Individualism is an ideology which emphasizes on the moral worth of being independent of an individual. The individuals promote the exercise of one’s desire and goals and so give importance to the self worth and freedom. It also advocates the motives of the individual should achieve precedence over the social group.

Consequences Of Individualism

The individualism can be a real fascinating thing many times. Who does not like the idea of ​​doing what he wants to do at all the time? However, in the long term, this form of attitude produces very negative consequences as self-sufficiency does not always work. Circumstances beyond control can make us dependent on other.

In this article, we will describe the negative consequences of individualism at social and personal level, so read the article till the end.

Consequences Of Individualism At Social Level

Listed below are negative consequences of being independent at social level.

We Lost In Too Much Freedom

lost in freedom

Having too much freedom reduces our capability to be a better member of the community ad we feel like we don’t belong to it at all. Individualism provides us the freedom to be independent and unique which on other side disallow us to communicate with each other by creating a barrier between the members of community.

Have you ever thought that if the members of a community have different thoughts about a work how they will manage to run an organization? Too much freedom means that every person has its own way of thinking and no compromise on other’s perception.  In this way we can be lost in our freedom and there will only isolation exist.

Life With Less Meaning

Life With Less Meaning

A person’s individualism is fully based on self-interest, believing that he has to build foundation within himself and first to be a better person. Although it is true yet a kind of misguided. One ideals to be a better person only manifests that he is searching for deeper connection with life i.e. finding purpose, finding meaning but as he searches for meaning he must look beyond himself. We must connect with people and contribute something to the community. That’s how our life will be meaningful.



Too much individualism may lead us to Self-Centerdness. We may forget about others also we may forget that we are a nation. We can be bounded in a place where we only see and think about ourselves. We may be encouraged to put ourselves first because we believe too much in self-love but we have forgot that love is best when shared.

Avoiding Sacrifice

Avoid Sacrifice

Human is a social animal and being a member of society we are affected by the actions of other people directly or indirectly and the other way around. In order to maintain a peaceful community we need to slightly trim our own sharp edges as well as adjusting to the sharp edges of others.

We are not meant to be living in this world to be alone as we are a social animal after all. It is not about always finding what is best for you instead you can be more than that. By allowing ourselves to sacrifice a little of our comfort by giving it to someone who badly need it, we can play a great role in the community.

Negative Consequences Of Individualism At Personal Level

Listed below are negative consequences of being independent on a personal level.

Difficult To Ask For Help

Difficult To Ask

Independence means that you are only dependent on yourself even if you need help. It seems really hard to ask for help. Independent person feel it demeaning. Being independent, most of us would like to give help than receiving it. Although we know how fulfilling it can be to help someone in the times of need. Asking for help as well as accepting help from someone is just like a gift to them, as well as to you.



Isolation is another consequence of individualism. There is a danger of getting trapped in your own world and only thinking about yourself. There is a possibility of failing to see how a person’s actions influence those around him. On a big level, we can lose sight of how our behavior and action can affect our natural environment.



Being independent demands work and it also occur with luck. Situations beyond our control can make us dependent on others. A person sees the world through the eyes of someone without constraints, when he is independent, forgetting about the others, whether through illness, divorce, or job loss, who need help to get by.



When a person is independent he is able to do whatever he wants to and able to care for himself and do whatever he chooses in his whole life. But it will give him a shock when those things are taken away, even when he knows it is temporary. Temporary illness, being jobless will surely turn his life upside down.



When people know that you are independent they make assumptions about yourself that you are self-sufficient and they would not offer help as readily or invite involvement because they think you don’t want or need it. In this way you are being isolated by the society.



To live alone, work independently and travel alone needs a lot of money. Although cooperatives are there for a very good reason. Besides facilitating economies of scale, they make you less vulnerable to fluctuations from prices, health, or ability, depending on the type of coop.

Note: This article is merely informative. The purpose of this article is not to hurt the feelings of an individual. There are positive as well as negative consequences of individualism and similarly of the collectivism. In this article only the negative aspects of individualism are discussed.

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