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Which Is The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign?

“What crime you like to commit the most”, “What kind of crime you are likely to commit?”, “What crime you have committed in the past?” Ask any of these questions to a person and he or she will look at you as if you are insane.

Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign

But it is a fact that just by knowing the zodiac sign of a person you can determine the type of crime a person is likely to commit. It is interesting that the FBI website has also listed the zodiac signs according to the most savage crimes they are likely to perpetrate.

In this article, we will describe which are the most dangerous zodiac signs, so if you are interested to learn more about the crimes they are likely to commit when they enter the world of crime, read the article till the end.

The Ranking According To The FBI

The Ranking According To The FBI

According to the zodiac sign, the FBI has analyzed its criminal record and has found some amazing outcomes. The FBI has brought a list containing the most harmful zodiac signs in terms of possessing criminal demeanor. The List is as follow:

  • Cancer.
  • Taurus.
  • Sagittarius.
  • Aries.
  • Capricorn.
  • Virgo.
  • Libra.
  • Pisces.
  • Scorpio.
  • Leo.
  • Aquarius.
  • Gemini.
Note: According to FBI the most dangerous zodiac sign is Cancer and the least dangerous zodiac sign is Gemini.

Criminal Attributes According To The Zodiac Sign

Given below are the zodiac signs with the details of their criminal attributes.



Taurus are intelligent and clever people so if they indulge in the crime world they will commit the crime related to the money laundering. In the world of crime, the Taurus are solitary souls who love to commit their crimes all alone and do not like the interference of other.

This is because naturally, they have the quality of leadership. They are positioned as second in the list of the most dangerous zodiac signs.



Gemini, the twin sign is the least harmful zodiac sign according to the list of FBI. They do not involve in any kind of serious criminal activity.

This is the reason Gemini generally end up being thieves and con artists. They usually commit crimes in which they do not have to involve bloodshed. It has been seen that financial frauds are their favorite crime genre.


Aries criminalPeople who born under this sign prove to be stubborn and acquire the fourth position in the list of people with harmful criminal activities. When Aries enter the world of crime they are usually involved in the armed crimes.

They participate as contracted or hired gunman or these are hired by other people to commit crimes. Aries are always heavily armed.


Leo criminal

Leos are one of the most attractive zodiac signs that is why they like to be the center of attraction. As a result, they commit crimes to gain, recognition and fame. For this purpose, they tend to commit the violent crimes. Also, they never deal with trivial crimes.


Virgo criminal

These criminals are very sharp minded and clever who are involved in neat crimes and never leave even a tiny trail, behind. They are usually, indulged in hacking, burglary or any type of stealing.



When Libras enter the world of crime they move towards the corruption such as con games and bank scandals. They adore to be under the tint of a large organization and are always successful. They are also likely to be committed to the crimes related to the drugs.


Scorpio criminal

Usually, Scorpios possess jealousy and aggressiveness as their personality traits. Scorpios, when enter the world of crime, are likely to emerge as great murderers. These are the brutal people who find it very easy to cut the throat. That is why this is also considered as the cruelest sign. These people are likely to become contract killer.



The lord of the crime world, acknowledged as the most dangerous zodiac sign and ranked on the top of the FBI’s list of criminals is Cancer. Most of the arrested criminals are Cancerians.

They are notorious criminals who commit crimes of passion again and again and they leave eminent marks on the body of victim each time they commit a murder. They have a desire to establish their own identity as a separate killer. Therefore, these killers are considered as mentally unstable.



These criminals are harsh but they lean to commit such crimes in which they do not have to hurt other. So most of the time, they are likely to be arrested for theft. Sagittarius are notorious criminals, who can do anything to evade the law. Generally, they do not kill anybody or shed blood unless their life is in danger.

Note: It is interesting to know that during the late sixties and early seventies, the famous zodiac killer, who murdered the most, was Sagittarius.



These criminals are exceedingly barbarous even more than Scorpio. Capricorn when enter the crime world, they commit organized crimes but can go further toward petty and brutal crimes.

As they are one of the most loyal zodiac signs and they are a little careless too, therefore, they often leave behind a trail due to which they are the easiest to catch.


Aquarius criminal

Aquarius are usually involved in the crimes, related to the manipulation. Aquarius become great con artists, hustlers, and hackers. They become incredibly expert in deception.


Pisces criminal

The Pisces are very hot tempered and are likely to commit a crime related to entering the world of drugs. Also, it has been seen that most of the serial killers are Pisces. They have an emotional side for them which is why they tend to feel for any third party involved.

Note: This article is merely informative. If you want to share more information regarding the crime of your zodiac sign, then write in the comments section.

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