open the YouTube on PC they are displayed on right side of the videos.
  • Skippable Video Ads are the ones which appear when the user opens the video they are displayed as videos which could be Skipped within 5 seconds. These skippable video ads could be displayed before or after the video.
  • Overlay Ads are those which are displayed when the user access YouTube on their PC. Usually, they are displayed on the bottom of the videos.
  • Sponsored Ads are supposed to appear as display cards which contain any product ad. It could be displayed on either mobile or PC.

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