WhatsApp is frequently used renowned application worldwide. It’s an instant messenger which is being used frequently by people (Having an Android phone or iPhone) in daily routine of life. It covers up need of every person, from professionals to a house wife. WhatsApp has make life pretty smooth dealing with regular stuff.

As, we’re  surrounded by many of people, close friends, family, colleagues & employees; therefore, with such a long list of contacts it become a drudgery when phone beeps on every notification. Now, it’s not an Issue anymore. If You hear up your phone ringing or vibrating over disturbing notification from someone. You can simply go with using WhatsApp MUTE Feature.

What Does Mute On WhatsApp Do

The Question is, How Mute Option Works? Can we Mute Group conversations & Undesired Messages from an individual? If so, then How can we do it? Would we be able of receiving notifications to read them later? Well, a whole lot of sudden queries keep circulating with when we came to know about this “Mute” Option of WhatsApp.

Do You Know How MUTE Works?

Following are listed below meticulous steps for your profound interests:

Implying Mute Option on a Group Conversation

When you Mute a group in your WhatsApp, it means you are intended to silent all the group notifications. That’s no matter whoever texted in group your phone will not beep or vibrate over any instant message though notification will pop-up on your display screen.

Muting any Individual on WhatsApp

There are many of people we came across in our life, with whom we have to contact formally or they are part of our subsequent routine but somehow their messages are continuous interruption for us.  We can neither go with block option nor deleting the contact as later we have to deal with them so, recently few months ago WhatsApp has installed its new feature of muting an individual to make your life easier focusing your comfort level.

Using mute option for an individual will work exactly same as mute does for a group conversation. Your phone will not notify you with beep or vibration whatever your phone’s profile settings are activated by you. However, notification will be showed on your phone’s screen as the particular person texts in to you.

Is Using WhatsApp Mute Option Safe?

While using mute option, many of us are afraid for if one we have muted came to know that He/She is muted then probably more chances are of welcoming a dispute or misunderstandings resulting in end of a relationship.

Stay Relax! WhatsApp prior your concerns, It’s 110% safe to go with mute option as it will not let other person know that you have muted them. So, You can conveniently focus on your important messages as the one you have muted will not came to know about actual scenario.

Wanna Hide Your Pop-Up Notifications as well?

Is the person texting in is Hell Annoying? You don’t even want to receive screen alerts? Here is the guide line for both Android and Iphone users to hide up the notifications so that the one you have muted if text in, then your display screen stay clean & tidy from silent interruptions.

For Android Users


If You’re an Android user & you’re fed-up of pop-up notifications. These are the following steps you have to follow to get rid of it.

  • Go to Your Phones Basic Settings.
  • Click on Your Phone Application Manager.
  • Choose WhatsApp from List of your Installed Applications.
  • Find out Show Notifications Box in the Informative page of WhatsApp.
  • Click on the Box to deselect it.

Congratulations, You’re successful in hiding up notification preview of sender on your display screen. Now, you can only look upon messages when you check-in your App.

For iPhone Users

For Iphone Users

If You’re an iPhone user & you’re tired of pop-up notifications. These are the following steps you have to follow to come over your stress.

  • Click on your WhatsApp.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Notifications Option.
  • Swing Left the Show Preview Option.

Congratulations, You’re successful in hiding up notified message of sender on your display screen though senders name will still appear on your screen whenever you receive a message.

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