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25 Best 2019 Neck Tattoos For Men & Women

The neck is the most prominent part of your body no matter whatever you are wearing 99% chances are that your neck is naked. The neck is also the most beautiful part of your body to wear tattoos to look sexy. You can get a sleek and simple tattoo on your neck.

neck tattoos for men & women

Men and women both like to get tattoos on their necks to look beautiful and attractive at the same time. Women love to have sleek and light designs on their necks while men like to have strong tattoos like tribal shape designs etc. Sleeve Tattoos is also popular, they are quite popular due to many reasons such as due to the awesome and cool designs.

Tattoos For Women

Here are some tattoos for women which they can get on their necks:

1. Geometric tattoo on women’s neck.

neck tattoos

2. Barcode tattoo on woman’s neck.

neck tattoos for women

3. Rose Flower tattoo on women’s neck.


4. Flower tattoo.

neck tattoo for women

5. Chinese tattoo.

Chinese tattoos

6. Another tattoo on women’s neck.

flower tattoo

7. Tattoos for women.

tattoo for women

8. Heart tattoo on women’s neck.

heart tattoo

9. Back neck tattoo for women.

back neck tattoo

10. Signs tattoo.

sign tattoo

11. Tattoo on women’s back.

women tattoo

12. Symbols tattoo on women’s neck.

symbols tattoo

13. Rose Tattoo.

Rose tattoo

14. Clock tattoo.

clock tattoo

15. Alphabet Tattoo.

Alphabet tattoo

16. Tattoo on women’s back.

tattoo for women

17. Digits tattoo.

digits tattoo

18. Love tattoo for women.

love tattoo

19. Infinity Tattoo.


20. Cross tattoo on women’s neck.

cross tattoo

21. Feather tattoo.

feather tattoo

22. Arrow tattoo.

arrow tattoos

23. Cross Fight tattoo.

cross faight tattoos

24. Anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoos

25. Cat tattoo for women.


Neck Tattoos For Men

Here are some tattoos for men which they can get on their necks:

1. Barcode for men’s neck.

barcode for men's neck

2. Star Tattoo for men’s neck.

star tattoos

3. Best neck tattoo for men.

best tattoo

4. Anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoo

5. Holy neck tattoo.

holy neck tattoo

6. Hand tattoos on neck.

hand tattoos

7. Tribal neck tattoo for men.


8. LA neck tattoo.

LA neck tattoo

9. Neck tribal tattoo.

neck tribal tattoo

10. Dope tattoos.

dope tattoos

11. Stars tattoos on men’s neck.

star tattoos

12. Keep calm tattoo.

keep calm tattoo

13. Diamond Tattoo.

diamond tattoo

14. Feather Tattoo.

feather tattoos

15. Cross Tattoo.

cross tattoo

16. Neck spider tattoo.


17. Lucky Tattoos.

lucky tattoos

18. Best tattoos.

best tattoos

19. Small neck tattoos.


20. Crown Tattoos.

crown tattoo

21. A Tattoo.

A Tattoos

22. Dog Paws tattoos.

Dog paw

23. Rose Flower tattoos on men’s neck.


24. Crown tattoos.

crown tattoo

25. Tiny anchor tattoo on men’s neck.


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